Vaginas for Sale at York University

York University is a place, where all forms of insanity known to man co-exist in the harmony of pieces of trash in a garbage bin. Supporting Muslim extremism and glorifying trannies at the same time; fighting police presence on campus and whining about sex crime – it’s all there in the same bin.

Today is the Valentine’s Day and I wish I had something nice and uplifting to say about that university. Unfortunately, while looking for something good, I only found more hostile anti-romantic trash.

There is a series of annual events (not only at York University), which revolve around the production of the trashy Vagina Monologues, a play that is supposed to empower women (or should it be “womyn”?). All of those events are centered on the female reproductive organ. Hey, nothing wrong with that, I am just trying to provide tolerant public service by covering the occasion.

Last year one of the vagina activists posted her picture on the event’s promotional Facebook page.


Nothing promotes the academic excellence of York University and illustrates its catchy slogan “This is my time!” better than a grinning girl in a shirt depicting a vagina diagram, who holds a chocolate vagina pop at its anatomically correct position.

It’s not a surprise that next to such wholesome vagina display Facebook found it appropriate to show an ad calling the viewer to click to “See Pics of Mature Women Near You!”

The picture has been posted for a while, but it seems that the vagina business is booming. A newer entry promotes the sale of chocolate vaginas.



“Come buy one of these beauties! $2 for delicious Milk, Dark or White chocolate Vagina Pops!”

Isn’t this a bit discriminatory? The militant feminazis involved in the project have ignored the fact that according to the new rules of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, a “transgender woman,” who has decided to keep his/her penis, is still considered a woman. York University doesn’t offer chocolate safe space to “transgender women” with dicks. A heart-warming show of inclusivity would be if the organizers added: “$2 for delicious Milk, Dark or White chocolate Transgender Dick Pops!”

I hope my remark helps the prevention of discrimination.

In academia “sex work” has always been praised as a legitimate career and now even the Supreme Court of Canada has legalized it. From a commercial point a view more money could be made by supplementing the sales of chocolate vaginas with income from renting real vaginas to horny progressive metrosexuals.

I understand that I am pocking at a garbage bin and can’t expect much good at York University, but I have a question about this whole thing.

It’s about feminism. The movement has a long history and it is credited for bringing equality and dignity to women throughout the world (Muslim countries excluded). I have friends who are passionate feminists in the traditional spirit of the movement.

Are the feminazis, who promote those vagina events, trying to mock the feminist movement and turn it into a one-ring circus? The only impression you get from their actions is that after all the success of women in society, science and other fields, they are still nothing more than vaginas. That is demeaning and disgusting.

One of the worst insults targeting a woman is to say “She is such a c**t.” It reduces her to a derogatory description of her sex organ. Now the militant feminists are saying “We all are just vaginas.” I don’t see any difference between the two expressions, other than the use of a medical term in the second one. Nevertheless, the meaning is the same – individuality, intelligence and achievements don’t matter at all, women are reduced to their sex organs. Is this the final message of feminism?

Did I mention that York University is a sewer?


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  1. 1389AD says:

    Anatomy 101: Those aren’t vaginas being depicted in chocolate and on that grotesque t-shirt, but rather, vulvas.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    York University will soon become completely irrelevant when a real education is required.

    1. Truth Always Wins says:

      It seems, real education must be found outside of most universities these days. Free education from corporate and political hijacking!

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