The Sad Camp or “Occupy Toronto” a Week Later

Last Saturday was exactly one week from the start of the mighty movement organized to turn Canada’s economic system upside down. On my way to the St. Lawrence Market I decided to visit the revolutionary camp in the St. James Park, excited to document their progress.

It was late afternoon and I didn’t see many people, except the hardcore professional protesters. After I posted about the initial march, a commenter, who went under the name “worker”, chastised me for not being able to notice the mass outpouring of support for the movement from the proverbial lawyers and doctors. He even called me “charlatan” for hiding that “fact”. It’s true that the unions managed to bring enough clean people to create the illusion of mass movement.

A week later, however, they dropped all pretences. It’s no wonder – union members still have to work to make a living and pay the union dues. Only the usual suspects could live for a week in a dirty tent.

Later I learned that the same day a large number of the happy campers marched on City Hall with the support of the NDP freeloader-in-chief Olivia Chow. I am sure Taliban Jack was benevolently smiling down on them from some corner of the communist heaven.

The camp was a sad picture, dull like every entity created by leftists, who despise fun and laughter (in that respect they are no different than the Muslim fanatics). However, the lack of people provided the chance to read all the important messages they displayed.

The gazebo in the heart of the park was quite messy, proudly showing the revolutionary contempt for order. From the inside, an individual with shaved head (hard to say if it was male, female, or trans) was yelling something incoherent. It could have been either a lecture in transgender political economy or rambling of a mentally disturbed person. I guess I shall never know.


The gazebo lecture...



Cleanliness is a capitalist prejudice


This time they had their demands written on cardboard and neatly displayed on the fence. One of them was “FREE RELEVANT EDUCATION”.


Let's change the education...


I suppose spelling is not a part of the free relevant education, because in sign at the entrance of the park they cheerfully urged the visitors to come and “OCUPPY”:




A walk through the park revealed their further ideas of “relevant education”. They had a tent branded “Free Skool” (school is probably capitalistic spelling). Its schedule provided a taste of what our education system would look like after the occupiers take over.

Early on Saturday you could attend a lecture on “Environmental Justice 101”. What exactly is that? Some kind of an environmental sharia, where they’ll cut off your hand if you use a plastic bottle?

Next you could attend a workshop on “Silk-screening”, without a doubt a very competitive and important skill (never mind that only Andy Warhol made that skill pay). Then there was more art education: “Re-cycle Paper Arts-intro”. With all the junk lying around, they could’ve used that lesson.

The heavy revolutionary education was reserved for the end of the day. A two-hour session on anarchy -“Anarchy Q+A” – was sure to make you a hardcore loser. Then to provide a good fight, they had a “Gender Oppression Discussion”, but only women and trans were allowed to participate. It was discriminatory to all the guy misfits, who joined the camp to get laid; if allowed to take part, they could display their self-hatred hoping that the militant feminists may take them to their tents.

Early the next day (10 a.m. is early in their world), they offered a course in “Consensus 101”. Why not? Being a revolutionary sheep is much better than having individuality. Then you could get even deeper into anarchy with “Demystifying the Black Bloc” – I suppose it’s already clear who runs the show in the camp.

After an interlude in American Sign Language, they get even more indoctrination: “What Should We Demand in the Short Term? Toward Economic Democracy”. I thought they already knew what they wanted…


The new revolutionary SKOOL curriculum


That’s basically a curriculum in bullying and mooching, which doesn’t make a person better adjusted to society. Could you notice the OISE long shadow in those “subjects”?

Logic was another subject thrown out of the window of the “Skool”. Two of the demands were “WAY LESS CONSUMPTION” and “ACCESS ABUNDANCE”.


Less consumption... and abundance


How could you demand both at the same time? If we consume less, there will be much less access to abundance (and somebody must distribute goods to ensure less consumption).

Then they want “A SYSTEM SYMBIOTIC WITH THE EARTH’S CARRYING CAPACITY” and “HEALTHY FOOD FOR ALL”. This looks like it came directly from David Suzuki’s ramblings, but it still doesn’t make sense (does he ever make sense?). According to most environmentalists, the Earth is already overpopulated, so a symbiotic system is hard to achieve without exterminating a good part of the humans. I know that Hitler and Pol Pot worked in that direction, but apparently the environmentalists need to do more. How can you ensure healthy food for all under those conditions?


Saving the planet... again


Then comes the mother of all demands: “TO WORK FOR A PURPOSE NOT A LIVING”. Only a person who has never had to support a family can come up with such a silly slogan. Unfortunately, that’s how things work – people are willing to pay for what you are doing or providing for them. In most cases, your high purpose doesn’t transform into cash. The reality in the communist countries was exactly the same (with exception of KGB and party bureaucrats, who were paid to maintain the lie of the high purpose). If those noble revolutionaries want a high purpose, they can go right away on a salvation mission in Africa.


The freeloader's manifesto


The slogans scattered within the camp were not much better. They supported the “Robin Hood Tax”:


Reviving Robin Hood


In the area called “Sign Stop” there were even more demands:


Even more demands...


“CAPITALISM = WAGE SLAVERY!” (Under communism wage slavery is much, much worse, without the option to protest).

“LET’S FORM OUR WORKER’S COUNCILS!”  (It’s nice you use Lenin’s mouldy slogans, but there are hardly any workers among you).

“SPAIN FEELS THE SAME” (As it gallops toward its bankruptcy).

“CARBON TAX NOW – TAX WHAT U BURN NOT WHAT U EARN” (A semi-literate demand, the tax always comes  what you earn).

The campers even had a “WOMEN’S SAFE SPACE”.


Don't you have safe space for men as well?


What is that supposed to mean? That in the other parts of the camp the women are fair targets? And how does that agree with the “equity” concept? They say under capitalism women were considered weaker creature deserving protection. I thought the purpose of the militant feminism was to show that women are exactly like men, less a penis. Then why do they need a safe space in a camp full of fellow revolutionaries, whose morals are superior to the bourgeois ethics?

Near some of the tents, people displayed their life philosophies. Like this one for example: “MEDIA+CORPORATIONS DON’T KNOW WHO I AM. THEY CAN’T TELL ME HOW TO DRESS, HOW MUCH I SHOULD WEIGH, HOW MY HAIR SHOULD BE OR HOW TO HATE! I’M HUMAN, I’M ME! STOP TELLING ME HOW I SHOULD BE!”


The corporations made me do it!


You don’t need to be a psychic to see that most likely this is a girl, who secretly loves McDonald’s (and it shows in her weight), has purple hair and doesn’t get along with anybody around her. However, that can’t be her fault! It’s all corporations’ fault! Corporations sell goods that people are willing to buy, they don’t force you to do anything – if enough people dislike the ad images and stop buying, those companies would go out of business. Only a person who totally lacks individuality and ability to think for herself could keep whining about the images “imposed” by the media (but that describes the majority of those pseudo-rebels).

There were even worse cases, like this woman who wanted to arrest Harper for supporting Israel and denying the “Native Holocaust” at the same time:


Can we arrest Harper?


I guess the military fatigues dress she was wearing was a preparation for the coming guerrilla struggle against the evil Cons.

Another odd thing was that almost all tents were made from plastic materials, derived from oil. And as we all know, oil extraction is one of the ways the evil corporations rape the planet. Just one of the many inconsistencies…


The plastic tents...


Of course, one of their leaders was there (sorry, don’t know her name), discussing with a comrade the future tasks of the movement.


Charting out the bright future of mankind...


In one of their propaganda videos (released to embarrass Ezra Levant), she passionately made the case for bringing to Canada the population of Tuvalu and the Maldives as environmental refugees with the right to vote. The Maldivians could even bring their sharia law with them. She was two late – that idiotic idea came from Al Gore in 2005, who predicted that by 2010 there will be 50 million refugees from the island countries totally submerged under water. As with everything with the man-made global warming scam, the prediction didn’t come true. But obviously such news doesn’t travel fast to the Occupy Toronto camp.

Only the Media tent was brimming with activity. How else could it be? Lenin and Dr. Goebbels always maintained that the propaganda about a movement is just as important as the movement itself.


The propaganda machine...


Sorry for the long post, I am not sure if that was a pleasant walk for my readers.

However, it was important to show the ideas of the movement exactly as they appear in the camp. The occupiers have very ambitious plans for Canada. They want to remake everything in the country. That’s why it is important to understand their philosophy.

I hope you understood by now that they have no philosophy. They are a bunch of confused people, who have collected meaningless and outdated slogans, which contradict each other. It is laughable to claim that those people have a mass following. However, under the right circumstances (especially in the USA), such people could be used as foot soldiers to do the dirty work of a politician with dictatorial ambitions. That’s what Lenin did in 1917, that’s what Hitler achieved in 1933, that’s what Obama may like to do in 2012, if the US economy collapses.

That’s why ignoring what is going on around us is never a good idea…

© 2011

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    “They are a bunch of confused people, who have collected meaningless and outdated slogans, which contradict each other. It is laughable to claim that those people have a mass following. However, under the right circumstances (especially in the USA), such people could be used as foot soldiers to do the dirty work of a politician with dictatorial ambitions. That’s what Lenin did in 1917, that’s what Hitler achieved in 1933, that’s what Obama may like to do in 2012, if the US economy collapses.”

    You took the words out of my mouth, Admirath. These sad people are just like the hippies of the 1960’s with the same slogans. Funnily enough, the hippies back then are now either real estate agents, bankers, university professors, or living in retirement homes on oxygen with (what’s left) of their lank, grey hair tied back in a pony tail to remind them of the “glory days” when they tried to “change the world” and got the Cold War instead.

  2. Miguel says:

    Great post! Thanks for getting out there and keeping us informed on occuposers.

  3. SM ISAC says:

    Your post has got to be one of the best if not THE BEST coverage of this event. By the time I was through, my belly ached with laughter.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you. The sad part is that those misfits take themselves seriously.

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