Raising the Gay Flag – a Freak Show with Premier Wynne and Kindergarten Kids

As I mentioned in the previous post, today was the ceremony for raising the homosexual flag as a start of the gay pride week in Toronto.

As most homosexual events, this had the atmosphere of a freak show. Early on the organizers introduced two fruits, who apparently were the mascots of the event. The weirdo I wrote about, who was dressed to mock the Christian religion, had a major presence and got a lot of media attention. He posed for a picture with two other weird people, who came to the official event with signs mocking Rob Ford.

Later on (as you’ll see in the video) they asked Kathleen Wynne to take a picture with them.


The freaks who hate Rob Ford


The tolerant homosexuals make their point

Additional entertainment was provided by another strange attraction – the Super Queer Squad. They kept running around dressed in weird Superman clothes. Nobody could understand what the idea behind that was.


As of Mayor Ford, he appeared at the event for the first time ever and looked like he was dragged there at gun point.


Ford with Kristyn Wong-Tam, City Dyke #1

Wong-Tam gave a speech in which she praised the great achievements of Kathleen Wynne and congratulated her for being the first lesbian Premier. It is amusing how homosexuals can ignore the fact that Wynne is a major player in a government implicated in incompetence, theft, squandering tax money, criminal destruction of documents, etc., etc.

In their way of thinking, being a dyke absolves her of all transgressions.

As of Premier Wynne, she appeared surrounded by her henchmen, overjoyed to the point of creepiness.


The Great Leader is happy



The lefty city councillors, who dragged in Rob Ford, didn’t quite match the excessive joy of the Premier. Presiding over the self-destruction of Toronto is definitely not a cause for joy.


The wise councillors

Some genius thought it was a wise idea to bring to the homosexual event a whole class of kindergarten kids. They had to sit and listen to all the speeches. I suppose this is part of the new enhanced homosexual curriculum, which the pride people have been pushing so aggressively.



The kindergarten kids with one of the fruits



The kids and the politicians


And it looks like the small kids learned a lot. They heard how now in Argentina you can claim you are a woman, if you feel you are one, without going through a sex-change operation. They also found out that the tranny rights bill still hasn’t been passed.

One of the speakers talked about the difficulties that the homosexual movement faces today. He specifically attacked Russia, Uganda and Jamaica as horrible places, where gays are persecuted. And he didn’t say a word about how they are treated in the Muslim countries. That’s understandable, because when you criticize Muslims, you can literally lose your head.

Fortunately, he didn’t attack Israel, although representatives of the Jewish homosexual organization Kulanu were at the event. Israel was attacked in a massive way at another event several hours later.


It pays to go to such events – Kristyn Wong-Tam cheerfully announced that CUPE was providing a free lunch for everybody. Who says that there is no such thing as free lunch? When you deal with a public employees union, which has an unlimited access to its members’ money, such miracles are possible.

Anyway, you can see more of the freak show in the video:

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Nothing shocks me about this freak show anymore. The biggest tragedy is the kids that are now being indoctrinated with this ind of filth. The homosexual agenda is well and truly a reality in almost every facet of society, and the activists (especially Wynne) know full well that the communist/Nazi -style educational indoctrination of young children will rob them of their ability to think critically and brain wash them into accepting sexual deviancy as “normal.”

    Absolutely Tragic.

  2. JOE BIFELSTIC says:

    There’s nothing to be proud of here.

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