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Last week I had the chance to see a live presentation by Ted Belman in Toronto. He is known for publishing Israpundit – one of the best blogs that cover the issues of Israel and the conflicts in the Middle East. Originally from Toronto, after moving to Israel, he dedicated his time to maintaining that website.


Ted Belman speaks

Opinionated and outspoken, he avoids clichés and political correctness to tackle problems that many others are not willing to talk about. For example, a main point of his lecture was to debunk the myth that the USA since the very beginning has been fierce protector and defender of the “Zionist Entity.”


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On the contrary, the USA was reluctant to support the re-establishment of the Jewish State and even maintained an arms export embargo until 1967. That has been the policy of several consecutive administrations. The Israeli nationalism and national state was seen as a nuisance on the way to establishing globalism and world government (Belman illustrates that in the video with the opinion of the Dallas Council on World Affairs about Israel).

That led to constant attempts by the USA and Europe to interfere in Israel’s affairs. The State Department has been against the Jews in Israel, because there are millions of Arabs and they don’t want to ruin their relations with them. Saudi Arabia’s influence has been much more powerful, starting from the oil embargo – they forced a deal in the Middle East conflict acceptable to Arabs. Now things are getting even worse with the increased Arab immigration to Europe (also forced by that influence).

The 9/11 events are another evidence of that reality. The role of Prince Bandar and the ties of the hijackers with Saudi Arabia revealed how powerfully the Arabs affect the US policy.

The US pressure on Israel to make more concession in the name of an elusive peace solution is a direct result of that policy. Although in the Oslo Accords the issues of the settlements and Jerusalem were not discussed, during the Intifada in 2001-2002, leading American politicians voiced opinions that the settlements were the main problem. In 2003 Saudi Arabia supported the invasion of Iraq in exchange for support for Palestine.

Obama started flirting with Hamas and PLO even before he was elected and pushed Israel on the settlements issue. A new trend in the USA is that the left tried to discredit the traditional Jewish organizations and introduce new “progressive” ones. George Soros financed J Street, which went out if its way to show that Israel doesn’t know what is good for it. Such organizations, despite the overwhelming evidence, downplay the role of Hamas and its intention to destroy Israel and the Jews.

After he was elected, Obama embraced the Muslim Brotherhood – during the speech in Cairo he wanted them in the audience, and as a result President Mubarak refused to attend. Despite their eventual failure, they are still supported by countries like Qatar and Turkey. Within the USA, the administration removes any references to Muslim terrorism and encourages Muslim immigration. The western media is silent about that. With the defeat of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt a new situation emerged, where Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel practically formed an unlikely union to confront it. On the other side are the USA, Qatar and Turkey.

Belman also covered the issue of the current war in Gaza and its implications. The Arab radicalism is only getting worse – any suggestions that the Arabs could be integrated in Israel are baseless. The same applies to returning of the refugees to a future Palestinian state. That would only destabilize the area more. The only sensible solution is to help the Arabs (politically and financially) to resettle in safer and more stable areas.

These are just a few highlights from Ted Belman’s lecture. You can see his entire presentation in the video:


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