Lesbian-Positive Men’s Locker Room at the University of Toronto

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Being a politically correct idiot was an asset for those who worked in the Canadian academia. It looks like now it is a requirement. Case in point – the University of Toronto.

All over the place they have little stickers (attached mostly to doors and some billboards) or larger signs displayed at counters that deal with the public. They all show the same message:




It’s all great, all fine and dandy – you slap a sticker on your door and everybody sees what a compassionate and inclusive guy you are. Still, I have my doubts. Listing only five categories may make the rest of the LBGJFSRYLTSAETJCDSAHIKHYTRSCBNJJMLK community feel excluded.

I should ask them how it works – does anybody need to register his, her or its sexual orientation to benefit from the positive vibe? And what about the heterosexists – are they excluded and do they have access to another positive space?

But here is what is the most interesting thing. Several times a week I see the same sticker before opening the door to the men’s locker room of the Hart House gym.


I probably am not as smart as the people who run the diversity and inclusivity department or whatever else the stupid institution promoting that feel-good campaign is called, because I have no idea what a lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, queer positive men’s locker room is (to be fair, they put the same sticker on the girls’ locker room).

Does that mean that the lesbians have free access to the men’s locker room? If so, the guys wouldn’t mind a visitor, who resembles Jessica Alba. However, the most common type looks like the sweaty, stocky, and hairy butches who run the Dykes on Bikes segment of the gay parade. Those would cause irreparable mental damage, if they show up in the locker room.

As of the homosexuals, we are told that they are exactly like the rest of us. Since there is no difference, why should a locker room be declared gay-positive? Are the gays expected to self-identify themselves to take advantage of that status? The only case I see this happening is if they decide to pick up a guy. Then are those who reject the advances guilty of turning the locker room into a negative space? Apparently, when a homosexual does the sexual harassment, that’s perfectly acceptable.

There were times when the universities were producing thinking and confident people. Nowadays they are churning out mindless sheeple that can’t see the idiocy of having that sign on the men’s locker room door. Words have meanings and if you are making a point, you have to make sure that there is some logic behind it.

It seems to me that logical thinking is an art that has been already lost at the University of Toronto.

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  1. minuteman May 31, 2013 8:22 am Reply

    I thought the link was going to take me to a nice picture of Jessica Alba. Imagine my disappointment!!

    • admiwrath May 31, 2013 11:40 pm Reply

      I share your disappointment, but as Mick Jagger used to say: “You can’t always get what you want!”

  2. The Lone Ranger May 31, 2013 3:50 pm Reply

    Last February, the Phoenix City Council in Arizona passed a package of “nondiscrimination protections” to ensure that people have equal access to employment, housing and public accommodations regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. And it’s precisely this new law that Arizona state Rep. John Kavanagh (R) is targeting with his proposed legislation to ban transgender people from using the correct bathroom. However, we all know that if you are white, heresoexual, male and (crime of crimes) a Christian, you WILL be discriminated against by the tolerance crowd. The very basis of such mindless legislation is to stamp out those normal, heterosexual, Christian values that are deemed to be the root of all evil by the so-called “progressives.”

    As John Kavanagh stated: ‘The city of Phoenix has crafted a bill that allows people to define their sex by what they think in their head. If you’re a male, you don’t go into a female shower or locker room, or vice versa. It also raises the specter of people who want to go into those opposite sex facilities not because they’re transgender, but because they’re weird.”

    However, in March, An Arizona House panel approved a measure targeting transgendered people who want to use bathrooms of the gender they identify with, voting along party lines to advance a bill that protects business owners who bar the practice. The 7-4 vote concluded an hours-long parade of transgendered and straight people who tried to persuade the panel to oppose Appropriations Committee chairman Rep. John Kavanagh’s bill. The crowd broke out in chants of “shame, shame, shame” as the vote on the bill sponsored by the conservative Republican passed.

    One odd individual stated: “Search as you might there is not enough evidence that there is any risk in allowing a person with gender identity to use a restroom of their choice,” said “Claire” Swinford, a Tucson resident who was born a man but identifies and dresses as a woman.

    Now, if only Canada would allow businesses and leisure centers here to have more freedom of choice in deciding who uses the washrooms and changing rooms. The biggest danger os allowing people who suffer from various psychological disorders to use changing rooms that are frequented by members of the opposite sex. Given the push by Chief Dyke of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne to push the queer agenda into every facet of Ontario’s society, practically any man can call himself “transgendered” and walk into a changing room used by women and young girls. Now this bothers me because of (a) we have the very real possibility of adult men exposing their genitalia to women and young girls in a diplay of sick voyeurism and (b)as a licenced private investigator, you can now purchase tiny cameras that are imbedded in ball caps, watches, tie pins and eye glasses that can now photograph and even film anyone in HD. Just attach the USB cable to the device, download it on your PC, and there you have all the good quality video and photos you took of unsuspecting girls and women either undressing, in the nude, or even showering. Gone are the days when PIs need conventional cameras and cellphones to try and get close up imagry and video footage of people in close proximity.

    This liberal “progressive” legislation of “transgender rights” will allow any pervert and potential rapist to stalk their victims, follow them into changing rooms, film them, and even track them to their homes via their vehicle license plates.

    Eventually, something terrible is going to happen because of the leftists and their “progressive” legislation.

    • admiwrath May 31, 2013 11:47 pm Reply

      You are right. The disgraceful law about that tranny rights to use the ladies’ washrooms (adopted with the help of “conservative” MPs) will allow any pervert trying to assault a woman to claim that he is a woman trapped in a man’s body. I have already lost any trust in most politicians – all they care about is what the downtown homosexuals and the public unions would say. Any meaningful changes will come from pissed off ordinary people.

  3. The Lone Ranger May 31, 2013 5:57 pm Reply

    I don’t know what happened to my last post, but here is the gist of it;

    As a licenced private investigator, I am deeply concerned abou the push to allow various people with deep-rooted psychological problems who identify themsdelves as “transgendered” to use public washrooms and changing rooms of opposite sex people. Any man can call himself ‘transgendered’ and walk into a changing room used by young girls and women, then sit there and leer at them, if he isn’t actually exposing his gentialia in front of them.

    Now here is the bigger problem (and some PIs are going to kill me for giving away some of our secrets). Today, you can walk into any “spy” or surveillance store and purchase everyday items that contain tiny, hidden cameras. These items include ball caps, watches, pens, tie clips and even sun glasses. All of these items contain cameras that can either take still photos or actual video, and all in HD. All you have to do is (once you have obtained your photos and/or film, attach the USB cable to the device, plug it into your PC, then download all the images and film. Can you see where I’m going with this?

    Here’s a Youtube Clip on the use of a spycam in someone’s hat, and even how you can make one.


    How easy do you think that “transgender” legislation will make it for pedophiles and perverts to claim that they are ‘transgendered,’ then walk into any location where young girls and women are either in their underwear or even naked? And stalkers too can do the same thing, by following their intended victim to her car, then trace the licence plate to the would-be victim’s home?

    On the other hand, Admiwrath might want to make use of such technology so that our “liberal” and “progressive” friends won’t know they are being filmed!

  4. The Lone Ranger May 31, 2013 5:58 pm Reply

    Sorry folks, the first post popped up when I posted my second entry!

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