Muslim Savages, Leftards, Jewish Traitors, and Hungarian Fascist Rally for Hamas in Toronto


The video above gives you a glimpse into the bizarre event I attended last night. The weird rabbis who were calling for the destruction of Israel were just one of the attractions. The anti-Israeli rally in Toronto gathered all the people, who despite their ideological differences, are united by their hatred. The noisy rabble varied from orthodox Jews through the people of the occupy and BDS crowd and of course there were many Muslims.


The sign they reuse at every rally


The Trotsky boys from the Fourth International didn’t miss the event either.


The socialists support their terrorist buddies



Proletarians of all countries, unite!


And as I already mentioned, quite a few self-hating Jews, both religious and secular, found it necessary to bash the country that ensured the survival of millions of their fellow Jews.


Please like us!


Our old friend Ali Mallah didn’t miss the chance to show up among a few despicable fellows, who wanted to give away the whole land of Israel to the Arabs:


Ali Mallah’s Jewish transformation


The signs those people brought showed the high level of their sophistication in masterpieces like “Fuck human rights” or “Canada has blood on its hands.”


Impressive language…



And what about Hamas?



…said the butchers from Hamas.


They were not ashamed to parade even the portrait of the killed terrorist, who masterminded the attacks against Israel:


One of their heroes…


The anti-Semites didn’t mind to have a guy from Magyar Garda among them. For those who are not familiar with the European politics I need to mention that this is a Hungarian organization, which is nearly fascist and definitely anti-Semitic. He was a perfect match for their event. It took the Muslims and the socialists quite a while to figure out that the Magyar Garda member could make them look bad – then they asked him to live.


The Hungarian fascist



He is finally asked to leave…


On the few occasions when I crossed the street to take pictures of that insanity, a creepy Muslim followed me with a camera, filming everything I was doing:


Muslim creep – like a voyeur in a lady’s washroom


At the time of the event, JDL-Canada was having a counter protest right in front of the Israeli Consulate across the street. Many Muslims tried their best to cross the street and provoke a confrontation. Fortunately, the police handled them quite well.


The human faces of jihad


The turnout for the JDL event was quite good – despite the short notice (the event was announced less than 24 hours ago) many people showed up. Along with the members of JDL many supporters attended as well. There was also a large group of students.


The JDL protest



Singing “O Canada” under Muslim boos



Talking to the other side…



A night of contrasts…


Even the signs of the protest were more decent than those of the terrorist fans:



We even had some mighty dog power to help us (too bad the owner of the dog didn’t cross the street to visit the Muslims).


A patient dog…


The good thing was that the supporters of Israel showed clearly their position and were not afraid to state it openly on the street. I wish more people were at the protest, because the way Israel is treated threatens all of us. The bad part is that this is just the beginning – the inevitable war against Israel would encourage the Muslim savages, lefties, traitors, fascists and anti-Semites to become even more brutal.

We must show them that we are not going to surrender…


© 2012

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  1. I wish I could’ve made it out! Excellent pictures as always, Blogwrath.



    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you. The way things are going on with those clueless idiots, I am sure there’ll be more events to attend.

  2. sima says:

    I am really disgusted with the Rabbis, and have no use for them. They will be thwe first to be obliterated when the Hamas takes over.

    1. admiwrath says:

      You are absolutely right – World War II proved that trying to look good to your enemies never works. But few people learn from history…

  3. Trevor says:

    Keep up the good work

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  5. Yoram says:

    To those “secular”-selfhaters: What if they really ARENT jews but non-jews covering as jews like Irena Wachendorff?

  6. Jacob says:

    Whay can’t they all just have a beer and a ham sandwich and get along?

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