Gang of Deranged Queers Crashes Men’s Rights Event in Toronto

I didn’t think that within a week I will witness two monumental displays of leftist stupidity. Earlier I covered the occupation of a private property by OCAP. Yesterday I saw the disruption of a men’s rights event at Queen’s Park by the same people.

You can see the highlights in the video, but I still need to add a few explanations to help you understand the commotion you’ll see. Until recently, I wasn’t that familiar with the men’s movement, although I know very well the works of Warren Farrell, who inspired it. In the 1990’s, when North America was ruled by psychotic feminazis, who turned feminism into a grotesque caricature, Farrell was one of the very few people that refused to submit.

It looks like now more and more people realize how correct he is. The speakers at the rally spoke about disturbing facts that are routinely ignored. Every day in Canada 8 men commit suicide, as opposed to 2 women. Men are discriminated against when applying for jobs. The violence against them is usually ignored. Even the discussion of their problems is met with aggressive hostility. Several people emphasized that the men’s rights movement is open to all, regardless of their sexual orientation. There were also women at the rally, who gave their own reasons for supporting the movement.


Men’s rights event at Queen’s Park

The problems outlined by the speakers were perfectly illustrated by a protest group that intended to disrupt the rally. The group consisted of “fabulous queers,” as they defined themselves in their chants. They tried to go straight to the rally, but the Queen’s Park security interfered and kept them at a safe distance. That didn’t stop the rabble – they continued shouting often incomprehensible phrases, which resembled the communications among the early Neanderthals.



Participants in the rally

Zach Ruiter, the gang leader, was obviously supposed to convey their message. He is the ultimate “rent-a-protester” guy, who can be seen at every idiotic lefty event, like Indian occupations, anti-Semitic fests or just plain old disturbances. Zach also has the rare ability to squeeze into a few short sentences more stupidity than other people can’t get even into a long speech.

He reiterated the claim that they were fabulous and said that we need feminism to tell us how to dress and coordinate our clothes. In his opinion, the supporters of the men’s movement were Nazis and racists, who couldn’t find another way to express their views. The movement was based on a police project of occupation of a land incorrectly called Canada. (Why doesn’t he get his sorry ass out of Canada and “decolonize” the land?) That colonial project is already falling apart.


The fabulous queers have arrived

Homosexuals are obsessed with their looks, that’s an annoying fact, which is hard to ignore. That’s why Zach’s gang insisted so much to describe itself as “fabulous.” The problem with this word is that it has any value only when another person applies it to you. When you say “I am fabulous,” it most often means that you’re a pathetic insecure narcissist or a simple idiot.

There was nothing fabulous about the group. All of them were dressed in clothes that one could pick up from a bin with rejected Goodwill donations (including the butt-ugly dykes). Zach had a piece of fabric with a sickle and hammer sewn on his shirt, which created an odd combination with the long black stockings he was wearing (emphasizing his not-so-straight legs).

Their only expense were the haircuts, which looked like something that you can get for 5 bucks in Chinatown, only with a liberal amount of grease poured on the hair. Who knows, maybe even that expense could strain their welfare cheques.


Queen’s Park security deals with the losers

I wonder if this is the best the homosexual community can come up with? We never hear about those homosexuals who simply work and mind their business like everybody else. We usually have to endure the worst – like these fabulous losers or the catfight in George Smitherman’s “family” or the perverts, who flaunt their bare penises in front of children at the gay parade.


The queers defile the Air India bombing monument

Despite the fact that Ontario’s government and its “intellectual elite” both side with the most deprived losers, I think that there is some hope. In this case, the men’s group showed beyond any doubt that they are rational and open, willing to resolve some very real problems. On the other hand, the crazy homosexuals who tried to disrupt the event presented themselves again as deranged lunatics, who have nothing sensible to say beyond insults garnished with the moribund Marxist rhetoric.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    there is no end to leftist/queer stupidity. I wonder if any of them actually work for a living?

    1. admiwrath says:

      From what found out, it seems that most of those people are subsidized by the public employees’ union. That’s why you can see them at so many events.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    I wonder if I can get the union to subsidize me? Oh, wait, I’m already earning a salary, so I’m subsidizing THEM. Oh, wait, I’m not, because the company I own is private and union-free. The only “unions” I have had to deal with are human rights kangaroo courts that I’ve dealt with twice- and won.

    Its time I think to “bash back” at the loonies who seem to think that only their opinion and their “protests” should be allowed.

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