Free Mental Health Care for Occupy Wall Street Now!

I was browsing the website, which hosts pictures with the individual demands of the Occupy Wall Street protesters, looking for intelligent life. Among the misfits demanding money, jobs and compensation for degrees in lesbian studies, transgender penguin husbandry and what not, I came across the following picture:


They badly need mental health care


The couple demands “adequate mental care”, stated on a sign ending with “love rage liberty”. They both looked like people who could benefit from an extended stay at a mental institution. And I definitely agree that they are the 99% (of their movement at least).

Then I saw the video of an angry guy, who sent an ultimatum to the Oakland police:


He is definitely very specific. His stern warning should be taken seriously, because he owns a pair of handcuffs. He knows how to use it to arrest all the officers from the Oakland police department. You can’t see his face clearly, because his mom doesn’t allow him to use bright light bulbs in the basement.

After writing quite a bit about the movement and being accused of being heartless and insensitive, I think I found a common ground with it.

I see that those people (and a few others in Occupy Toronto) are in an acute need of qualified psychiatric help. Therefore, I am willing to support any petition or request for placing those folks in a mental asylum. That would be better for them and even better for us.

I suppose that now I deserve to be called compassionate by the movement.

Free mental health care for Occupy Wall Street now!

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Re’ The couple holding up the sign:

    “We need a secure home.”

    Answer; get a job.

    “I need adequate mental health care”

    2. get a job with medical benefits

    “He needs adequate physical……”

    3. Start flipping some burgers

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