Edwin Black on How Iran Plans to Destroy Israel with a Nuclear Bomb

The issue of Iran’s nuclear threat has been in the news for a long time. Benjamin Netanyahu made it the major point in his speech at the United Nations last year. Unfortunately, the media coverage varies from indifference to belittling the danger. Although the Canadian Government severed its diplomatic relations with the mullahs, our homegrown fans of the Khomeinist fascism hold their events undisturbed and even under police protection.


Edwin Black in Toronto


Tonight we had the chance to listen to somebody, who has extensive knowledge of the nuclear threat from Iran. Edwin Black, a well-known American investigative journalist (brought to Toronto by the Speakers Action Group), covered the details in a lecture titled Inside Iran’s Atomic Warhead: Tehran’s Plan To Nuke Israel Step-By-Step.


Shirley Anne Haber from the Speakers Action Group


You will be able to see his presentation in the video below, but let me just say that it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Not because there was something wrong with – Edwin Black painted a gloomy picture showing how advanced the development of the Iranian nukes is.

The West deludes itself again that the newly-elect president of Iran is a good-natured moderate, with whom we can work. The truth is that the country’s leadership is determined to finish the job and from what we know, they are not that far from completing it.

The issues they are working on now are the enrichment of enough uranium and constructing a warhead compact enough to deliver the nuclear device to Tel Aviv and explode it over the city.



Edwin Black described in detail how those processes work and what has been done to sabotage or stop them. He also explained the different possible scenarios when the clash with Iran happens. Despite the efforts of some countries to deal with the problem, the clock is ticking down.

Here is the video:

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Israel is fully aware of what’s happening in Iran, and will strike before the Mullahs can get their nuclear warhead into the air. Israel has roughly 200 nuclear warheads (some say as many as 400), and can deliver them via Jericho III missiles, aircraft and submarine. the Iranians would be extremely foolish to try and hit Israel (I believe that God would allow the complete destruction of the Jewish people), as Israel has the power to completely wipe out every major Muslim city in the Middle East.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Sorry, my post above was meant to read, ‘I do NOT believe that God will allow the complete destruction of the Israeli people.”

    Apologise to all!

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