Economic Wisdom from the Occupy Toronto Asylum

I am rooting for that movement. I really am! The conventional wisdom says that we should trust and support the young, because they are our future. The young are willing to outline our future, but a major element missing from the occupy movement was an economic program. After all, those young people want to change the world – it would be difficult to understand them, unless they have a very particular guidance about economics.

Fortunately, my waiting is over – yesterday I saw in St. James Park the poster I longed to see, which determined the wealth redistribution mechanism.

Because of my lowly capitalist upbringing, I had some problems figuring out the scheme. I asked around the camp if they could get me the author but nobody was un-stoned enough to explain who placed that sign.

I’ll try to do it myself. Here is the program:


The wisdom that will change the world (not)


In case your browser doesn’t display the picture, here is the complete program:

“The # of world billionaires:

In:           2001       497#

                2006       946

                2007       1125!

The cumulative wealth of

These billionaires:

In 2007:  4.4 t.$, in 2001:  1.5 t.$

Total sum required to meet

Basic human needs 4 ten years:

80 b. $ * 10 years = 0.8 t. $”

I suppose I’ll need the help of my readers to get that math. As a person who grew up under the power of the Marxist Dialectical Materialism, I remember that the Marxists tried very hard to introduce Dialectical Logic, where every one of the Aristotle’s syllogisms was supposed to have many meanings.

I suspect that the young occupiers (or their stoned old mentors) are trying to introduce a Dialectical Mathematics.

So, they state that in 2007 there were 1,125 billionaires in the world. All the wealth they owned was worth $4.4 trillion. Then, my friends said that the total sum required to meet basic human needs for a year is $80 billion.

OK, I might still be the dumb person who thinks in the terms of the Aristotelian logic, but that statement is totally false. A few days ago the earth’s population reached 7 billion. If you divide $80 billion among the people of the earth, everybody would get $11.42. This amount won’t cover the food expenses of a hamster for a month, let alone the needs of a human for a year.

Obviously, this doesn’t work. Then let’s say we become more aggressive. Why don’t we distribute fairly ALL of the billionaires’ wealth? $4.4 trillion divided among 7 billion people would equal $628. Wow! What a difference – every earthling would get that amount without knowing what to do with it.

The trouble is that most of the money of the rich is invested in businesses – if you want to get their money, you must sell the shares. But if everybody’s wealth is confiscated, there’ll be nobody to buy the shares owned by Bill Gates, the Waltons, Warren Buffett or any other evil capitalist.

The simple truth that eludes the delusional lefties is that you need somebody who is involved in developing a business – capital is not money hidden in your back yard, it is an investment which makes sense as long as you can get return. If you steal that capital and give it to a bunch of fleabaggers, the only result would be that they’ll get more dope with that money, but since the person who had the ability to make that money grow has been eliminated, that would be end of the welfare cheques destined for that junkie.

OK, kids, back to the drawing table! (Not that your retarded minds would create anything useful).


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    You know, Admirath, its actually frightening to see the sort of “logic’ that’s driving this movement. The only thing they have on their side is sheer numbers of welfare bums, vagrants, hippies, potheads and professional agitators, supported by Marxist university professors (ex-hippies) and overpaid trendy Hollywood actors. However, if all the richest people in the world were exclusively Muslims (living in Saudi Arabia) would the “Occupy” groupies still be campaigning against them?

  2. The Lone Ranger says:


    Did you see that the mayor of Atlanta Kasim Reed, finally got fed up with the Occupy crowd and had them forcibly removed (with 53 arrested being made). Although they are determined to return to Woodruff park on November 5th, the cops will be there to put more of them behind bars if need be.


    The mayor of Calgary, Naheed Nenshi is already hinting that he will, if necessary, use force to remove the Occupy groupies from Olympic Plaza.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Sorry, another post problem. It’s nice to see that the city authorities in Canada and the USA are finally doing something. I bet you that Toronto would be one of the last cities to get rid of those parasites. It might not be Mayor Ford’s fault. It looks like the Indian gangs (i.e. “Mohawk Warriors”) are gaining more and more influence at the camp and they’ll try to take over. And I am sure McGuinty would do nothing to get rid of them. I am watching those losers closely – previously I have been threatened by them on many occasions, so they are not getting away with that. I’ll be reporting every one of their steps (there’s nothing they hate more than a full exposure).

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