A Madhouse Called York University


Campus Safety Forum with mandatory kaffiyehs


Imagine a place of higher learning, where a student shares publicly her dream to open Toronto’s first masturbation bar… where a Jewish cheerleading team captain with a goatee and dreadlocks runs for a student office on the platform of providing cheap halal burgers… where a multicultural flag display includes the flag of a notorious terrorist group… where Israeli apartheid anti-Semites (oops, “anti-Zionists”) rally to kick out the crime-investigating police from their campus…

This is not an outtake from a bad Andy Warhol movie – it’s the reality of York University (YU) in Toronto. If it wasn’t that far from downtown, I would’ve visited it more frequently – a few hours spent there provide more material than OISE does for weeks.

As usual, I went there because I was notified of an event I couldn’t miss. It was a People’s Forum on Campus Safety, which sounds great – safety should be our concern. There had been a series of harassment incidents on the territory of the university (as far as I can recall from the news I’ve read). Oddly enough, one of those crimes involved Korans thrown into garbage bins and it caused a strong reaction:

“Students are appalled at this incident of Islamophobia on our campus and strongly condemn such hateful acts,” said Safiyah Husein, Vice-President Equity for the York Federation of Students. “Islamophobia on campus, like all forms of hate and discrimination, compromises the ability of students to work, live and study in a safe and inclusive environment.

I am not aware for how long had Ms. Husein lived in Canada, but in our country destroying a book is not a crime. (Besides, in many countries Muslims have destroyed Korans as a provocation.) She probably condemned the act from the point of view of sharia, the barbaric Muslim law, which punishes by death every act of blasphemy. She should be reminded that sharia is not the law of Canada, although looking at the YU campus, which looks more like Saudi Arabia than Canada, the introduction of sharia is probably imminent.


Sharing the bus ride to YU with two Muslim beauties


But this won’t be York University, if even the serious crime issues aren’t twisted in an unrecognizable way. In their e-mail, the organizers stated:

In order to challenge violence on campus, we must address the systemic causes of violence – including misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, racism, poverty, war, and ongoing settler-colonialism on First Nations land. Increasing police presence is at best a “band-aid” solution to a broader social problem.

Only a bunch of campus morons can look at a crime and turn it into a Marxist laundry list of social vices. I am “sure” the thugs who did the harassment are deeply scarred by the foreign wars and colonialism of Indian land (one must be excessively stupid to believe that). I am also sure that some Indian tribe somewhere claims the YU compound as its land and those progressive people can easily decolonize it by packing their shit and moving away.

They even want the only entity capable of solving the crimes, the police, to leave campus:

Increased police presence on campus has actually led to many students feeling unsafe at York University. Police are not the answer to addressing the serious concerns of gender-based violence. Racial profiling has been a common practice by police in low-income and racialized communities, prompting the ‘carding’ of many black male students and community members at York University. Women and trans people are not safe with cops on campus! Racialized students are not safe with cops on campus! Free Speech is not safe with cops on campus! We want to hear from you – the students and community members of York University!

Don’t forget those people are getting college education, not a Black Panthers crash course in oppression. Their stupidity is inexcusable. The last incident happened on December 5 – two men in a van abducted somebody from the campus. I wonder how the fighters against “transphobia” or any other made up words would’ve prevented that. An armed cop or a security guard could’ve been the only successful deterrent. It is easier to understand that insanity when you see who organized the event:

A coalition of student and community groups and organizations – including Justice Is Not Colour-Blind (JINCB), York University Black Students’ Alliance (YUBSA), Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) York, the Centre for Women and Trans People (CWTP), CUPE 3903 Trans-Feminist Action Collective, the Graduate Students Association at York (YUGSA), and Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA) York – invite you on February 7 to a People’s Forum on Campus Safety.



YUBSA or the York United Black Students’ Alliance as they identify themselves on their webpage, are

“a pan-Africanist organization that services all students and people at York University and the wider community that adhere to the racial identity of “Black” despite their nationalistic identities.”



One of the perks you get when you join is “The Black Card”:

“Available to all members, Comes with a free YUBSA t-shirt, Discounts at local Black businesses.”


So this is a race-based organization, where you get discounts based on your race. What if one of the business owners is white and the other black, do they get only half the discount?  Isn’t this… how should I put it mildly… blatantly racist? O, I forgot, only white people can be racist.

Canada is of concern only if it can be pictured as a racist country. At the event they made a point of displaying only the pan-African flag.


YUBSA and their “pan-African” flag


Among the organizers we find CUPE 3903 Trans-Feminist Action Collective. One of their activists, a “co-chair” (do they have a “co-table”?) is Johannah May Black, a Ph.D. student in Political Science (what else?). He/she is also a part of Students against Israeli Apartheid.



In one of his/her tweets she/he shares an opinion about a book on the “Israel lobby”:



His/her indignation caused by the “powerful Jews”… sorry, “Zionists”, is impressive. I want to point out something here – in Tel Aviv you can see the homosexual flag in many places, there are also many people with the “fluid gender” gay-parade-freaky look probably  similar to those united in the “Trans-Feminist Collective”. Nobody bothers them. However, the left-leaning “Lonely Planet” guide I used during my trip sternly warns that any homosexual activity is prohibited in Gaza and the PLO-controlled territories. A gay parade specimen won’t last more than 20 minutes in those Arab lands (a tranny even less). Yet the militant homosexuals in Canada keep blackmailing the only country in the Middle East that gives them rights. Are they that dumb? Do you really need an answer?

The event itself matched the insanity displayed in the e-mail from the organizers. The Vari Hall lobby was decorated with a huge sign inviting the cops to get off campus (shown in the pictures above). Next to it I saw another sign, just as big, announcing “Students Against Israeli Apartheid: Free Speech on Campus”:



A smaller sign demanded termination of racial profiling:



Everybody who came for the event was handed a small leaflet outlining the position of the organizers. Other than repeating the point for addressing the “structural causes” of violence, it also had some practical suggestions:

“Police on campus, security newly armed, and 24/7 surveillance systems perpetuate fear mongering and criminalization.”

No, dimwits, surveillance is the only way to catch the people who attack your lesbians and trannies.

On the other side of the leaflet we are introduced to the police atrocities on YU campus. The most recent cases include black male students being “carded” by the police (no examples given). The next case is the famous statement by a police officer that girls should not dress like sluts to avoid rape. That was three years ago! And looking at the hijabs and niqabs at YU, the place is safe from horny males, because slut dress is out of YU.

The last example goes back to 2005 when peaceful protesters at Vari Hall were arrested and beaten by the police. I would appreciate it if any SANE reader gives me more information on that case.

Additional indication of the nature of the event was the tiny stand of the peddlers of communist “Truth”:



Proletarians of all countries, unite!


One of the booklets they were handing out contained an article proposing a Marxist approach for resolving the hockey strike by taking the working class game away from the greedy capitalists.

The crowd wasn’t that big – probably about 40 people. Hijabs and angry black t-shirts dominated the landscape. The notorious kaffiyeh scarf, made world-famous by the camel-faced terrorist gnome Yasser Arafat, was prominently displayed on the necks of most people.

The megaphones they used were not that good. Neither were the speakers – a weird gallery of angry Arabs, Malcolm X look-alikes and unidentifiable persons.


Israel is always bad


Somebody from the “trans-collective” spoke against sexual assaults and pointed at patriarchy as their cause. Sorry, I couldn’t figure out whether it was a man whose gender “flowed” into a new Chaz Bono or a woman who was “born that way”:


The possibility of sex assault in this case is extremely remote


A very articulate gentleman from the communist group threw the police into a lake of fire and brimstone. He gave some examples, without going into details, like a case where the police beat to death a “Filipino youth” (where, when?). He also noted angrily that in Mexico police are not allowed on campus at all. (Great, that’s why in Mexico if you argue with the wrong people you can lose your head, literally.)


Let’s apply the Mexican experience to Canadian campuses


They kept calling people from the audience to talk about cases of police brutality, but nobody could come up with a convincing, Dr. Goebbels worthy propaganda story. After over an hour of gabbing and chanting without any tangible result, the forum ended with many people excited about its success.

Then I took a walk around the university trying to find a place where I can eat a meal with pork. It wasn’t an easy task because most of the restaurants at YU serve halal food. That allowed me to see what is being promoted on the premises.

I was delighted to see my MP Olivia Chow on the front page of the local paper – Excalibur.


Only at York University is Olivia front-page news


Not far from the forum’s location the Muslims had a table with their own propaganda literature, inviting everybody to explore the fascinating world of the Islamic cult.


Ready to take over YU



Jesus returns as a Muslim


Not far from their table a saw a poster advertising a course in Creative Sexual Exploration for Women:

“Workshops include discussions and activities on topics such as sacred-sexuality, self-love, safety, presence, holding space, boundary setting, flow in sexual orientation/gender, tantra, toys and kink. Each week a topic is briefly presented then women are encouraged to explore how it resonates with them through activities in visual, theatrical and movement arts.”



Are kink and safety compatible? Does the course welcome preoperative trannies, who see themselves as women? No answer to these questions… I am sure the course is a hit among the hijab crowd.

Another conference promised to enlighten us about the ideas that can change the world. It must be valuable, because the evil entity OISE is sponsoring it. Placing on the poster the face of the undead communist vampire Angela Davis surely adds more credibility to that OISE event.


Angela Davis – Brezhnev’s favourite communist fossil


The retards from York International Socialists (even dumber than Angela) were planning a discussion about racism, planning to derive it from the evils of capitalism.



A bunch of Somali and Ethiopian students were preparing to ponder the question about their identity. “Who are we? What does it mean to be an East African in Canada?” Here is a suggestion – why don’t you ask what you can do about Canada, the country that took you out of your hellholes?



What about getting a job?


The higher-level lefties had their own displays. I saw a few small posters (authorized by the university) in which masked people shared their dreams about future professional realization.

I mentioned in the beginning the lady who sees herself in 2027 as a successful owner of Toronto’s first masturbation bar. I am sure that would be another winner among the hijab Muslims.


There’s no business like masturbation business


Another fine lady, who is going to graduate in 2015 in the field of business and economics, plans to travel across Canada in 2020 while doing some dumpster diving. I think this is a realistic vision of a person’s future when she holds a degree from York University.


Dumpster diving as a form of success – only at York University


There is also some kind of a student election campaign going on at YU. I saw many little posters promoting the candidates, all of them with the standard header “Unity our Goal, Diversity our Strength!” Another empty slogan, a relic from the times of the dying communism. The hijab and the beard looked to be dominant attributes of the candidates (not always at the same time).

Here are a few samples (I am not going to charge them for the publicity). Below is Huda Alsarraj, probably a Syrian Arab, because she lists among her credentials a membership in the Syrian Revolution Club. Probably Osama is the spiritual patron of the club, because there is no other reason for a pretty young girl to dress like a widowed Russian babushka from Novosibirsk.


Revolutionary hijab


Harry Warshaw was one of the very few white males running for office. As a Jew and a beneficiary of the secret illuminati perks (which only the Black Card holders and the Israeli Apartheid people can see), he is a difficult case. He has the advantage of having been cheerleader captain. (Weren’t cheerleaders supposed to be girls? Forget it, that’s York University, Jack.)

A powerful element in his platform is the promise to fight for cheap halal burgers – only 2 bucks!


The smart halal burger strategy


I am still not sure if this would help him win.

I was pleasantly surprised to see my old pal Mariam Hamaoui on one of those posters. The rich experiences she listed modestly omit some of her important endeavors. She was very actively involved in defending and promoting the cafeteria mosque (a.k.a. “mosqueteria” at the Valley Park public school), where Muslim fanatics separated students by gender and menstruation patterns. I wonder how this fits into the “unity and diversity” paradigm peddled by York University.


Miss Mosqueteria


She has also been a staple at most Jew-hating events I have covered.

Miss Mosqueteria yells against the evil Shimon Peres


I am sure if she mentions those credentials, she will win by a landslide. After all, that is York University…

So that’s it, folks – York University in all of its usual glory. Though spending a few hours at that place provides superb entertainment, when you think about all those people, things don’t look that funny anymore. It is hard to comprehend their total lack of connection with reality.

Of course, there is no law in Canada stopping somebody from being an idiot. The trouble starts when you realize that those idiots will graduate. They’ll provide the pool from which the new human rights inquisitors and ignorant educators are going to be picked. They’ll be the new Barbara Hall, Jennifer Lynch and other similar personalities, who shall remain unnamed.

Well, that’s not funny anymore, it’s scary…


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  2. Really? says:

    You missed the most significant co-conspirator of this lunacy – the faculty. You have to think one or more of the faculty member’s teaching, attitudes and guidance has led us to where we are today. It is encouraged and often rewarded.

    We have university campuses around the country, and world, spewing out students that all think alike and won’t be happy till they collectively tear our society asunder. The faculty has helped create an army of darkness – and the new dark ages seem inevitable.

    Fortunately the majority “mellow” when real world realities hit but enough of them continue on “poisoning the well”. Trend the slide in our society each decade for the last 50 years and then postulate it out another 50 – all I see is blackness.

  3. Sean says:

    Please tell me the last word in the following quote was intentional and not a typo: “Yet the militant homosexuals in Canada keep blackmailing the only country in the Middle East that gives them tights.”

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you for spotting the misprint!

  4. Shobhna Kapoor says:

    Again, Blogwrath, your stomach for b.s. is matched by your acid wit.
    York has an agreement with a Hamas University. Big surprise.


  5. Edmund says:

    Excellent job!!! Very scary stuff indeed!

  6. Your mother says:

    The kidnapping was a hoax you fucking moron.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you, York dimwit. So the union is using hoaxes to promote its agenda?

  7. M says:

    wow, if someone wrote the same hateful shit you write about Muslims, but changed it to ‘Jews’ you’d be crying ‘antisemitism.’ so you’re allowed to be an abnoxious racist, homophobe, transophobe and sexist?

    1. admiwrath says:

      You obviously don’t read enough – Jews are trashed every day in the Muslim and leftist blogosphere. Your labels mean nothing – today everybody, who disagrees with the leftist takeover of society is called “racist” and “homophobe”. What is “transophobe”?

    2. Shobhna Kapoor says:

      A gay activist wouldn’t last a minute in “Palestine”.
      Your stupidity is only matched by your utter cowardice.

  8. Emily says:

    Michael Coren and Richard, Shame on you!
    Using someone else’s work without credit?
    No professional journalism!

  9. Gordon says:

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck-are you kidding me?.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooot at all, Gordon.

    2. Shobhna Kapoor says:

      Another example of how York university teaches great debating skills.

  10. Jeanine says:

    Loooooooooool. I don’t think you realize how much of an idiot you look like right now. Your funny.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Nice remark from another York University idiot.

    2. Shobhna Kapoor says:

      First of all Jeanine, unlike you, Blogwrath has actually experienced communism. I take it you are one of those champagne socialists who hasn’t a clue what your ideology is about. As a non-muslim woman, you would have few human right in “Palestine” either. You are the reasoon why I would never send any child of mine to York. Take some time to study the history of Islamic cultural imperialism, annhilation throughout its 1400 history. Learn some facts. Think beyond the box.Learn that ad homimen attacks on people who disagree with your opnions will not carry you through in life, in job, in future relationships. You will be the prime sufferer under socialism and sharia. You are supporting it. Inspite of your hatred and ignorance, I care for your generation

  11. Anonymous says:

    As a jew, reading this is tough. I have a hard time understanding people like you. You’re either not jewish, or simply out to give us a bad name. While I think many people at York are misled about Israel, disrespectfully name-calling them does nothing but hurt our side. In fact, I’m actually mad at you for making my life more difficult when I try to have reasonable debates with arabs. All this time, they’ve been pointing at how our side is just as blindly attack-minded as theirs, but I never actually believed that for a second. After reading this, I’m legitimately considering it.

    For any person reading this who identifies themselves as part of the arab/palestinian side of the conflict, please ignore this writer. He has freedom of speech, but his words should be ignored. Human respect always comes before discussion, but he is unique in his lack of understanding.

    1. admiwrath says:

      And I have hard time understanding people like you. You mean all York U Arabs read my blog? You grossly overestimate my influence. You think that if you keep quiet and lie low the Arabs will like you? Or if Israel disarms and leaves all “territories”, its barbaric neighbours would leave it alone? Don’t delude yourself – if you act like a mouse, they’ll despise you (studying the history of Israel would make that point very clear).

  12. Anon says:

    In other words, you’re a racist piece of junk. If you’re so open minded why do you care if a girl chooses to put on a hijab, how does that harm you? If you think its ok for u to so blatantly criticize a whole race why is it bad for a muslim to participate in a peaceful rally? Judging Islam and all muslims according to the acts of some “muslims” portrays how ignorant you are to the very history u keep talking about.Christianity says thou shall not kill, yet the crusaders massacred millions, does that mean Christianity supports the killing of the innocent? no. The African group is no different than many Europeans student association on campus, there is nothing wrong with them so long as we all respect each other unlike the crap u do

    1. admiwrath says:

      Don’t be a crappy idiot – Islam is not a race, it’s collective delusion that affects all races. The Muslims have killed tens of millions of people while invading their countries and ruining their cultures.

  13. […] “Imagine a place of higher learning, where a student shares publicly her dream to open Toronto’s first masturbation bar… where a Jewish cheer-leading team captain with a goatee and dreadlocks runs for a student office on the platform of providing cheap halal burgers… where a multicultural flag display includes the flag of a notorious terrorist group… where Israeli apartheid anti-Semites (oops, “anti-Zionists”) rally to kick out the crime-investigating police from their campus…“ […]

  14. DD says:

    I go to York University and i love this..lol. This blogger knows what he is talking about. Salute

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