When the Gay Mafia Tripped Over the Fiery Fox

The homosexual bullies claimed another victim in their crusade to eradicate opinions different than their own. Brendan Eich, CEO of Mozilla, was forced to resign. It wasn’t because of some heinous crime that outraged the world. His sin was that years ago he donated $1000 to a foundation that supported the traditional marriage in California (when even Bathhouse Barry, the “first gay president” had the same position). Questioning the ridiculous charade called “gay marriage” now is a major thought crime.

They say that the purpose of the gay movement was achieving equal rights for homosexuals. That goal has been reached long time ago. Now we see the true face of the movement – creating a poisonous atmosphere, where the lives of those who disagree with the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle are made unbearable. Eich was subjected to a vicious internet campaign, which few people could endure.

Among the goals of the campaign was a boycott of the Firefox browser made by Mozilla. It is beyond ridiculous to think that the homosexuals could shut down one of the most popular browsers in the world. However, the real goal is to instil fear.

Blackmail of businesses and people, who hold different views, is the norm. The cases of Chick-Fil-A and Duck Dynasty come to mind, but those are only high-profile cases, there are many more where people have no other choice, but to surrender under the massive pressure. In Canada with the Bill Whatcott decision of the Supreme Court, it is practically illegal to criticize homosexuality. That’s why they are pushing it into the Ontario schools under the guise of the so-called Gay-Straight Alliances.

The homosexual movement uses the same methods for trampling free speech as Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. The problem is that such methods can’t ensure the longevity of an ideology, if it is foreign to common sense and nature. Homosexuals can practice their lifestyle as much as they like, but it is ridiculous to think that they can force the rest of us to glorify it.

The gay propaganda is in trouble, even if such a die-hard lefty like Bill Maher has his doubts about it. Here is what he said recently during his HBO show:

MAHER: What do you think about the Mozilla CEO having to step down over his donation to a pro-Proposition 8 group.

The Mozilla — which I’m wearing right now, by the way. I didn’t know what Mozilla was. I saw it on my computer, but — it’s Firefox, right? It’s the browser.

So this guy apparently does not want gay people to get married and he had to step down. What do you think of that, the question asks.

FMR. REP. TOM DAVIS (R-VA): Because he gave $1,000 eight years ago and it’s come back to haunt him.

CARRIE SHEFFIELD, FORBES: Well, and he gave it when President Obama was still against gay marriage. So, I don’t think it’s very fair.

MAHER: Good point. Also, I think there is a gay mafia. I think if you cross them, you do get whacked.


The homosexual activists may be able to realize that their methods don’t win them any supporters. The only result is driving criticism underground and creating even more hatred. The blogger Matt Walsh wrote an excellent post (h/t BCF) telling things as they are. Read it before such blogs are shut down by the rainbow inquisition:

Dear gay rights militants, dear progressive tyrants, dear liberal fascists, dear haters of free speech, dear crusaders for ideological conformity, dear left wing bullies:

You will lose.

I know you’ve got legions of sycophants kowtowing to you these days, and the rest you’ve set out to destroy — but you will lose.

So, you’ve tracked another dissident and skinned him alive. You’ve made an example of Brendan Eich, and now you dance joyously around his disemboweled carcass. You have his head on a spike, and you consider this a conquest in your eternal crusade to eradicate diversity and punish differing opinions. You launched your millionth campaign of intimidation, and now another good man has been dragged through the mud, to the sounds of taunting and jeering and death threats.

You found out that the CEO of Mozilla gave a few dollars to support a pro-traditional marriage ballot measure several years ago, and you proceeded to publicly tar and feather him until he was forced to ‘resign’ in disgrace.

You again chose to forgo debate, in favor of coercion and bullying.

You again attempted to end the ‘gay rights’ argument by defrocking your opponent.

Hey, good for you.

Enjoy the spoils of your cowardice.

It won’t last.

You will still lose.

Don’t you people read? Haven’t you learned anything from history? ‘Advancements’ earned through tyranny never endure. You can only win a debate by suffocating your opposition for so long. Your strategy is doomed for failure, because it has always failed.

In the name of ‘fighting for the freedom to love,’ you’ve utilized hate. For the sake of ‘tolerance,’ you’ve wielded bigotry. In order to push ‘diversity,’ you’ve been dogmatic.

You are everything you accuse your opponents of being, and you stand for all the evil things that you claim they champion.

You are exposed. We see you for what you are: a force of destruction and division.

You showed your hand, and now you’ll lose the game.

It’s inevitable.

Marriage has, had, and always will have, by definition, a certain character and purpose; a character and purpose centered around, above all things, the family. Marriage is the foundation through which a thriving and lasting civilization sees to the propagation of itself. Human beings can only reproduce by means of ‘heterosexuality,’ and this reality sets the ‘heterosexual’ union apart. Marriage is meant to be the context in which this reproduction occurs.

Marriage is many things, but it is also this. And ‘this’ can never be removed from it, no matter the direction of the political winds, or the motion of the shifting sands of public opinion.

Marriage and the family are dimensions of the same whole. They cannot be detached from one another. They, as a whole, as an institution, can only be weakened — not erased or redefined. And so the campaign to protect and strengthen the institution was and is designed to do just that. It was never about ‘legislating love’ or imposing intolerance or ‘discriminating against gay people,’ or any other silly bumper sticker platitude.

You want to be free to love? You are. You always have been.

Heterosexuals don’t claim to monopolize love; only reproduction. Me, I love in many ways and in many directions. I love my wife, yes, and I also love my parents, and my country, and football, and hamburgers. These are all different kinds and degrees of love, yet still love.

You can read the rest here.



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    Olivia Chow will finish the job of turning Toronto into a homosexual stronghold if she becomes mayor.

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