Thousands of Zombies Invade Downtown Toronto



Halloween is approaching and with it come out all strange creatures, which hide for the rest of the year (or at least the people who impersonate them). Last Saturday the annual Zombie Walk took place in downtown Toronto. Though the event is less freaky than the gay parade, the participants did their best to shock the spectators, who lined up along the route.  Elaborate costumes and makeup; bleeding brains and walking skeletons; absent-minded stares interrupted by wild screams – it all contributed to the scary experience.

toronto-zombie-walk-2014Unlike the gay parade, the participation in the Zombie Walk still isn’t a make or break requirement, mandatory for every city politician. I assume Doug Ford didn’t show up, because near the end of the walk they had a float with his cardboard image sporting a bloody mouth. I didn’t notice Olivia Chow and John Tory in the crowd, but that didn’t mean they were not there – they usually look and act like zombies, so it’s not hard to miss them in a crowd of real zombies.

toronto-zombie-walk-2014-2I am not sure where that guy wants to die.

toronto-zombie-walk-2014-3toronto-zombie-walk-2014-4And here is a movie, which shows almost everything from the walk. Watching it, you can appreciate the creativity of our fellow Torontonians and our guests from other cities and countries (if they were as creative in other more practical endeavours, as they were in making themselves look like monsters, our city would flourish).

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