Nanaimo Homosexual Bullies Trash Christians

It is not easy to deal with the homosexual totalitarianism. Right now Toronto is in the middle of a “worldpride” tornado, which requires everybody to worship that lifestyle. If you bought a weekly metropass last Monday, you got a homosexually-themed one. The public transit company of Toronto – TTC – has never used it as a propaganda tool before.


And who knows how much money they paid in licencing fees to the homosexual organization that controls the event. Earlier today I passed by the old Yorkville Library in the downtown area. The building is over 100 years old and has survived everything, but this week some bureaucratic idiot came up with the idea to put on it hideous homosexual decorations.



The whole idiocy will be over by this weekend, but the grip of that ideology over our thinking and our press is not going away. It showed its ugly head in Nanaimo, British Columbia, but only now it became known through the report of the SUN TV journalist Ezra Levant. You can see the report here:

As it is shown in the video, the City Council of Nanaimo made a discriminatory anti-Christian decision based on their belief that a Christian event somehow harms homosexuality. They overwhelmingly voted to ban a Christian-themed conference, which was scheduled to take place at the town’s convention centre just four days later.

In a letter sent to many people Ezra Levant explains the details of that disgraceful decision:

City councilors condemned the event as “hateful”, compared it to the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram, and said the decision to ban the event from public property was no different than if they had voted to ban an organized crime ring, too.

It was vicious. But nothing came close to the vile bigotry spewed at that meaning by Nanaimo councilor Jim Kipp. He didn’t beat around the bush – he was against Christians, especially “strong Christians”. He’s the one who compared them to terrorists and criminals.

… One councilor, Bill Bestwick, actually suggested that city hall politicians have the power to interfere with the conference, and literally to black out the simulcast when a Christian pastor was scheduled to speak. Bestwick was very excited about his role as self-appointed religious censor.

The Christian-theme leadership conference and its organizers weren’t even told about the meeting that was being held to denounce them. They weren’t invited to make their case – or even to give basic facts about the conference, to the know-nothing bigots who were denouncing them. The conference – called Leadercast, based in Atlanta, and that was to be simulcast on TV screens in Nanaimo – was the opposite of hateful. It had world-class speakers like former First Lady Laura Bush, and South African Nobel Prize laureate Desmond Tutu.

But the Nanaimo bigots banned it anyway. Their motion couldn’t have been clearer: anyone that these politicians denounced as “divisive” or “hateful” would be banned from renting space at Nanaimo’s convention center: “any events that are associated with organizations or people that promote or have a history of divisiveness, homophobia, or other expressions of hate not be permitted and as such, advise the VICC not to permit in a City owned facility, the upcoming Leadercast event that is scheduled for 2014-MAY-09.”

It hard to believe that the Councillor would treat the same way a Muslim conference, but Christians are an easy target for the homosexual totalitarians. Recently another group of such bigots went after a university in British Columbia planning to prepare Christian lawyers.

Ezra Levant proposes several ways to oppose this disgraceful decision:

Call up the councilors directly, to tell them how disappointed you are in their anti-Christian discrimination. I think the two most bigoted councilors were Jim Kipp and Bill Bestwick. Their phone numbers and e-mails are publicly listed on Nanaimo’s official website. Tell them how deeply disappointed you are in them for their disgraceful conduct.

Jim Kipp is at (250) 753-5212 and his e-mail is

Bill Bestwick is at (250) 753-7065 and his e-mail is

Tell them that they don’t just have to apologize to the Christians they attacked – but to all Canadians, of any background, for violating our national values of tolerance and plurality.
Join the legal defence fund. As you can see in my show last night, I have asked one of Canada’s leading civil liberties lawyers, John Carpay, to help the citizens of Nanaimo fight for justice. I told him I would pledge the first $100 to his legal warchest, and I would try to raise another $5,000 from other Canadians to sue the City of Nanaimo until they did the right thing.

You can help me chip in to John’s legal warchest by making a secure, online donation at, and clicking on the PayPal link.

If you are a citizen of Nanaimo who bought a ticket or were otherwise planning to attend Leaderfest, and had your rights violated by this city council, let me know – just reply to this e-mail – and I’ll pass your name on to John. He told me he’s willing to represent anyone whose rights were violated by these bigots.

We need to make sure these anti-Christian politicians learn their lesson. We need to show them how wrong they were. We need to take them to court, to teach them, first-hand, that the Charter of Rights guarantees religious equality to everyone – including Christians. That’s why we’ve got to sue them, and not let them off the hook.

Please help me hire John, by clicking the Donate button at And if you were a victim of these Nanaimo politicians, e-mail me back now, to let me know.

If you prefer to contribute by cheque, please make it payable to:

Mail it to:
351 Queen Street East
P.O. Box 82581
Toronto, ON, M5A 1T2

You can also increase the pressure by contacting all Councillors by phone (all of them should be accessible to the public):

Mayor John Ruttan


George Anderson

Bill Bestwick

Dianne Brennan

Ted Graves

Diana Johnstone

Jim Kipp

Bill McKay

Fred Pattje

Nanaimo City Hall
445 Wallace Street
Nanaimo, BC V9R 5J6

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    I don’t have a lot of time for the man, but I wonder how Desmond Tutu feels, now that Nanaimo “city” council believes that he is an intolerant, hate fulled bigot. I am going to email the small minded haters at Nanaimo “city” hall just to let them know that 80,000 people living together in the UK isn’t even big enough to be a market town. You need to have a cathedral before you are classed as a city. But, the Nanaimo bigots just want to feel bigger than they are I suppose.

    1. Sad Canadian says:

      This is not the UK, this is Nanaimo, B.C. in Canada…

      Very sad to see such ignorance at work in our “free” country.

  2. Born Free says:

    Please note that, as you will in the video, Bill McKay was the lone councillor trying to stop the madness.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Bill McKay deserves a credit for standing up against the tide of mud.

      1. Christopher says:

        It was certainly not easy to stand up in such a circumstance, not to mention to stand up alone.

  3. Cathy hope says:

    Now the council regrets its decision. If that is true then aplogize pay for the loss of money then cancel this law in its entirety. In the future do not vote without a staff report and research on your own part.

  4. Christopher says:

    It is saddening and alarming to see these “progressive” intolerant fellows start to dominate Canadian politics.

  5. Chris J. Slater says:

    Wow, Fancy footwork Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto Canada, avoiding having to participate in WorldPride2014 by going into rehab!

  6. Chris J. Slater says:

    Boost Post
    Heterophobia shared a link.
    about an hour ago
    SHARE YOUR STORY! The Femenazis and Femebot Fools of Vancouver Island; specifically in the cities of Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo, and Courtenay-Comox have stolen my families, children, wealth and health and I’m screaming BLOODY MURDER about the TRAUMA they have put us through! “TOGETHER WE CAN PREVENT VIOLENCE AGAINST PEOPLE”. Chris J. Slater, Nanaimo, Canada.

    Some definitions:
    Femenazi: A person who justifies their hate for men by calling it “feminism”. Is not a true activist for feminism, which is the equality of the sexes, but rather an advocate of Matriarchy (women in complete power). Frequently, this person believes that women are more intelligent and generally better because they have vaginas.

    Jenny is a feminist. She believes in equality between sexes by advocating women’s rights.

    Susan is a femenazi. She hates men and everything that has to do with them because they have penises. She justifies this by calling herself a feminist. Susan is not a feminist. Susan is a bitch.

    Allusion to the movie “Austin Powers,” where very stereotypically beautiful women were actually robots designed to entrap the main character with their physical appeal and then kill him. Used to describe women, particularly in media, who fit beauty standards to an unrealistic degree and are presented as objects of sexual desire, yet bear the accompanying “bubbleheaded blonde” stereotype of low intelligence.
    I’m so sick of seeing all these beer commercials overrun with fembots. Do people actually find that attractive?

  7. Ezra Levant says:

    Oh shut up Ezra Levant. You ‘arugument” is full of holes, you loudmouth. You yourself broadcast recently that Gypsies, as a group, “gyp” people. You were forced to apologize. This is all on the internet. You are trashing decent people of Nanaimo, people that you do not even know. The event in question was not a “Christian” event, or related to any faith organization. Get your facts straight.

    1. admiwrath says:


      Another pathetic leftard from Nanaimo who hates Christians. Are you too stupid to understand that you shouldn’t impersonate other people? Slanderers are not tolerated here.

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