Gluten-Free Food for the World Revolution

As I mentioned before, every visit to the Occupy Toronto camp is a source of endless entertainment. I’ll really miss them when they get kicked out or the unions stop paying for their food.

Talking of food, here is a nice picture of a billboard near the kitchen area. It gives you a deeper look into the culinary tastes of the revolutionary army, which is determined to transform Canada:


Vegan and gluten-free food for Toronto revolutionaries

That looks like some kind of a food wish list designed to appeal to the good hearts of the suckers, who provide free food.

So what is needed most urgently? Fruit, of course – banana, kiwi, orange! Ain’t that sweet?

Bananas are imported from poor Central American and African countries, which are exploited by evil imperialists like United Fruit. Those globalist companies keep the banana producers in poverty. Banana republic is one of the favourite Marxist terms. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to boycott the banana importers?

And what about kiwis and oranges? Did the occupiers forget the massive carbon footprint, which the transportation companies leave when importing them into Canada?

Obviously, helping the local apple farmers is too boring. And I thought that they were the 99% as well.

They didn’t forget the ultimate food symbol of the progressives – the granola bar. They even combine it with soymilk. Don’t they know that the soybeans are the ultimate politically incorrect food source? Countless enviro-fascists keep reminding us that the soy is a heavily genetically modified plant.

The special needs are not forgotten either – they want diabetic, gluten-free, and vegan food as well.

And in case somebody thought they went too far, they are quick to add – LET’S AIM FOR ZERO CARBON FOOTPRINT, NO DISPOSABLES. Does that mean that they eat the bones, the plates and the forks?

Those nice people even plan to build a solar power generator – they are very smart, with “some college” education so they know it will work perfectly in the rainy and foggy Toronto in November.

Maybe all these demands are normal and a part of the revolutionary struggle?

I am sure Che Guevara worked closely with the food suppliers of his gang in Bolivia to ensure the right balance of vegan and gluten-free food.

And when Lenin was hiding in countryside during the summer of 1917, he surely had granola bars and soymilk delivered to him.

I just wrote that meaning it to be sarcastic, but I realized that the occupiers are not a very bright bunch and may think it is true. No, it isn’t. Lenin and Che were too preoccupied with their sinister plans to care about food.

On the other hand, the billboard is just another proof of the real nature of the “occupy movement”. We have a large group of lazy people, who lie in their dirty tents smoking dope and drinking. As an entertainment, they draw silly signs and drum mindlessly.

At the same time, they have the nerve to demand special food, some of which contradicts their own principles. They don’t even want to work for the food, expecting somebody to deliver it to them for free, because they are such “noble souls”.

Message to the union bosses: For weeks, you have been spending your members’ money to feed the occupy losers. You are not getting your money’s worth. Those lazy bums are not going to advance your “revolution”. It’s time to cut your losses…


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Once again, a great post Admirath! Do i hear the growing grumbles of discontent among the masses with the Occupy vagrants?

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