Freelance Journalist Harassed by Vile Feminazis at Anti-Roosh V Rally

Yesterday I went out to check the last Paralympics events at the University of Toronto. Then I wandered into the park near Hart House. It was a beautiful day with tourists walking around; families relaxing on blankets under the trees, and another heat wave building up. At the south end of the park I spotted a small group with signs (probably 30-40 people), obviously there was some event going on. I am not the type of person who would miss something interesting, so I approached them.


The mini-rally against Roosh V

It turned out, that was a rally against the “pick-up artist” Roosh V. I have been following his case for the last few days and I am writing a longer piece analysing why an unremarkable guy, who dispenses dating advice to men, unleashed a level of leftist insanity in Toronto (displayed by feminazis and sorry politicians like John Tory and Norm Kelly), which is unlike anything I have seen before.

Though there are dozens of people like him, involved in that business, he is being attacked and slandered over a blog post he wrote a few months ago, where he “advocated” the legalization of rape on private property – it was a satire written to show that some reckless women would take responsibility for their actions only when faced with extreme situations. It looks like sarcasm is his strong side – just three days ago he released a video monologue, where he complained of the militant feminists and Norm Kelly, “a dying old man, who is a politician in Toronto,” over their “Islamophobia” (Roosh V is of Iranian background), which forced him to hide in a mosque and pray to the Prophet Mohammed to survive and be able to promote his pick-up arts that were based on the Koran. Squares like Kelly and the feminazis don’t understand sarcasm. The outrage over rape jokes is also selective – years ago the icon of the Left George Carlin had a routine in one of his HBO specials on how hilarious rape was. He was pondering questions like, does the rapist leave his house every morning with a hard-on or does he get it later? I don’t remember feminazi crowds and ancient politicians protesting Carlin.

When looking at the signs and listening to the speeches at the rally, one could get the impression that Roosh V was bringing with him all the Muslim savages from ISIS, who were going to rape every woman in sight. In reality, the rally was just an event to demand fascist censorship over his speech teaching guys how to get more dates, neither Roosh V nor his followers promoted rape (and he stated it publicly clear enough).

The idea they were fighting was the “rape culture,” an imaginary rape epidemic destroying the women in the West, perpetrated by white Western men. Only feminazis can come up with such insanity – if that was the case, it is safe to assume that the Playboy, Penthouse, and Victoria’s Secret models will be prime rape targets, making them the natural leaders of such anti-rape rallies. The sad truth is that such women are never interested in that manufactured nonsense. Looking at the participants of the Toronto rally, I can calm their fears and swear that a rapist will never be interested in them (even though now in Islam they allow hallucinogenic drugs to make ugly wives seem acceptable).

If anybody still tried his “luck,” he could be sorry – some of the girls were of size that could handle an average grizzly bear, let alone fend off a rapist. As of the guys, they were your average beta males, simply trying to get liked by the feminazis and no amount of Roosh V’s advice could help them.

anti-roosh-v-rally-1You can see in the picture above the philosophy of the average loser, who attends such events (and most of them are serial attendees). He is fighting tar sands, pipelines, abelism, black lives matter, poverty and every other imaginable stupid cause.

There was a huge sign “CONSENT” between two trees, where the fiery man-hating speeches were held, applauded by feminazis and their submissive guys.



Free t-shirt ad for Roosh V

Around it the participants formed a circle, displaying their signs.


How do you decolonize rape? Do you outsource it to the Indians?


A somber rally – their parties are probably the same

As I said, it was not hard to figure out why most guys were at the rally – getting laid wasn’t their most successful activity.


This could be a “trans-woman” or a hopeless guy


“Fuck Rape Culture” (and nobody will do the same with him)


The irresistible kilt


Arrived straight from 1928

The whole thing was quite boring and after taking a few pictures, I was ready to go. I should mention here that I saw quite a few people taking pictures. The rally was so tiny that you will see the same people in the pictures posted by the media and on Facebook – none of those photographers was harassed.

However, as I was about to leave, an angry black girl walked toward me and asked me why I was taking photos. I explained in my most pleasant voice that I was a freelance journalist, have covered various events for years and I found this public event in a public park interesting enough to take a few pictures.

That didn’t satisfy her – she said that my photography was making the girls feel uncomfortable and I had to erase all the pictures. “I am not erasing anything,” I said and stepped back. She made the same demand again and stepped toward me with poorly veiled threat in her eyes.

At that moment I realized that I was probably a target of racist feminazi harassment. After saying “no” again, I stepped back – in the politically demented Toronto when a black person is harassing a white guy and that causes a confrontation, whitey will almost always be charged (regardless of who is at fault), so limiting contact is a good idea. Then the threat moved into her voice (though she kept it low): “Delete the fucking pictures!”

“No.” The black activist: “Delete them or will call the cops and have you arrested!”

There were a few policemen observing the rally from the side and two of them, when they saw that something was wrong, headed toward us. When they asked about the problem, she angrily repeated that I didn’t want to delete my pictures. I was little worried, because the police have been known to take the side of anti-white racists, but one of the cops (dark-skinned himself) patiently explained to her that we were in a public park and the event was open to everybody, so everybody could take pictures. She walked away fuming and the cops told me that I could stay, walk around and take pictures, but avoid communications to keep the peace. I thanked them for their help and said that I saw more than enough and left.

It was a bizarre situation – if that woman could organize the rally, she probably had enough brains to know how photography is handled in public spaces (if she is too stupid and doesn’t have a clue, I apologize for overestimating her intelligence). Most likely, that was an attempt of racist intimidation, coming from some of the “black lives matter” idiots. And what better target than a white guy, who can easily be blackmailed by a feminazi? Toronto’s militant lefties are sick losers.

Later that day I learned that the Ontario NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo was involved in organizing the rally – it was enlightening to see what fascist methods of intimidation the followers of that party condone. Maybe if Tom Mulcair becomes a Prime Minister, in a similar situation I and my family will be beaten with baseball bats or simply arrested by the police. God save us from the NDP fascists and their racist followers.

© 2015

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  1. Dear Blogwrath, I am sorry you had to endure this torture. I too went to this event but left short after i arrived, the level of stupidity was just too overwhelming for my non-leftist brain to deal with. I too learned that our well known drunken and one time drug dealing , turned priest or what ever calls herself, cheri denovo was there. It was then , i realized, my leaving earlier was a great idea as exposure to her could have resulted in a sickness worst than the plague. Oh yes, I noticed you made reference to one guy in your photos as being from the twenties. A closer look revealed that he also seeming had not a bath since about the same time. You’re a brave person my friend. You were exposed to just about every level of nutcase there and you survived.

  2. wallyj says:

    Good for you !

    The gall of the perpetually angry is breath-taking.
    Too bad you don’t have a picture of her.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    Amazing how exactly the same fruitcakes show up for these insanity fests, time after time!

    1. admiwrath says:

      At least you can give them credit for persistence.

    2. Kim says:

      Men hating is their psychiatric compulsion. Isn’t it amazing how hags, whom one wouldn’t even touch if completely pickled, cry rape culture; “yeah right, dream on you demented hicks.” Take them and Lesbians and you have the “Million Wymyn” march in a Toronto park; how about a few weeks in the Middle East of Africa, especially in SOWETO, to study factual rape cultures and reality. Being an idiot is bad for the idiot. Being a self-righteous and aggressively delusional idiot is dangerous for everyone.

  4. Right. There they are preaching that the overweight have the right to eat what they want and women have the right to wear and behave how they want.

    I’m not a fan of Roosh but he and his kind have the right to live the lives they want. Sure, they’ll be judged and have to face the consequences of their actions, just like everybody else *shrug*

  5. John says:

    You’re lucky that the feminazis didn’t label you “mentally ill” and have the Toronto Police arrest you against your will like what happened to this guy when he was merely seeking medical assistance from a female physician at the Ryerson University Medical Centre student clinic:

  6. John Gallows says:

    You’re lucky that the feminazis didn’t label you “mentally ill” and have the Toronto Police arrest you against your will like what happened to this guy when he was merely seeking medical assistance from a female physician at the Ryerson University Medical Centre student clinic

  7. mistermagoo says:

    my high school sidekick from back in the in seventies his dad deceased in 2014 was on the police, he said back then no matter what the cause in idiot Toronto the same collection of losers showed up to must be lefwing capital of na

    1. admiwrath says:

      Toronto is a weird place.

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