Violent Leftist Mob Clashes with the Police at Queen’s Park in Toronto

Yesterday a rally organized by Pegida Canada in front of the Ontario Legislative Building in Queen’s Park was attacked by a violent leftist mob.

Pegida originated in Western Europe as a grass-root organization of concerned citizens who refuse to accept their political elites’ surrender to militant Islam. Though constantly vilified by the mainstream media, Pegida raises serious issues that need to be addressed if Europe wants to survive. The recent influx into the old continent of a true tsunami of phony refugees, actually economic migrants mixed with Muslim fanatics and potential terrorists smuggled by ISIS, proved that Pegida’s concerns were correct. That invasion threatens the very survival of the European countries and their “progressive and compassionate” governments have no real plan to deal with it.


Pegida Canada at Queen’s Park


The other side

Canada, at least at this point, had been spared from that invasion. We are blessed by being surrounded by two vast oceans which can’t be crossed on a raft or an inflatable boat. Nevertheless, irresponsible politicians and activist still do their best to flood us with freeloaders from the Middle East. The calls of the NDP and the Liberal Party to open wide the borders to those people, with very little concern for national security, are matched by the initiatives of brainless activists willing to silence the voice of reason.

Most people in Canada are still unaware of the magnitude of the threat. That’s why, unlike the constantly growing mass rallies of Pegida in Germany, the Toronto rally was quite modest with about thirty participants. But even that was too much for the Canadian fascists who expect to have a total control over what Canadians can say or do.

After the event was announced on Facebook, its opponents started organizing a counter-rally at the same location. The main driving force behind it was an extremist group called No One Is Illegal. Though this is a bizarre organization, it is the darling of the mainstream media and especially the Toronto Star. Their ideas are truly bizarre. They believe that Canada doesn’t exist – it is a “colonial project” established on stolen Indian land called “Turtle Island.” The Indian sovereignty has to be restored. The group can easily resolve the issue by packing their junk and leaving “Turtle Island,” but that is not what they propose. In a strange twist they claim that since the federal government is illegitimate, the borders should be open to anyone who wants to move here. How this new wave of colonizers would help Indians recover their lands remains a mystery and an even bigger mystery is who is going to pay for health care and housing for the new invaders. Actually, such questions shouldn’t be asked. Logic is a foreign concept to the demented leftist mind.


Hussan, the leader of No One Is Illegal


“Full Citizenship for all Immigrants! Down with Racist Quotas!” (what about Turtle Island?)

The Pegida rally was to take place in front of the building, while the lefties had to stay at the south end of Queen’s Park. Things took a different course on the day of the rallies. The lefty mob quickly advanced to the building and started to intimidate and harass the main rally.

It was interesting to observe that ragtag bunch of losers. The most common were the truly violent members of the Black Bloc, an anarchist organization which routinely gets involved in violence. Those were the people who smashed windows and burned police cars during the G20 riots in Toronto in 2010. Earlier, in 2000, people like them rioted and threw Molotov cocktails at the Queen’s Park building, supported by the NDP activist Olivia Chow (member of the Police Board at the time).

Along with the anarchists you could see communists, Trotskyists, Bolsheviks and other die-hard backers of totalitarianism. Islmofascists, supporting Palestinian extremism could also be spotted in the crowd. Proud representatives of the public employees’ unions flew their flags, clearly showing who the ultimate backer of that unruly crowd is.


The communist future of Canada


Onward to the final victory of Maoism!


Fascist “anti-fascists” for Palestine


No place for Israel

The police did a dismal job in handling the situation. They should’ve known that crowds of such extreme leftists have engaged consistently in violence over many years. I have no doubt they were aware of the possibility of violence and it would have been wise to keep both groups completely separated as they do in other cases. Yet they didn’t place barricades; even worse, they allowed the violent mob to surround the peaceful rally of Pegida. One can’t help but wonder if that was done on purpose to intimidate the participants (one of them thought so – when expressing concern about possible violence, a police officer allegedly told him that the views of Pegida cause an understandable reaction).

Once they were close enough, the lefties started to do what they do best – yelling and insulting people they disagree with. That was not enough, so their next step was to try to cause physical harm to their opponents. They stormed the rally space trying to destroy the audio equipment. At least at that point the police attempted to stop them. They formed a chain against the raging crowd, but that enraged the lefty fascists even more. The confrontation turned into a full-blown clash and (as the police officer in charge said) several officers and other people sustained injuries.


The riot starts

lefty-terrorists-attack-pegida-toronto-8The police finally realized that due to their initial inaction things had slipped out of control and chose the easiest way out – the peaceful people from Pegida were ordered to move away. Some of the participants were shocked by that treatment – many of them were probably attending such an event for the first time and didn’t know that in Toronto the police always accommodate a violent mob, especially when it includes lefties.

You can see highlights from the clash in the video, but the most valuable part of it is the monologue of the police officer in charge (I think he was the head of the Queen’s Park security). It is disgraceful to hear him admit that when there is a violent gang, any event must be shut down to appease them. I thought that Canada was a democratic country ruled by law. He promised to arrest the perpetrators, but I doubt it that they did; that would mean another wave of rage from the fascist crowd.

When such violent leftists are accommodated and appeased, it is just a matter of time before they start killing their opponents. Once united with the Muslim extremists and terrorists that they want to bring into Canada, our country’s future doesn’t look very bright. What’s even worse, those are the people who support and promote the NDP; they stand behind the efforts to stop the prosecution of domestic and international terrorism.

Here is a video showing the clash plus the confession of the police that they would rather appease a violent crowd than defend peaceful citizens:

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    If Mulcair or (Heaven forbid) Trudeau gets in, these malcontents will only be emboldened further to create anarchy. I never heard of Pegida before, but they have my support now!

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