What Many Kids Saw at Toronto’s Pride Parade 2012

That’s what the kids saw at the gay parade

That’s what the kids saw at the gay parade


Today I went to see the gay parade in Toronto. It looked like there were fewer spectators than in the previous years, because it was much easier to find a clear spot near the barrier where I could take unobstructed photos. Next to me were two boys, who entertained themselves by spraying people with water guns. When the guns got empty, they ran somewhere to load them with water.

If their spot was taken after they returned, they pushed their way with “Excuse me!” said in a tone that was not ready to take a “no” for an answer. I guess according to the new TDSB rules that will qualify as bullying, but that’s what the normal boys do. Most people were laughing when the boys sprayed them; just one old transvestite scolded them for ruining his dress.

I mentioned them because they spent a long time watching the parade and many freaky people passed before their eyes. I am raising this point, because I am still wondering if the boys should’ve been there. Take a look at the picture – right in front of them is a guy with a huge beer belly wearing a ridiculous queer clown hat, a frilly short skirt and slippers, which even my grandmother would refuse to wear. I pity the fool who told that clown that he can look like a woman. At the opposite side of the sign you can see a topless woman.

According to the new crossdressing guidelines of TDSB, the exposure to “alternative” gender clothing is healthy. I see that concept didn’t work for the beer belly guy, but the boys, impressive at that age, may decide that it is cool to look like him.

There were probably thousands of kids at the parade and all of them saw at least several freaks. Here a baby is given the opportunity to explore the male anatomy:

The baby and the beast

The baby and the beast


At another spot, a bare-assed pervert is parading in front of a small boy:


“Grandma, what’s that dangling thingy?”


There is nothing new here – at each and every gay parade a countless number of weirdos have exposed themselves in front of kids. The parades have always been marketed as family-friendly events. Now, just imagine that a bunch of heterosexuals decide to expose themselves in the same way. They would be arrested and sent to jail for lewd behaviour in no time. Of course, gays are above the law, above the society’s morals and (to use the words of Bernie Farber) it is not enough that we tolerate them, they must be celebrated. That’s why even the slightest criticism of homosexuality will label you a “homophobe”, one of the two deadly human rights commission sins.

TDSB also recommends in its homosexual curriculum that the school kids bring to school images from the gay parades to improve their understanding of diversity. As a public service, I am willing to provide a gallery of freaks the kids could choose from.



Open for business



Just hanging out near the garbage



The woman of my dreams



Reversed Caribbean studs



Dalton McGuinty’s cheerleaders



Miss Pizza Pizza

Miss Pizza Pizza


The liberated one

The liberated one


The UFO has just landed

The UFO has just landed



The ass challenge

The ass challenge


“Mommy, why’s that guy chained?”

“Mommy, why’s that guy chained?”


“Somebody stole my clothes!”

“Somebody stole my clothes!”






Is that Jack Layton’s massage parlour?


The floating fairy

The floating fairy


Even Bob Rae couldn’t escape the homoerotic lure of the parade:

Bob Rae’s gentle touch

Bob Rae’s gentle touch


And even a dog has been possessed by the gay spirit:

The queer dog

The queer dog


But, as the gays often say, their parade is not only about sexuality. The people here can also express their political convictions. Due to the fucked up Toronto City Council decision, the anti-Semites from QuAIA were allowed to march this year. Unlike in the previous years (especially 2010), today they had fewer participants and obviously recycled the old signs.

However, they came up with a curious twist – this year they paraded two real baghead Muslimas (both obviously converts), who claimed they were lesbians.


She looks like she was born in Yemen… not



God save us all!


I wonder for how long they’ll survive in any Muslim country with those signs. And here the fate juxtaposed the rebellious Muslima to the topless anti-capitalist chick:


Two chips from the same extremist block


And then they had that guy, who explained his anti-Semitic philosophy in a simple and concise way:


“Free Palestine…



…Boycott Israeli Goods”


Of course, the Jewish gay organization Kulanu was there to oppose them with its own message:

Kulanu is ready to march…

Kulanu is ready to march…


There was a whole assortment of strange organizations taking part. No gay parade would be complete without the saboteurs of education in Toronto – TDSB. On their float they featured children’s drawings celebrating homosexual diversity (that was actually one of the ideas in the curriculum – to decorate a gay parade float). They found it necessary to advertise their “Challenging Class Bias” course designed for grade 7. And what’s the deal with that chalk remark “Gay=Level 4”?


School homosexualization


It looks like comedy is not in high regard at TDSB (no wonder – humour is the first victim of political correctness):


Yes, the heterosexual white man is always the punch line


Then I saw the city council, which is as bad as TDSB:

Tam-Wong’s fabulous necktie…

Tam-Wong’s fabulous necktie…


A bunch of queer Catholics also showed up – they’ll make sure that the church is destroyed in Ontario.


Is the future Pope among them?


And of course the living dinosaurs from the Communist Party of Canada showed up to express their support. Do they have any idea how gays were treated under each and every communist regime?


I thought they were all dead…


They even called for Canada to get out of NATO – if they asked for our country to leave the United Nations, they’ll have my full support.


Aren’t they supposed to drive a Lada?


And the unions, o, the unions – they also made their mark. For same reason the autoworkers union chose to identify itself with a tranny:


Transvestite autoworkers…


And the postal workers union came up with a cryptic message: “We Won’t We Won’t Shut the F**** Up” Whatever they mean, it doesn’t improve their services.


While you’re talking, why don’t you try to deliver the mail on time?


It was a long and hot day with the same actors – perverts, deranged lefties, parasitic government workers and corporations trying to make a quick buck by charming the gays. It is beyond my comprehension to understand how this event advances the homosexual cause…


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  1. Mark says:

    Disgusting. Also, why target the only country in the middle east that actually has gay rights? Ignorance doesn’t begin to describe this.

  2. Klipper says:

    Blogwraith, don’t you think you should just be honest with yourself and admit you’re gay?

    1. admiwrath says:

      I’ve heard that stupid reply too many times. Is it one of the talking points they teach you at the homosexual propaganda seminars?

    2. Jordan says:

      No, it’s because there are way more picture of penises and man ass instead of breasts and nice woman butts

  3. Jennifer says:

    Wow, Its really amazing how you can look at all these people and only see hate. I pray that you learn to accept that these ‘freaks’ as you so elegantly put it ( And yes that is now a hate crime… ) as being human beings just like yourself.

    The parents of the children there obviously agree that accepting and embracing our differences makes for a world united against hate and intolerance. Maybe if your parents had exposed you in a healthy way to the LGBT community, you would be able to see all these people full of PRIDE, JOY and LOVE for ALL.

    I’m glad you came out and supported us though, thank you!

    1. admiwrath says:

      Oh, yes, that’s it – all my problems come from the fact that my parents didn’t expose me in a healthy way to naked homosexual perverts. Are all homosexual activists really that stupid?

    2. Steve says:

      I am fine with gay people tho nudity in a public place is a offence . Right to say this is wrong and perverted . If I walked around in public nude I would be arrested . What gives these people the right? Maybe these actions would be why some people you call haters dislike gays .

      1. admiwrath says:

        That is the problem – the militant activists who organize those homosexual events demand complete acceptance even of the most capricious demands. In their attempt to be very, very politically correct, the police are willing to ignore that Criminal Code violation. If we don’t make our voices heard, they’ll keep doing the same.

    3. Some guy says:

      Why the hell would talking about lewd behavior in public be a hate crime? Really how delusional are you to think this is normal lawful behavior? This is gay privilege to do things that would get a normal person arrested.

      1. admiwrath says:

        Homosexuals don’t argue – they use fascist methods to shut down anybody who criticizes them. I never assumed that things would turn that way when in the early 1990’s I supported their struggle for equality.

    4. Cassandra says:

      wtf, all I See is a bunch of perverts, if they were straight they would be aressted, what kind of sense does that make
      how the hell are they allowed to walk around with there penises hanging out in public, and what about the topless women, is that not against the law up there?

      1. admiwrath says:

        Toronto is the leftist capital of Canada. This disgusting perversion is protected and promoted by the government and the police.

  4. David says:

    Oh, that’s too bad for the communists. They used to have tanks and guns in their parades and marching music and now they’re just proud if Ellen Degeneres mentions them on her show.

  5. Roxanne says:

    The definition of irony :
    An article bashing gay men at the parade, with an ad just below the title of this article advertizing ” Meet gay men on Zoosk. lolol 😉

    1. admiwrath says:

      What do you expect? I have Google ads on my site and in full compliance with the homosexual agenda, which Google supports, they place ads that promote the homosexual lifestyle. I find it disgusting, but it is probably great for your friends, who find grooming of kids fabulous. We live in a society where gay perversion is king.

  6. v says:

    This is disgusting. These people use the most perverse, disgusting behavior to advocate for their cause. Nudity? Bondage? I will never the support the derogation of our society’s morals. Your’e not going to get mainstream support for marriage equality if this is how you portray yourself. It’s gross.

  7. Sanna says:

    This is child abuse! If any other parent exposed their child to nudity, S&M, sex acts etc CPS would investigate. If any other parent left their child alone in a strip bar, they would be arrested. What is the difference??

    1. admiwrath says:

      Unfortunately, the Toronto authorities (including police) consider this depravity normal.

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