Feeble Toronto Police Allow Lefties and Native Clowns to Block Major Intersection

I guess in Trudeau’s Canada we must get used to such events. Last Saturday a group of ragtag lefties and natives in clownish outfits with feathers blocked a major and very busy intersection in downtown Toronto. Not only didn’t the police do anything to clear up the mess, but they just stood there protecting the lefties and taking notes. The whole thing went on for nearly an hour until the “occupiers” benevolently decided to leave on their own.

I was there to attend a Christian rally protesting against the ban of Christian choirs from using Dundas Square due to the religious content of their songs. At the same time Muslims distributing extremist literature (most of it printed in Saudi Arabia) are free to use the place. One of the speakers at the rally, Rev. David Lynne, had been repeatedly harassed and even charged with disturbance by the police for peaceful preaching at Dundas Square.

It seems that the Islamist government of Justin Trudeau sees Christians as a danger, because a group of police officers were assigned to monitor the rally. During the event I saw a small group of lefties and professional protesters gathering at one of the corners, most of them white people. They were calling for immediate “decolonization” of God knows what, while drumming incessantly. Later a chubby but probably oppressed black woman started rapping about some additional issues.

lefty-extremists-block-yonge-dundas-1Nothing strange about that – the Dundas Square is known as the place with the highest density of wackos and mentally ill people per square foot in Toronto. Things turned ugly when the decolonization group suddenly decided to block the traffic at the intersection.

After seeing the disturbance, the police reluctantly left their positions from which they were monitoring the evil Christians and approached the lefties. I thought they would quickly round them up and clear the space. As somebody who lives in downtown Toronto I should have learned long time ago not to be so naïve.

The police approached them alright but didn’t make even the slightest attempt to force them to leave, the officers just stood there and directed the cars to drive around the circle of drumming idiots. That made the chaos even worse and didn’t help at all the people stranded in the long string of streetcars.


The blockade begins


No action, just taking notes


A guy with a purse

At certain point a group of natives with painted faces in strange outfits adorned with feathers joined the group. The police made no attempt to stop them. The Indians brought even more drums and started to drum and dance. They are another group above the law in Trudeau’s Canada.


More dancing and more traffic chaos


The lefties are ecstatic

It is hard to believe but the circus continued for nearly an hour and police did nothing to help people stranded in their cars and on the public transit. In the end, the group left on their own, happy with the commotion they created in capitalist Canada (which probably won’t stop them from collecting their welfare cheques in the end of the month).

Though I am concerned with the utter disrespect those idiots showed for their fellow residents of Canada, I am much more shocked by the police behaviour. The police force, which advertises on its cars that its mission is to “serve and protect,” acted like a bunch of impotent peaceniks. They allowed a small group of welfare losers to hold hostage hundreds of people for nearly an hour.

The Toronto Police are supposed to guard our safety. If they can’t stand up to a group of lefty rabble, I wonder what they are going to do if confronted by bloodthirsty Muslim terrorists, like those who massacred nearly 150 people in Paris? Are they going to just stand by and take notes? Maybe that’s the way things would be handled in Toronto from now on.

And the worst part is that our tax money pays for that impotent police force.

Here is a short video of the blockade:

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Some groups (usually the lefty loons, queers and Islamists) obviously have more rights than the rest of us. It will only get worse under the Boy Blunder.

    1. admiwrath says:

      That’s now the norm in Toronto.

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