Topless Dykes for Hamas


The same lame apartheid sign recycled


The Jewish presence


After the traumatizing tranny event, which I attended yesterday, today’s dyke march was like a breath of fresh air. The good thing was that unlike the collection of militant freaks at the tranny event, most of the participants today were real women.

Again, the march was sponsored and attended by groups, which stubbornly work to change our society and make it weirder. Right in the beginning I spotted the faggy pink bus of CUPE, which displayed loudly the goals of that parasitic union.


Is that gay enough for you?


I wonder how much they paid from the money they deduct monthly from their members’ paychecks to create this monstrosity. As if that was enough, during the march they kept throwing from the bus free union merchandise at the crowd.

Not to be left behind, the Ontario elementary teachers union stated that they are creating safe gay space.


Why don’t start teaching something useful for a change?


Apparently, creating a safe homosexual space is far ahead from giving the kids an education they can use. Unfortunately, that is the way things are in McGuinty’s Ontario.

The special interest groups and the unions had a major presence at the march. As you saw in the picture at the top, the Queers against Israeli Apartheid were there again.


The same trannies with the same PLO sign


Somebody even had a solution of the Israeli-Arab conflict displayed on her T-shirt:


“Israelis and Palestinians, Two Peoples, One Future”

Yes, to the dumb woman wearing that T-shirt it may not be clear, but in the Arab plans “one future” refers to what is going to happen after all Jews are pushed into the sea. The Palestinian barbarians are incapable of seeing the future in any other way. That group may have been allowed to march in the name of “diversity”, but here is the thing when you associate yourself with such people – you inevitably become a collaborator, who is at least partially responsible for what the extremists do. As you will see in the pictures at the end, the marching dykes have habits that would have them stoned in Gaza.

Other than the queer dhimmis, I saw dykes who wanted to keep the money flowing to unemployable refugees:


I agree, if the homosexuals are willing to pay for it

Then there was a dyke willing to fight the patriarchy in our country:


“Fuck Off Patriarchy”


And then I saw two guys, who might have thought of themselves as women, making their demands, the first was: “Human Rights Is Code for Colonization”. I have no idea what that means and actually I don’t want to know. The other one, equally ugly, wanted: “As a Third Wave Feminist I’ll Speak out against Trans Phobia, Homophobia, Sexism and Violence against LGTIQQ, Gender Queer, 2 Spirit People and Females”.


You may consider checking yourself into a good mental institution

And of course, never missing the opportunity to spoil the event, the tranny squad was there in all of its glory:


High Commander Cheri with her soldiers


I said in the beginning that this march was more bearable than the tranny event, but I was just trying to be polite, because it had its fair share of weirdness.

I saw a fascinating BDSM rickshaw:


The naughty horse


Then I saw the hairy tranny with the beard wearing an ugly dress and happily greeting his dyke sisters:


The amazing bearded lady from Toronto

Compared to the trannies, who had mud wrestling, the dykes kept things simple, limiting the attractions to interracial boxing:


Boxing dykes


And here are the witches:



We always are bombarded with messages about how intellectually elevated and sophisticated the homosexuals are. Maybe that’s true and we have to humbly accept that in some of the dykes’ signs there is some deep message, which we, the mere mortals, are incapable to comprehend. Here is what they think about Mayor Rob Ford:


[Rob Ford] One Cunt Toronto Can’t Take Pride In

And here is how a “racialized” dyke explains the bond with her vagina:


“If You’re What You Eat, Watch Out Cuz… I Am a Cunt, Cunt, Cunt! Cunt!!!!”


And I was really touched by the way those two lesbians manifested the fact that they were in love:

“We’re Fuckin’ in Love”


I suppose the dozens of kids, who were dragged to the dyke march (approved by their teachers), learned a few new slang words from reading the signs.


“Hey, queers, leave the kids alone!”


I am sure a few of them asked innocently: “Mommy, what’s cunt?” But even some Muslims showed up, despite the fact that the event wasn’t exactly suitable for them. I saw two bagheads together with their husband observing the dykes before they started the march.


It’s hard to tell, but the Muslima is actually facing her husband


It’s too bad that the Muslimas didn’t stay long enough to see what the liberated dykes can do. Those two victims of Mo the Pedophile’s cult had to endure the scorching heat (about 34 degrees Celsius) wrapped in their filthy garments like sardines in a can, while many of the dykes took off everything above the waist.


So the dykes marched in a way that would have had them raped or stoned in every Muslim shithole country, including their beloved Gaza.


The dykes march



Still on Yonge Street


When they reached the park on Jarvis Street, even more of them started acting in a way that would ban them from all Palestinian territories:


Queer body art



The happy trio



Posing for the photographers



Yes, we are queer



Topless Tarot reading (anything for a buck)

So what did we learn from the dyke march? Actually nothing new – it just confirmed the fact that the most of the lefties are total idiots with very little understanding of reality. They are more than willing to support a Muslim terrorist organization, under which they won’t survive for more than an hour and condemn a country that would treat them just as tolerantly as Canada does.

I don’t think anybody would find that surprising…


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