Toronto City Hall – the Wild Dance of Rob Ford and the Councillors

Earlier this week I spent two days at the Toronto City Hall observing the last session of the City Council for this year. I collected enough impressions and materials to write several posts. Very few of those impressions are favourable, but that’s not a surprise when you deal with politicians, especially when most of them worship at the altar of the unlimited public spending.

However, for starters I want to show you the only funny thing that happened. The second day in the afternoon they brought into the chambers a band from Boston. The singer insisted that everybody dance. Singing and clapping were not enough. The Mayor and the Councillors, along with the staff, obliged. The result was a surreal event, where people were dancing and shaking often out of rhythm or tune. Nevertheless, that was a good end to the boring session.

Here you can enjoy the dancing Rob Ford and his Councillors:

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    if this was George Smitherman, they would all be having a ‘gay’ old time.

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