Epic Muslim Battle against the Israeli Dates

The Muslim idiots and their lefty friends, who want to ruin Israel through economic boycotts, never seize to amuse me. Instead of going against electronics and other high-tech devices, which include many Israeli inventions, and could really cause damage, they usually focus on marginal issues. That’s not that hard to figure out – without those inventions, they won’t be able to communicate and coordinate their boycotts.

The new target of boycott are the Israeli dates. The fruity fighters against Israel had chosen similar targets before. Two years ago, at the Israeli Apartheid Week in Toronto, they screened a documentary about the Jaffa oranges, which revealed a breath-taking Jewish conspiracy to steal those oranges from the “Palestinians.” At one of their literary readings they had an angry Arab poet whose poem included the verse “they steal my food and call it Israeli salad.”

Apparently, the dates are a big issue during the Ramadan. It’s an odd “fast” – you are supposed to stay hungry during the day, but after sunset they allow you to stuff yourself like a pig in a potato field. But just before that the Muslims start with eating a few dates.

In a message spread through a Yahoo group maintained by Muslim fanatics, they call for a boycott of the Israeli dates. The links in the message lead to a British site.


The reason is that those dates are grown in the Israeli “settlements” and picked by little Palestinian children, who are dropped by cranes on top of the 12-meter high palm trees at 5 in the morning and spend their 8 hours without a toilet break. It’s an apocalyptic picture – the evil Jews make them live like monkeys from a Tarzan movie.

On the website, in the Q&A section, the organizers firmly state that the Arabs who work on those trees want nothing less than total boycott (and maybe UNWRA is going to save their lazy asses from starvation).

The author of the message also boasts that the global boycott destroyed the Israeli agricultural company Agrexco, which is a gross exaggeration. Their odd financial relations with the Israeli farmers played much larger role than the occupation (for a few hours) of their offices in England by several lefty drunks.

As it usually happens, such campaigns inadvertently reveal information about the Muslim world, which is not that flattering.

According to the statistics provided in the message:

* Over 50% of the world’s Medjool dates are produced in Israel.

* 60% of Israeli dates are grown on illegal settlement plantations in the Jordan Valley.

* Israeli profits from dates in 2011 = $265 million

As somebody, who is not familiar with the “Medjool” dates, I had to do some research and found out that that type of a palm tree is widely spread — “from Morocco, also grown in the USA, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestinian Territories and Israel; a large, sweet and succulent date.”

Think about it – despite the presence of that palm tree in such a vast area, the tiny Israel produces half of those dates. And what’s even worse – the even tinier towns in Judea and Samaria provide an amount, which is about 30% of the world supply. That speaks volumes about the Arabs, who, despite of their great agricultural potential, can’t beat a small country that has to fight to reclaim from the desert every inch of arable land.

Maybe instead of boycotting those, who are successful, the Arabs should get off of their lazy asses and develop the land generously provided to them by the nature. (High-tech industries are not going to be their strong area in the foreseeable future.)

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