Trotskyists and Jew-Haters for Assad (and Other News from the Anti-War Loony Bin)

Another weird rally proved again today that Toronto is turning into a real loony bin. The gathering, called to oppose the planned punitive action against Bashar Assad’s murderous government, attracted people, who looked like they came from a badly written satirical book.

For starters, the Facebook page that announced the event featured pictures that were very disrespectful to the affirmative action genius Barry Obama.


Making him look like Bush was a transformation that the lefties would’ve condemned if made by anybody else only a few months ago. But it looks like now the Chicago bathhouse charmer and gay marriage champion; the titan of the Kenyan Marxism and promoter of the Muslim Brotherhood has fallen out of favor.

Looking at the people who came to the US Consulate to protest, it was hard to believe that all those people had a common cause. Toronto Star already covered the event in their typical way of hiding the worst.


The participants

There were plenty of hijab women carrying signs against the upcoming war. A few held a poster, obviously designed professionally by the Syrian government, which unconditionally declared their love and support for the Syrian army. How they could support such a murderous entity was beyond comprehension.


Muslim gargoyles in love with the murderous Syrian army

Then there was a whole family that declared their unconditional love for the Syrian dictator. They wore t-shirts with Assad’s portraits and the words “We Love You”. They didn’t forget the army either, showing a sign: “We support the Syrian Army in his fight against terrorism” (original spelling). To make sure that their message was loud and clear, they had similar sign in Arabic as well: “Hail the Arab Syrian Army” (thanks to Col. Halevi for the translation).


We love Arab fascists


Why don’t you go back, if you love Syria so much?

Canada is obviously in a deep trouble – nothing screams that multiculturalism is a monumental failure louder than seeing a retarded family in downtown Toronto glorify a tyrant, who has managed to kill tens of thousands of his own people within a year.

There was also an immodest Muslim girl, who according to the Islamic standards was practically naked. Maybe a stoning could purify her soul, as the wise imams say. She was busy making posters.



CBC loves cool Muslim fanatics

It is an immutable law of such rallies, where plenty of angry and noisy Muslims gather, that the Jews will be blamed for anything that’s wrong with those Muslims. The Syrian anti-war rally wasn’t an exception. Of course, the mainstream media didn’t show the signs displayed by the participants, but they were there.

The Zionism was the first target: “Zionism means war & distruction” (spelling is not their strength).


The next sign was dealing again with the Zionists, tying them with the Arab dictators: “Down with the Zionist butchers, Arab dictators! For a socialist federation of the Near East. Trotskyist league”


Another one bizarrely accused several countries that they are in cahoots with regard to the chemical weapons: “USA, Israel, Saudis, Qatar: stop arming jihadists’ terrorists in Syria with chemical weapons.”


Along with the Muslims, assorted far left organizations were also a major part of the rally. Despite the fact that Canada has no intention to take part in the coming war in Syria, they called for an anti-war government. They also demanded to stop “imperialism’s war on Muslims” (they chose not to comment on the ongoing Muslim terrorist war on the West).


It was a nostalgic experience to see the tables with communist literature presented by revolutionaries of all flavours. It reminded me of all the propaganda garbage piled up in the “Komsomol Room” at my university years ago. The difference was that in those times nobody in his or her right mind would voluntarily read that vomit-inducing junk, while the dimwits at the rally were seriously distributing and willingly explaining their propaganda junk.


Red idiots of all countries, unite!


You’re about 30 years late

The followers of the failed international revolutionary Leon Trotsky tried to apply a class to the Syrian conflict, like: “Syrian workers have no side in civil war between Baathists and Islamists. International Bolshevik tendency.”

syria-war-protest-toronto-9Then they had another sign that could break the hearts of Libby Davies and the other die-hard NDP lefties: “Break with the pro-imperialist NDP! Build a revolutionary workers party! Trotskyist League”


It takes a special kind of idiocy to think that the NDP is pro-imperialist.

They didn’t forget to call for the release the gay couple of Greyson and his Arab buddy, who are right now locked up in an Egyptian jail. (Although Canada feels a little bit better without those supporters of the Palestinian terrorism.)


Get them back for the next gay parade

And here is Ali Mallah, the fiery leader of the worst of the worst in the public employees union.



Ali Mallah oversees his troops

A guy, who looked like an Hinduist guru looked oddly out of place at the event.



The guru was at the wrong place in the wrong time with the right girl

Everybody who attended received a sheet with “chants” to be yelled in between the angry mindless speeches.


Again, it was hard to explain why Harper was the target of chanting condemnation, though Canada is not going to take part in the war:

“Harper, Harper we want peace, Not another war in the Middle East!”

“No more bombs, no more war, Kick Stephen Harper out the door!”

“Drop Harper, not bombs! Drop Harper, not bombs!”

The whole event was an unpleasant experience – it felt like diving into the ideological bowels of Toronto, populated with strange repulsive creatures, which can exist only in their own poisonous environment. Every contact with reason and rationality forces them to either go even deeper into those bowels or try to devour those who attempted to challenge their blissful ignorance.

It’s painful to watch how those people are destroying Canada.

© 2013

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  1. Vardit says:

    Miroslav, Wow! Thank you for never tiring of filming the filth that make up the diversity of our fair city. The Left who all look alike – you know women with one eyebrow and disheveled hair. Men who would topple over if the wind blew just slightly. Exposing their ridiculous signs about our Prime Minister who said he is not going to war and they still make posters about Canada going to war. They have kaka for brains these protesters. Thanks for filming their hatred for Israel – a great expose! Great job!

  2. Good work Miro. I see the usual suspects were on display.

  3. oigevalt says:

    Dear God! How can you stand the stench of unwashed “Trotskyite” masses?

    PS aren’t there any anti-Semites who can spell “dIstruction”? Oy vey.

  4. The Lone Ranger says:

    If this was a massive pro-life rally, the police would have shut it down, made dozens of arrests, and confiscated all printed material on offer. Only the loonies of the far left have complete freedom to “protest” whatever chic cause they deem fit to irritate the rest of us with.

  5. […] “Canada is obviously in a deep trouble – nothing screams that multiculturalism is a monumental failure louder than seeing a retarded family in downtown Toronto glorify a tyrant, who has managed to kill tens of thousands of his own people within a year.” […]

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