Muslim Scorpion in the Knesset – the Weird Case of Jamal Zahalka



Israel’s Knesset is an unusual place – due to the low election threshold (2% per party) it often hosts strange political parties, which don’t always have the best interests of the country in mind. Sometimes things get even worse – there are politicians and groups, which are openly hostile toward Israel.

Such is the case of the “Israeli Arab” Jamal Zahalka and his little Muslim party. I had the misfortune of meeting him last year, when he was invited to Toronto by Palestine House, a sinister pro-Hamas organization.

It was the same group, whose former director called for the Jews in Jerusalem to be shot. Just a few weeks ago the Palestine House criminals attacked with sticks the participants in a peaceful Jewish event. And last week they proudly displayed Hezbollah flags at an anti-Israeli demonstration in Toronto.

It was no wonder Zahalka felt among those people like fish in water. During his “lecture” at Beit Zatoun the “distinguished” Member of the Knesset didn’t hide his hatred for Israel. He even called for a third intifada and the destruction of the country. When a young Jewish kapo (willing to support the “Palestinian” cause) asked Zahalka how the progressive Jews could collaborate with the “Palestinians,” the “Israeli politician” replied that they can’t work together with their oppressors. (It certainly sucks to be a progressive Jew.)

When the latest confrontation between Hamas and Israel started recently, I had the premonition that we may hear of Zahalka once again. And I was right – a friend of mine (h/t IS) alerted me to a new escapade of that Muslim character:

Again, I am bewildered by the patience of Israel, which keeps in its parliament somebody like Zahalka during a war. Actually, I am not just bewildered – I find it hard to understand why the Israeli politicians are so lenient and accommodating to their country’s enemies.


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