Mud Wrestling and Anti-Semitic Trannies: Report from the Twilight Zone

Tranny and Lesbian Mud Wrestling

Tranny and Lesbian Mud Wrestling


Trannies for PLO Terrorism

Trannies for PLO Terrorism


The pictures above show two of the attractions at today’s Trans Rally and March. It was strange to see the mud entertainment, but in a symbolic way it revealed the nature of the values those people have brought to our society. The march also marked this year’s first official appearance of the anti-Semites from Queers against Israeli Apartheid with the blessing of the gay parade’s leadership.

I admit that this was my first time to cover the event. So far, I have followed the principle “live and let live” – seeing those people as harmless freaks, who for some strange reasons insist on dressing in a ridiculous way. However, a few events this year changed that – the trannies started to bully aggressively our schools and the society at large. And people who want to change us and our society deserve to be scrutinized.

First of all, the House of Commons and the Ontario Parliament approved laws that added “gender expression” as a protected characteristic. There are no definitions of the terms used and from what I heard at the rally, the protection applies to everybody, who imagines that he is a woman regardless of the size of his penis (or lack thereof). That means that any wannabe rapist, who tries to assault a woman in a ladies room, can get away by using the tranny defense – his victim was too dumb to appreciate the complicated nature of his gender expression. I have been asking all women I know about that and so far I haven’t found a single one who would be happy to see in the bathroom some freak who thinks he is a woman.

As if this is not enough, the Premier McGuinty used those people to push his homosexual agenda on our public schools. His appointee Davina Hader wasted no time to threaten the Catholic Church and its schools.

Davina Hader at the rally

Davina Hader at the rally


Here is what he/she said about the reluctance of the Catholic schools to cheerfully embrace the homosexual bullies:

“The problem the Liberals have been up against with regard to GSAs is the separate school board,” Hader says. “Boards have been saying ministry policies are not enforceable because Catholic schools have special rights. Well, they can’t use that card anymore. This is a push for equality in education right across the board. With this we are teaching the people at the top, and they’re going to have to listen. It will be mandated as part of their curriculum. They won’t have a choice. Queer youth are being bullied and some are killing themselves, this is something that will go a long way to help our youth and effectively change the way the next generation looks at queer people.”

Due to the relentless detective work of the blogger Blazingcatfur, last week we were introduced to another important directive of TDSB, which provides a practical guidance to turning the Toronto school boys into crossdressers. The author of the document (an elementary school teacher) leaves no doubt about that:

5. Directly after the idea of “what do you most want to draw yourself wearing” has been suggested into the students’ brains, I read them 10 000 Dresses by Marcus Ewert. This book is about a kid named Bailey who happens to be born in a body that people read as “boy”. She dreams of all of the dresses that she would wear if she could make what she saw in her head…. and if her family would realize that actually –she is a girl on the inside.

Following this reading, there are lots of different directions that the discussion may go, all of which can provide a helpful segway into watching both/and. For example;- which of the dresses that Bailey imagines in the story would YOU most like to wear, and why? (definitely NOT a discussion that is just for female-bodied kids…it should be clear to male-bodied people in the class that it is perfectly fine and good and encouraged for them to have an opinion about this as well).

Notice the terminology – there are no boys or girls, but “male-bodied” and “female-bodied” kids. Obviously, the final goal is to turn everybody in Ontario into those weirdos you will see in the pictures below.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the rally started with a long session of mud wrestling, benevolently observed by one of the keynote speakers – Cheri DiNovo, an MPP from the NDP and a minister from the United Church of Canada.

Cheri DiNovo enjoys lesbian mud wrestling

Cheri DiNovo enjoys lesbian mud wrestling


No gay event could be complete without some genital stimulation:


It’s not what you think…


The event was guided by the trans activist Susan Gapka. Here he is with Goran (from Serbia), the grand marshal of this year’s gay parade:


Susan and Goran happy together


PLEASE SKIP THE PARAGRAPH BELOW, IF YOU ARE TOO SQUEAMISH. The first speaker was a tranny hooker… oops – “sex worker”.


The tranny “sex worker”


He/she started by charmingly addressing everybody: “Hello, motherfuckers!” He/she continued in the same spirit, making sure to mention that all bigots and racists, who don’t like the trannies’ rights “can go fuck themselves”. In the end he/she wished everybody to have a good fuck during the gay festivities.

That titan of the homosexual thought was followed by a guy/gal from Queers against Israeli Apartheid. When introducing him/her, Susan mentioned that now we finally can talk openly about the Israeli apartheid.

The QuAIA guy/gal

The QuAIA guy/gal


This person, who sounded like a librarian, who hasn’t gotten laid since the Mulroney administration, called for the liberation of Palestine only once, in the end, the rest of the speech was a long call for liberation of a tranny named Cece, who is in jail for murder.

However, the scariest part of that freak show was the speech of Cheri DiNovo, because she is simultaneously a politician and a spiritual leader, who has enough power to impose her delusions on us.

Cheri DiNovo speaks

Cheri DiNovo speaks…


She obviously completely embraced the tranny cause, because she mentioned she never objected being called “father”. Her fascination with the movement was enormous – the event that before attracted only a few people now has hundreds of participants. The trans people are no more marginalized – they are the new normal. Thanks to their efforts, the bigots have lost their influence and we can soon see the day when our children embrace that kind of diversity.

If I had any doubts about the real agenda of the McGuinty gang, this awful woman dispersed them like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Later, at the march, QuAIA boldly stated their message, which leaves no doubt about who is going to dominate this year’s gay parade.


Proud anti-Semitic losers



“Agitate for Palestinian Rights”


Like every other strange event, this one was also marked by the presence of the trade unions. Obviously, they go out of their way to squander money for events that have nothing to do with defending the interests of their members. Here is OPSEU/SEFPO:


Almost as black as the Black Bloc


And then came CUPE, presented by Fred Hahn and his boys:


Fred smiles at me…


Despite Cheri’s assurance that the trannies gathered at the rally were the new normal, the event was beyond bizarre. That’s why I felt it like an experience from the Twilight Zone. I hope I can convey that experience in pictures – here is a gallery of some of the participants. I am sure they all are nice people, but they are far from normal.

The foulmouthed sex worker:


Do you like me?


The rainbow-haired guy:


Do you really need a bra?!


The veteran and his buddy:


Only a guy can have such big feet…


The fashion victim:




The guy who poses a philosophical question about the size of his penis:


I guess we will see that on Sunday…


The great conversationalists:


“Here is Johnny!”


The guys you’ll see soon showering with your daughters:


The bold and the beautiful…


The gal who claims she loves her tranny husband (I hope he has a penis), followed by the queer strategist Kristyn Tam-Wong, a plastic bag killer:


O, brother…


The pink bearded fairy:


Is this the trans husband?


And now, if you excuse me, I’ll have to take a shower…

See you tomorrow at the dyke march.


© 2012


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  1. Great work Blogwrath!

  2. Anne says:

    What a freak show. Thanks for enduring it and bringing back the news from the Bizarre Side.

  3. SM ISAC says:

    “We stand with Queers in Palestine” Why, sure I support that. Blogwrath, will you be donating that photo to the Palestine House, or better still heads of both Hamas and Fatah organizations? Just a suggestion.

  4. JULIUS says:

    Blogwrath…you’re going to go down in history along with the greats like Walter Cronkite…..and, maybe even Edward R. Murrow. Your analysis is spot on – the mud wrestling only confirms that these folks are dirt-bags.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Wonderful, I’ve shared this page with many friends to show society that no matter how much progress the LGBT community makes, there is a need to continue both educating the public and enforcing anti hate laws. Blogs such as this show that there is still a lot of hatred out there and we must now be vigilant in standing up for human rights.

    I hope you dont drop the soap LOL

    1. admiwrath says:

      Nice reply from a homosexual bully – are your exhibitionist perverts trying to shut me down?

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