Anti-Poverty Gang Breaks into a Toronto Private Property with CUPE Support

Yesterday I spent another “productive” day in the world of Toronto’s deranged Left. The notorious OCAP (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty) held a rally and march and then occupied a private property. Despite its seriously sounding name, the organization actually is an odd collection of misfits, loons, eco-terrorists, anarchists, and convicted criminals. The best way they can help their struggle would be by getting jobs – it will be a major breakthrough in the fight against poverty.

However, they are heavily subsidized by Ontario’s public employees’ union (CUPE) and other union thugs, so getting a job is out of the question. In exchange for the money, OCAP is assigned to do the dirty bullying job of the Left. They are not that different from the ragtag Nazi thugs Adolf Hitler used in the early days of his movement to scare the people, who didn’t agree with him.

The event started at Allan Gardens Park in the usual way, with a free meal provided by the unions. Other than the constant presence of the bums, you could see quite a few anarchists from Quebec. Among the OCAP dignitaries were: Alex Hundert (convicted ring leader of the G20 assaults); Sakura Saunders (a respected eco-terrorist); Jenny Peto (a self-hating Jew, whose OISE thesis argued that the Holocaust education is designed to promote “white privilege”); Davin, the “Rastafarian-Mohawk-hereditary-Indian” Chief and a few others.


Anything for a free meal



A fine member of OCAP


A few anarchists


A fool and his flag



The first bump happened when a small gnom-like guy tried to kick me out when he found out that wasn’t with them. He said I wasn’t allowed to take pictures, even though the park is public. I told him to get lost (in slightly less polite way) so he couldn’t do much except yell “go away.” That type of attitude dominated the whole event.

The event started with expressing the customary gratitude to the Mississauga Indians for allowing the crowd to use the land (not a word about the fact that they sold it). After a long boring gig of three Indian women singing and chanting (with a masked fool waving the Mohawk warrior flag behind them) we were subjected to a social justice speech by one of OCAP’s leaders. He whined how the government failed to build more shelters or confiscate unused private properties to house the homeless. Apparently, the option of the bums getting jobs never occurred to him.


The loony bin


Jenny Peto (far left)


Sakura Saunders and Alex Hundert

In the OCAP flyer they called the participants to “bring your mats, tents, sleeping bags and cardboard – prepare to sleep out!” We assumed they were going to occupy Allen Gardens Park, but the speaker had other plans – he promised to take the people to a place where they can camp “safely.” It turned out the safe place was a private property.

After the speech, the marchers left the park and headed to George Street, where they stopped at a shelter. From the notorious Anarchist House, located nearby, another group of anarchists joined the march. The horrible condition of the house makes me think they are not good at cleaning. But they are good at harassing people – the anarchists started immediately to block the cameras of the outsiders.


Marching anarchists


The faggy CUPE bus


The marchers enter George Street


Stop at a hostel


The notorious Anarchist House

The march ended near the intersection of Dundas and Sherbourne. The “safe space” turned out to be a fenced empty lot, which is always locked. The crowd broke in and also entered an adjacent house, part of the same property. They even raised the Mohawk Warrior and the Six Nations flags on the roof. The CUPE bus parked near the entrance. The shocking part was that the police, who closely followed the march, did absolutely nothing to stop them from breaking in.

We talked later to two construction workers, who worked in the house during the day. They had just finished the daily work, when the crowd invaded the place. They said that in the morning they noticed that the lock of the lot’s gates was changed (not by the owner).

What followed was a prime example of Caledonia-style policing. If you remember, in Caledonia OPP allowed gangs of native criminals to occupy properties and terrorize the locals for years in the name of “keeping the peace.” Yesterday, after letting the wackos in, the police spent hours doing very little.


The occupation is complete


Indians on the roof (no fiddles)


The police involved in a meaningful conversation


Jenny Peto comes to the rescue

Sergeant Chiu, who appeared to be in charge, took many pictures, talked to a few people, and spent a lot of time on the phone. While she was doing that, the trespassers took out the tents, fired up a barbecue and “decorated” the property with posters and signs. When the Sergeant headed toward the gates (followed by a few officers), she was stopped by one of the ring leaders.

The leader refused to let them in – she said it would take time to make a decision what to do next, because they need to discuss it (you can see this in the video). At this point the police pushed their way in. Even then nothing happened – they just continued the talk inside.


“Back off Yuppies!”

Meanwhile, the gang became more and more arrogant. A weird South American guy with “cop watch” written on his back followed me with a camera and said: “Now I have you on video!” The whole thing sounded quite creepy, like a whisper loaded with homoerotic attraction (no wonder, he had a flag with the Cuban maricon Che Guevara on his bike).

Then two anarchists started to follow the bloggers with a big black banner, blocking their view. The police refused to do anything about it. The culmination came when Alex Hundert (who is still on bail) physically assaulted the blogger from



The Che Guevara idiot



Blocking the view of a cameraman



The same, but less effective

A few hours later the owners of the property showed up. They were shocked to see that riffraff occupying it (to say the least). The police were not eager to help them get it back. They even sent the leaders of the gang to talk to the owners – the leaders tried to convince them to let the group stay. Needless to say, the “negotiations” didn’t turn out well.

In contrast, when the owners approached us and we started to give them details about the type of people they were dealing with, the police quickly whisked them away from us. Obviously, telling the truth about the deranged lefties is not tolerated.

At about 7:30 p.m. I had to leave for another appointment, so you will probably find out how the things unfolded by visiting and Both bloggers stayed there.

Let me just say that the whole incident made me realize how rapidly Toronto is deteriorating. Here we have a group of extremists committing a crime. They enter illegally a private property and state their determination to stay there. A major Canadian union aids and abets them in the illegal activities.

The police observe everything, but don’t stop them entering illegally; then the criminals are let to stay, while the cops still do nothing. According to the salary disclosures, Sergeant Chiu makes over $100,000 per year. I understand that the job is tough, but for that amount of public money paid, aren’t the people of Toronto entitled to get some protection for their properties?

And what’s even worse, not a single person from the mainstream media thought the event was newsworthy. The media completely ignored this occupation.

Am I the only one to see how wrongly the situation was handled? A criminal gang can show up and take over anybody’s private property without any serious consequences.

The spirit of Caledonia casts its long shadow on Toronto.

You can see the best moments of that lefty atrocity in the video:

The joint efforts of G20 criminals, welfare bums, militant homosexuals and Muslims succeeded in shutting down my YouTube account (those groups rule on YouTube). So here is the video again:

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  1. Excellent work Blogwrath!

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you.

  2. Bill Gelwick says:

    Yet further proof that liberalism is a mental disorder. Nobody with any common sense could possibly think this a good idea, or even acceptable behavior. What’s worse is, if you haul them to jail they become like martyrs to their brainwashed followers.

    1. jaeger83 says:

      Then maybe we should revive a very far-left tactic used by the Soviet Union in dealing with these people. Throw them in the asylum and “treat” their mental illness with unanesthetized electro-shock therapy. Saying they are insane and under actual treatment will destroy their credibility, and when they themselves are out, their brains will be completely wiped of any memory.

  3. Gus says:

    Odd how all the pretend journalists who “covered” this story failed to mention the incident where undercoverkity started throwing punches. I guess it’s not assault when one of you guys does it, eh?

    1. admiwrath says:

      Are you that retarded? If you want to promote your propaganda, you should learn to lie better. Your gang was dominated by anarchists, convicts and deranged people – even the police were reluctant to handle you. And you even broke by force into somebody’s property, remember that? It’s ridiculous to suggest that “undercoverkity” or anybody else for that matter would start throwing punches (unless he is suicidal) when surrounded by such a group. Try harder the next time.

      1. He is telling the truth about me throw a few punches , but what he sort of ” forgot ” to mention is that that ONLY happened after some tried to throw a few at me , missed and then tried ( and failed ) to take my camera from me. These idiots prey on fear but have no idea how to deal with people like me who has zero fear of them of any kind, and they know that. So, they try different tactics to try and throw me off guard, and fail there too. Well, at least they are accomplished in something, FAILING, they were born failures.

      2. admiwrath says:

        My apologies to Gus. Now the picture is clear – a person whom his gang attacked dared to stand for himself. They are shocked when somebody doesn’t submit to their bullying.

    2. Chris says:

      I know eh? these brainwashed idiots don’t even understand the depth of the poverty problem, so use violence to get their point across

  4. Joe says:

    If they’re so “anti-poverty”, why don’t they GO GET JOBS, and feed someone out of their own income?

    1. admiwrath says:

      It has always boggled my mind. It looks like the money they get from the unions is more than what they may get from the low-wage jobs they are qualified for.

    2. Joe, would YOU hire these malcontents? These people don’t have jobs because they are too stupid to work. Look at mark Brill. He was FIRED from the post office of all places because he was that abusive to the other workers there. You know you have to be a real first place screw up to get fired from a government job like that. Look at Hundert. Again, would YOU hire him? he loves to tell everyone to smash the state so chances are good that if you hired him, he would smash your place of business first. As for the rest of that bunch of neanderthals , sure, you can hire them but the cost of having you place of business fumigated everyday is what would drive you out of business.

  5. Gus, yes, I most certainly threw a few punches, and further, I make zero apology for it. When scum bag anarchists think ( OK, they can’t actually think ) they can try and rip my camera away from me , as laughable as that is, try and hit me, you can bet your anarchist ass that i will make it a point of going after them. If you doubt me, try me. Since these morons are nothing more than a textbook example of a failed test tube experiment anyway , there would be no actual loss to them. However, upon reflection, most of them are so damned ugly anyway, that any contact i may make would only enhance their pathetic appearance anyway. So, since i am not their plastic surgeon , they are not worth my time and effort. Now, here is a really novel idea ………… get a job and tell that squirmy pathetic excuse of a living organism, Geaten to take a bath next time he wants to come face to face with me. I had to decontaminate my cloths after that one.

    1. Chris says:

      way to use violence frank. such a hypocrite.

    2. Frank N Furter says:

      Sorry Frank, someone blocking our camera doesn’t give you the right to take a swing at them.

  6. […] “Yesterday I spent another “productive” day in the world of Toronto’s deranged Left. The notorious OCAP (Ontario Coalition Against Poverty) held a rally and march and then occupied a private property. Despite its seriously sounding name, the organization actually is an odd collection of misfits, loons, eco-terrorists, anarchists, and convicted criminals. The best way they can help their struggle would be by getting jobs – it will be a major breakthrough in the fight against poverty.“ […]

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