Concern about Lifting the Sanctions against Iran by the Canadian Government

Letter of concern that I received from the Iranian-Canadian activist Sayeh Hasan:

Dear Friends,

Please find below my Letter to the Editor, on the issue of sanctions against Iran. This issue is of great concern to many Iranian Canadians who are concerned about the systematic human rights violations in Iran, which has become worse since signing the nuclear deal. The Canadian Government needs to take into consideration Iran’s human rights record when making a decision on sanctions on Iran.

As an Iranian-Canadian lawyer and human-rights advocate, I am concerned that those enthused about sanctions relief largely fail to appreciate the role of economic pressure in countering the regime’s horrific abuses of the Iranian people. We cannot forget that Tehran continues to stone women, execute gay citizens, and torture and imprison political opponents and religious minorities.

If our new government is to remain true to liberal values, it must apply targeted sanctions on Iranian officials and entities involved in terrorism abroad or human rights violations in Iran, such as the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Basij militia. In opposition, the Liberals repeatedly called for Canada to sanction the IRGC. A closed embassy is a far more powerful statement than naive efforts to “engage” brutal theocracies.

Sayeh Hassan, Toronto

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