The Occupy Toronto Loons Ready to Strike

Tonight I had the misfortune to attend the initial assembly of the Occupy Toronto movement. That is the Canadian version of the Occupy Wall Street madness.  It was not announced anywhere, but I happened to pass by that crowd. I didn’t have my camera, so I had to use my iPhone to take the pictures (please excuse the bad quality).


The leaders speak...



The masses clap...


The meeting was taking place on Bloor Street, on the lawn between OISE and the Medical Building. For those of you who are not familiar with Toronto, OISE is the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, a Marxist cesspool which spits out graduates willing to change the Canadian education system. This is the place from which the anti-Semite Jenny Peto came, this is the source of the claims in the educational guidelines that only white people could be racists. Dalton
McGuinty’s program for homosexual indoctrination of the elementary schools came from here as well.


You can see the OISE library's windows in the background


It’s no wonder that they are involved in the Occupy Toronto scam. Most of the people present were the usual collection of students, failed artists, washed out
lefties and hippy leftovers from the 1960’s. Over 99% of them were white. Maybe somebody will be able to identify them and their organizations.



There was nothing spontaneous about the gathering. They acted in exactly the same disturbing way as their colleagues in New York – including the silly sign
language gestures, the “amplifying” of the voice of each speaker, repeated by many people (there was no synchronization in their voices so it was hard to understand them).

From what I caught, their discussion involved the organization of the protest, supposed to take place near the Toronto Stock Exchange near Bay St. and King St.


The police are watching...


Tomorrow they plan  to have a marshals’ training at OISE. There were also statements that everything was supposed to be peaceful, but if they were provoked by the cops, they were going to respond accordingly.

Some guy was concerned about how they were going to spend the winter, but they calmed him down that everything would be taken care of.

Loud applause (mostly in sign language) followed the statement of a guy who introduced himself as a spokesperson for the unions. He said that the unions are firmly on their side; they will send representatives and provide signs. When asked which unions are doing that, he replied that the main one is CUPE (the public employees union) and somebody in the crowd added that the TTC union will be involved as well.


The union guy offers help...


Obviously, they don’t even pretend to be a spontaneous and independent movement.

There was at least one mentally ill person attending – with dirty hair and even dirtier pants, he is a fixture in many free progressive events. Despite his condition, he was very active, asking questions and fully versed in their bizarre sign language gestures. I suppose you can spot him in the picture.



There were quite a few representatives of the press, like CP 24 and especially CBC. The CBC reporter looked very familiar and I realized I have seen her before. When last May Mark Vandermaas and Gary McHale from Caledonia came to Toronto to protest the native occupation of a part of High Park, CBC sent that woman to interview them. She was very obnoxious and hostile, trying to intimidate them, but tonight she didn’t show any of those qualities. Obviously,
she loves to attend occupations.


The CBC reporter tonight...



... and during the High Park occupation.


The invasion of the losers finally reached Toronto. I hope we will have some wholesome fun with them over the next few weeks.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    The “Occupy Calgary” mob who demonstrated out side Bankers Hall and The Epcore Centre for the performing Arts, is fizzling out pretty rapidly now. Hopefully the rest of this movement will begin to dissipate so we can all get on with our lives.

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