Hiroshima Day in Toronto Hijacked by Lefty Weirdos

The day of the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945, when over 100,000 people lost their lives, is marked all over the world, including Toronto. In our fair city it is customary for the event to be dominated by strange people, who use it to peddle their bizarre causes.


Hiroshima Day, Toronto, 2013

Year 2013 wasn’t an exception. The ceremony was conducted from a distinctly “progressive” position. The lady, who introduced the speakers, was from the Science for Peace organization. Their business being global warming alarmism, they have been scaring the public for years with a carbon Armageddon, which was supposed to create tens of millions of “ecological refugees” by 2010 (it didn’t happen).

They are determined to limit the most important sources of energy – nuclear and oil – and the only compensation for the loss is supposed to be slower growth “to save the planet.”

Mrs. Donald Sutherland, the daughter of the infamous Canadian arch-socialist Tommy Douglas, was the guest of honour.


Two of the organizers

The proclamations of the mayors of Toronto and Hiroshima commemorating the occasion were read. Other speakers weighed in as well, citing as their main demand the total nuclear disarmament. They even praised Barack Obama for his initiatives in that area.

As always, those activists created the impression that they operate in a bubble. With today’s world quickly spiralling into a chaos because of the clashing of so many different national interests, the possibility of nuclear disarmament becomes more and more remote. Russia is already weak and the United States, under the wise leadership of bathhouse Barry, becomes less and less relevant in a political and military sense.

The lack of US political power puts Japan under the threat of the emerging local bullies – China and the two Koreas – which don’t feel anymore that they should control their aggressive ambitions. Simply there is nobody to stop them. If anything, Japan should arm itself (including with nuclear weapons) to survive the new realities. However, those realities are not something that the lefties would ever acknowledge. That’s too much to ask.


Idle No More and Hiroshima

Instead, the weirdos, who were at the event, kept working on their own issues. It was hard to see the connection between the Idle No More posters and Hiroshima Day. There is no comparison – the Indians never experienced mass genocidal destruction (as they claim) – and that’s offensive to the memory of those who died in the atom bombings. Besides, the Japanese have overcome that adversity long time ago and Hiroshima and Nagasaki now are thriving cities, while many Canadian reserve Indians prefer the easy way by extorting government handouts.

It was disturbing to see the same weird lefty activists, who appear at every political event time after time, after time, after time.


The flying bum

The guy with the bike was an anti-nuclear activist, albeit mentally disturbed. Wearing torn clothes and two different shoes (but still having the ultimate progressive symbol – the helmet) literally flew in on his bike and it was a miracle he didn’t hit anybody. At the same time he was yelling: “Close the nuclear plants! Stop mining uranium!”



The entertainment

Later on he danced in front of the stage under the horrific singing of Tabby Johnson. His dance passion made him lose one of his shoes. You can see that at 4:10 in the video.

I saw the old lady, who appears at every event like the ghost of the communist past, selling her communist paper Socialist Action.


Peddling commie literature since 1905

Then there was the guy with frighteningly dirty clothes, who was big in the Occupy movement.



Hasn’t washed his suit since 1963

I saw the short bald guy, who always carries around some anti-nuclear or anti-warming petition, enhanced by the slogans on his t-shirt.



Mr. Anti-Nuclear

And of course, no event is complete without the ultimate lefty Zach Ruiter, the self-described “enviro-punk”, who is the most prolific professional protester, no cause ever refused.



Zach the Nuclear Clown

He is everywhere. You can see him at York University intimidating Jewish students on behalf of the Muslim and leftist anti-Semites. I have spotted him in Caledonia fighting Gary McHale’s events together with the Indian junkies, who live on the illegally occupied piece of land. You can also see him in the Cayuga courtroom trying to disrupt the trial against the Indian woman charged with assault against Gary. He was also one of the Idle No More kooks, who attacked Ezra Levant.

Seeing all those people at the Hiroshima event urges me to send a friendly reminder to all Japanese – both individuals and organizations. The presence of this collection of mentally challenged people while marking a tragic event in your history is not helping. It drags the event to the extra low level of the imaginary world of the Canadian left. Try to stay in the real world.

Here is a short video from the event:

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    The loony who was “dancing’ to the music is probably one of the “informed” vagrants that think he knows better than Rob Ford when it comes to running (ruining) a city!

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