Judy Rebick – the Phony Humanist Who Hates Israel

Last week I attended a ceremony at which the Humanist Association of Toronto (HAT) awarded the title Humanist of the Year to Judy Rebick (held at OISE). I should admit reluctantly that I am a member of that organization. Long time ago it was considered a union of like-minded rational people. It sounds already like ancient history, but long time ago one of the early recipients of the humanist award became Homa Arjomand, a courageous Muslim woman, who fought vigorously against the introduction of the barbaric sharia law in Ontario.

Fast forward – last year HAT gave the award to the mentally unstable Toronto Star columnist Heather Mallick. This year things got worse with Judy Rebick as a recipient. She is as qualified to become a humanist of the year, as I am to become a Playboy Playmate of the Month.


Judy the “Humanist” with her award

Rebick embodies everything that is wrong with Canada. An ignorant lefty, who sees the world from her tight Marxist cage as a place where everything is resolved through class struggle, she is simply oblivious to reality. The trouble is that her followers reside in even tighter mental cages and see her as a genius worth following. Rabble and Babble, the two horrible leftist websites, are a living monument to Judy and her close followers.

It was painful to listen to her, even though it felt like an almost nostalgic experience. She reminded me of Comrade Petrova, my high school teacher of Scientific Communism, who had a well-grounded Marxist class explanation for every modern or past social event. In defense of Judy I should say that she has at least a rudimentary sense of humour, while Comrade Petrova firmly believed that there was no place for humour when discussing the class struggle.

After receiving her award, Judy made a short introduction and said that she would talk more, if there are questions. She used the introduction to share her travel experiences during her youth. You can see this in the video, but let me say that the first country she visited was Israel.

Although she is Jewish, she hated Israel as a racist country. The Arabs treated her well, while the Jews were terrible. The funny thing was that she admitted that the terms “Palestinian” and “Palestine” were not used at the time (if a lefty like her admits that, it puts in doubt the “eternal” existence of the “Palestinian people”). The Arabs were allowed to ride only on the back of the buses. The Sephardic Jews were confined to the kitchens, while all managerial positions were reserved for Ashkenazi Jews.

While in Israel, she even outsmarted the border authorities managed to smuggle out of the country 7 grams of hashish (even though she was searched). Her impression from the travel was that Afghanistan was much more pleasant and safer country than Israel.

After trashing Israel, she switched to trashing capitalism. The Occupy Movement scared the capitalists, because it exposed the cracks in their wicked system and proposed a new social order. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to explain how that movement was going to fix the society.

A question about the Indian riots in New Brunswick brought out the native rebel in Judy. She flatly stated that the Indians (she used the idiotic term “first nations”) have the right to control all natural resources of Canada. The reserves they live on are just a jail-like arrangement based on the Indian act – the Indians never ceded the lands. The largest groups of them, she said, should establish sovereign nations that will gradually evolve. She specifically mentioned the Six Nations and Micmac. I can’t believe she is so stupid – the Six Nations are Americans, who came to Canada later than many white Canadians and the latter have a better claim to the lands than the Six Nations do. But that’s the level of the educated defenders of the “native rights.”

Then she praised the “native elders” in New Brunswick, who prevented “bloodshed”. A police officer supposedly was ready to get out his gun and use it against the crowd, but some elders stood in front of him and stopped him. I was tempted to ask why the elders didn’t do the same with the Indian terrorists, who burned several police cars and were better armed than the police, but it was risky to do so in a roomful of deranged lefties (after all, my usual goal is to cover an event without being kicked out too early).

It was a delight to see that Judy Rebick is just as delusional and weird, as she has always been. Seeing HAT giving her an award designated for people, who defend reason and rationality, wasn’t delightful at all. But hey – this is Toronto, any insanity is acceptable here.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Just another bunch of trashy lefties “awarding’ another trashy lefty for precisely – nothing.

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