How the Retreating Commies from Occupy Toronto Killed St. James Park

Last Wednesday morning the stinky bums from the Occupy Toronto movement were finally kicked out of St. James Park. Yet in a way that wasn’t a joyful event – looking at the park, you can’t help but notice the devastation they brought to the place.

Like a group of devoted communists forced to retreat, they used the “scorched land” tactics. They turned the once beautiful park into a mud-covered field with the delicate stench of urine still floating in the air.

Over a month ago, the day the occupation started, the leftist press was cheering the “great” cause. Here is one of the clean fellas, who showed up that day, bringing in the noble message: “STOP KILLING OUR ENVIRONMENT FOR $$$” (notice the lush grass):


You should've sent this message to the occupiers...


Most of those who started, quickly moved away, but the bums, who finished the occupation killed the St. James Park environment for free. That’s not exactly true, CUPE and other unions financed them, so there was some union $$$ involved in the destruction. Here is how the park looked on Wednesday afternoon when the tents were gone:


The dark side of the moon...



The Occupy Toronto Swamp



Where did the grass go?


I don’t know about you, but can you entrust the “saving of the planet” to a bunch of pathetic losers, who are neither willing nor able to protect even one park?

The eviction started early in the morning and some of the media reported that it was going on in a civilized way. Judy Rebick, one of the ideologists of those Marxist loons, showed up there and was caught on tape discussing the eviction (h/t BCF):


You can’t get more pathetic. She talks about a gazebo and a yurt as a centre of resistance, yet she sounds like Trotsky discussing the battle of Tsaritsyn (the future Stalingrad). Make no mistake, if given enough power, people like her would really turn as violent as Trotsky.

By the time I went to the park in the afternoon, all of the tents were gone. Some TV stations already reported about the needles and syringes found in the areas where the tents once stood. It wasn’t a surprise – you should’ve been blind not to notice that so many of those occupiers were junkies and drunks.

However, following the brilliant strategic advice of Judy the war theorist, the few remaining junkies still held the gazebo and one of the yurts. There were  probably around 200 police officers still dealing with the situation. The unionized city workers were collecting the piles of garbage left by the bums.

The gazebo was occupied by the mindless drummers, who kept drumming, while surrounded by a police cordon:


The last stand...


The last remaining yurt’s defence was placed in the hands of the anarchists of the Black Bloc, the elite force of the occupiers. Since in this situation the Bloc couldn’t apply its usual tactics – breaking windows, beating up people and burning cars – they had to be satisfied with a more modest resistance. They put some incoherent idiot with a black flag at the top of a wooden scaffold. The guy was probably high or drunk, because he lost his balance a few times.



What to do when there are no windows to break...


A few of the scary “Mohawk Warriors” were still there. They didn’t have the protection provided to them in Caledonia (where they can beat up elderly people), so all that they could do here was to wander around aimlessly:


The Mohawk Army


And of course, Big Sister was there as well (I wonder what she had in that container):



Contemplating the next move...


Some of the remaining junk piled near the border made the place look like a first-class Romanian gypsy camp:


The last camp


After long contemplation, the police finally decided to act. First, they went to the gazebo, escorting the city garbage collectors, who were supposed to clear the area.


The defeat of the gazebo


The drumming psychopaths did nothing to stop them. I think they were too intoxicated to notice the invasion. Otherwise, it would have made for a great PR spectacle: “O City workers! We fought for you! Why do you destroy our sanctuary?”

But nothing like that happened. It was funny to watch the unionized workers rip the Ontario Federation of Labour sign from the gazebo:


Union members rip the union sign


After everything was said and done, the gazebo came back to its (almost) original, with a very few nuts remaining inside:


Standing in the mud


At approximately the same time, the rest of the police force prepared to deal with the scary anarchists:


Ready to attack...


After warning the junkies, who didn’t want to leave the yurt, the police went in and arrested them one by one. They even had to carry one of them, because he didn’t want to walk. Here is an anarchist being arrested:


The arrest...


The yurt was slowly emptied among the screams and squeals of the remaining nuts. However, when the police van tried to leave the park, Alinsky’s disciples quickly regrouped and formed a wall in front of it:


Blocking the police van


All of them were there – the Ice Queen, the punk, the weird priest, the Indian who screamed that kicking them from the park was the same as stealing his land, etc.:



Ain't you proud of Toronto's diversity?


At certain point, one of the hardcore junkies climbed a tree (breaking quite a few twigs in the process) and started yelling and screaming to make his point, while hanging upside down. I have no idea how he survived:



How could a guy that stupid manage to survive for that long?


Two other guys followed him up the tree. In the end the things got so heated that another idiot had to be arrested:



Another arrest...


Finally, the police cleared the way and the van was able to leave:


The police van is leaving the park...


While all that was going on, a large crowd of bystanders were watching and talking. Being one of them, I shared my opinion with a guy next to me about what a waste of time and money the whole thing was. I was unexpectedly attacked by a girl with purple hair, heavy makeup, fishnet stockings and cheap jewellery, who screamed at me that I was a total asshole, who has no idea how important the protest is. Making a mental note not to provoke in person mentally ill people (whose fashion accessories are made in the People’s Republic of China), I retreated toward the street following the van.

As soon as the van reached Adelaide Street, it was faced with another wall of anarchist junkies:



The new anarchist barrier blocked the traffic completely


This blocked completely the traffic of Jarvis and Adelaide for the next several hours. (For the people who don’t know anything about Toronto, the traffic there is usually heavy.) I am not sure if the next move of the police was planned, but they opened the van and released the arrested idiots:


The martyrdom didn't work out



Another failed martyr...


Of course, they issued tickets and photographed them, but I still don’t know why they let them go. That was taken as a huge victory. One of the protesters present kept yelling at the police: “Thank you, officers for f****** me in the ass!” (even though, to the best of my knowledge, no such activity took place). It’s unbelievable how much verbal abuse are the police supposed to take without saying or doing anything.

Meanwhile, back in the park, the city workers were removing the last remains of the yurt, with the police officers standing nearby and taking all the insults from the remaining idiots.



The end of the yurt


After the circus finished, while walking back to the subway station, I kept pondering the question, which Jerry Springer always asks in the end of his show: “What did we learn today?” Yes, it was a legitimate question, considering the fact, that everything that happened during the occupation was worthy of the Jerry Springer show.

Here is what we learned: we live in a democracy, which is strong enough to allow a gang of parasites, who have never worked or can’t find jobs because of their useless degrees, congregate in a public park without clear demands, other than the vague desire to destroy the current system, live there for over a month demanding (and receiving) vegan and gluten-free food, bananas, kiwis and oranges, and smoke or inject all the dugs they want.

Is this good or bad? Well, if you think that hundreds of police officers worked overtime for over a month to protect those idiots; that the unions spent hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen from the dues paid by their members to feed the junkies; that the park was destroyed and it would take months of work by union workers and hundreds of thousands of dollars to restore it, it looks like the unions were the only entities that benefited from that show.

And of course the bums got free food and drugs for a month…

And who was the loser? The taxpayer, of course… But that’s nothing new. In Ontario the taxpayers always lose…

© 2011


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Great coverage Admiwrath. Ever thought of joining Sun media as a presenter/commentator?

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Oddly enough, I was in court this morning and witnessed the embarrassing performance of some female hippy trying to act as counsel to the Occupy movement here in Calgary. A court order had been issued by the city to remove the remaining “protesters” from the Olympic Plaza location and they were gone this morning. The hippy chick, who looked like a leftover from the original Woodstock crowd had absolutely no legal training that I could see and her case for a Stay of order was dismissed by the judge who was becoming increasingly irritated with her. Guess she has to find a real job now….

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you for the information. It looks like those people are not able to function in normal institutions.

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