Report from Toronto’s Anti-Oil Zoo

One of Toronto’s advantages is that the city provides plenty of entertainment through events organized by its activists. Almost every day you can see at major spots groups promoting a cause, demanding something or simply bitching about issues that are mystery to everybody, except the members of the group.


Anti-oil protest at Queen’s Park

This is entertaining to the tourists and helps many Japanese girls boast, when showing back home the pictures they took in Toronto, that they attended a real protest rally. However, those of us, who have spent a considerable portion of their lives in our fair city, eventually find out that the same faces appear at most of those rallies.



They still hate Rob Ford

Today’s downtown rally to oppose the Albertan “tar sands” and the Enbridge pipelines wasn’t an exception. The upbeat anti-imperialist tone dominated the event’s Facebook page. A passionate revolutionary going under the name “Carlos Guevarra” posted:

“As a Cuban mentored activist, I have complete confidence that fracking together with Keystone would fail and that they would NOT be signed into law. President Obama himself in his scientific based findings, predicted and has been now fulfilled that climate change and environmental issues are valid issues that have to be confronted. Cuba’s virgin beaches and forests will attest to that! More power to anti-fracking! Eliminate the tar sands!”

Of course – only a Cuban mentored activist could see Barry Hussein, the affirmative action President, whose only talent is to find more ways to steal people’s money, as a wise scientist with extensive expertise in global warming. Cuba has virgin beaches, because the Castro brothers never developed any industry. Those virgin beaches are perfectly complemented by stores with virgin shelves, which have never seen any goods.

When a bunch of such idiots tries to influence the industrial policies of Canada, we may end up like Cuba. However, unlike the tropical Cuba, here in Canada we need some heat to survive. Without oil industry, we will be totally dependent on the oil supplied by Muslim hellholes like Saudi Arabia and Qatar or dictatorships like Russia. But maybe that’s exactly what those enviro-idiots want…


The oil spill gang

The event started in front of Toronto City Hall with the traditional native Indian theatrics. There was drumming and singing. Then they set on fire some stinky grass, which for a while made breathing problematic.


The flag of the occupiers in Caledonia

There were plenty of angry speeches by wise elders complaining how the white man’s oil ruined their land (no mentioning of the taxes from the industry that cover their welfare cheques). Among the clapping crowd I spotted many familiar faces and organizations, like my friend from the Occupy movement, who finally changed his jacket, but not the shirt.


New jacket, old shirt


The hat of the century


The bathrobe guy


Nice outfit for this circus event


Marginal organizations like International Socialists, Socialist Action, Pagan-Christian Alliance for Environmental Justice, Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice and even an Incan revolutionary front, made the place look like a bad comedy sketch. It was odd to see the people from the steelworkers’ union. After all, without pipes and oil industry most of their paying members would be out of work. However, nothing in Ontario makes sense anymore.


The suicidal Steelworkers Union


Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice plus a dog


Socialist Action

Judging from their signs, if Canada didn’t abandon immediately any attempt to develop any industry other than windmills and solar panels, we will face immediately an environmental disaster of apocalyptic proportions.


Who the hell is Harer?


“No tar sands on stolen lands”


“Stop!!! Climate change before it changes you!!”


The angry metrosexuals


After that the menagerie moved to Queen’s Park, to make a point in front of the provincial parliament.


The wacky procession headed for Queen’s Park


Muslim baghead power against the “tar sands”


Once they reached Queen’s Park, there was a new burst of angry Indian speeches. Not only did they keep complaining about the environment, but they also brought up the “treaty rights” and threw in a new complaint – that attacking the cigarette smuggling industry is a major violation of the rights of the “First Nations.” All that time the notorious enviro-anarchist Sakura Saunders was running around taking pictures and tweeting. Even the ultimate lefty Linda McQuaig dropped by.


The circus resumes at Queen’s Park


Sakura fights Canadian imperialism with hashtags


Comrade Linda McQuaig makes her appearance


Here is a short movie of the bizarre event:


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  1. Allan L says:

    I’ll start going along with them when each and every one of them turns off their furnace, refuses to use public or private transportation of any kind, gets rid of all their clothes not made of natural fibers, gets rid of all their electronic devices, sells their house and goes to live in a cave.

    1. admiwrath says:

      That they won’t do. They have the caves prepared for the rest of us.

  2. Eric says:

    One thing that strikes me is the “whiteness” of the crowd. Leaving aside a few natives, there certainly does not seem much diversity in this bunch.

    1. admiwrath says:

      A sorry and pathetic crowd, desperately in need for a meaning.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    We can always rely on these loons and misfits to provide us with a bit of comic relief from time to time. According to a National Post survey, the majority of Canadians do not sympathize with these clowns anyway.

    1. admiwrath says:

      The problem is that mainstream media take them seriously, but that is just a sign of their detachment from reality.

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