Galilee and the Arab Snakes in the Knesset

The other day a friend of mine sent me an article about discussions in the Israeli Knesset, which, though shocking and annoying, could happen only in Israel. The case involves a few Arab members of the Knesset. Before going into the details, let me say a few words about the Israeli Parliament.

It is located in a big building in Jerusalem, with large windows and a lot of bright and sunny spaces. The walls are decorated with beautiful ancient and contemporary art. In the big hall you can observe for hours the huge and magnificent paintings of Marc Chagall. The place is crowded – hundreds of people visit it every day – tourists, soldiers, school children and students.

The young girl, who was our guide, was very upbeat and proud of the Knesset (not only as a building, but also as an institution). She told us that this is the place for heated debates, because, since the election threshold is only 2%, many political parties are elected and they have to work together despite their differences. There are also Arab parties. The Knesset holds a confidence vote every Monday to decide whether the government should continue working or not. Along with the large chamber, which accommodates the 120 MK’s, there are many large committee rooms with signs in Hebrew, Arabic and English.

Everybody knows that Israel is under almost constant threat from its Muslim neighbours and you can feel that in the Knesset. All visitors are checked carefully and every suspicious item is examined thoroughly. The section for visitors in the Knesset chambers is separated with a bulletproof glass (years ago somebody tried to throw a grenade from there).

Despite the security, the danger in the Knesset comes from some of the members, who hold views and ideas that no military detector could handle. They couldn’t smuggle weapons inside, but have enough venom to destroy anything democracy stands for. At the time the Knesset wasn’t in session, so we didn’t get to see any MK’s.

My first encounter with an MK happened a few months later in Toronto, when I had to spend two miserable hours at a Palestinian club listening to Jamal Zahalka, MK from the Muslim Balad party.


Intifada Jamal in Toronto

He spent most of the time bashing Israel and calling for a third intifada. If he was a member of the parliament in Russia, China or even the USA, he could’ve easily been charged with treason. However, the Israel laws somehow can’t handle that type of people.

The lefties, who came to listen to him, included the usual occupy bums, welfare people passing for artists and a few “progressive” intellectuals (including the notorious Toronto Star Islamist Haroon Siddiqui). It was impossible to miss Noa Shaindlinger, the self-hating Jewess, known for celebrating the murder of Israeli soldiers.

Zahalka said that the Meretz party in Israel supports his cause, however, he avoids close collaboration with them because they are still part of the oppressors.

Fast forward to the article I mentioned in the beginning. It deals with a meeting of one of the numerous commissions of the Knesset – the commission for internal affairs.

The members discussed the proposed expansion of the villages and towns in Galilee. Don’t forget that this is the northern part of Israel, which has never been disputed. However, the Arab MK’s who took part in the discussion were angry – Hana Sweid from Hadash fumed that the Israeli government plans to build “settlements” in Galilee with the purpose of Judaization of the area and changing the demographic balance.

He was immediately supported by Tamar Zandberg from Meretz (no surprise from those traitors): “I am also strongly opposed to building of Jewish settlements in Galilee.” Did she by any chance convert to Islam?

Further the minutes indicate that Yifat Kariv (from Yesh Atid) asked: “But isn’t Galilee a Jewish area?” It was naïve to ask the questions – the Arabs immediately started to yell at her. The treacherous creature named Haneen Zoabi (from Balad) lectured Kariv: “This is about taking over Arab land for racist reasons!”

Her comrade in arms and my old friend – Jamal Zahalka – finished the lecture: “Galilee is ours and the land is ours. We live under an apartheid regime. The Nakba continues to this day.”

Let me mention again that we are not talking here about building houses in Judea and Samaria. This is about Galilee, whose status has never been questioned.

In the first book of the Bible the serpent shows up to tempt Eve using some charm and persuasion. The venomous Arab snakes in the Knesset just jump up and bite, trying to destroy everything the country stands for, with some help from the junior Meretz snakes. And the most unbelievable thing is that the Israeli laws can’t do anything about it.

Is there any doubt what the future of Israel would be, if those people are not confronted?

John Kerry, who has a charming horse face, but is much less intelligent than a donkey, demands that Israel accept whatever he puts on the table, including the 1967 armistice lines as borders. Just like Zahalka, he threatens with a new intifada, if Israel doesn’t submit.

Well after reading about that commission meeting is there any doubt that when the armistice lines become borders, the Arabs will continue with demands for Galilee and the whole Jerusalem? They may generously allow the Jews to live in the Negev, but just temporarily, until they find the strength to push them into the sea.

No matter how the “peacemakers” try to sugar-coat the situation, the reality is clear – every compromise, every inch of surrendered land will bring demands for more.

Centuries ago St. Patrick became famous for driving the snakes out of Ireland. Maybe Israel needs to borrow him to get rid of the Arab vipers crawling in the Knesset.


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Same old, same old, same old. These bums will never be happy until Israel is destroyed and every last Jew on the planet is dead.

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