Scarlett Johansson, SodaStream and the BDS Retards from Oxfam

In the history of human stupidity, the BDS movement occupies a very prominent position. The campaign, which supposedly was conceived to speed up the peace process in the Middle East through boycotts and sanctions against Israel, has turned quickly into a sequence of schizophrenic activities hurting equally the Israelis and the “Palestinians.”

Run mostly by academics, NGO activists and plain bums, the BDS movement has always had difficulties reaching out of the bubble where its promoters live and convincing those who live in reality to support their actions.

It is really hard to actually boycott Israeli companies and institutions. Israel has been involved in discoveries, inventions and technologies, which have transformed many fields of the science and industry (while its Muslim neighbours have developed many ways of killing each other and having good time with boys, camels, and goats).

It is hard to boycott Intel or the advanced medical equipment companies, so the trick is to find a company that could be an easy target, like the case of the “victory” over a pretzel company (as described by an Israeli lawyer, who monitors NGO’s):

In one “win” for the BDS campaign, Herzberg described a meeting with a senior executive of an Israeli pretzel company called Bagel Bagel that was owned by Dutch multinational Unilever and relocated its factory in Ariel’s Barcan Industrial Area, over the Green Line, to open another facility in Galil, on the other side.

“He had to tell 150 weeping men that they were about to lose their jobs, in fact that they had lost their jobs, because they were shutting the factory down,” Herzberg said. “Because of a BDS campaign, 150 Palestinian families lost their livelihood. How is that a victory?”

Yes, indeed. Nothing helps the Judea and Samaria Arabs better than stealing their jobs. That will ensure that their only career options will be suicide bomber or terrorist. The sad fact is that for all those years after the start of the “peace process,” the PLO government has done absolutely nothing for its people other than stealing the billions of dollars of aid provided by suckers like the USA, Canada and Japan.

Apparently the producer of soda machines and accessories SodaStream was considered such an easy target, because for a while they have been the object of a very vicious demonizing campaign. Their “sin” has been that they provide jobs to several hundred Arabs in the same area, whom the BDS idiots rather see jobless and destitute:

In fact, in one factory, SodaStream employs 900 people, about half of them Palestinian Arabs, in a Ma’ale Adumim facility that even includes an on-site mosque. But that factory is situated across the Green Line, east of Jerusalem, and is the reason why SodaStream has become a target for the BDS movement, which advocates “boycott, divestment and sanctions” to punish Israeli companies for operating in regions that could be part of a future Palestinian state, and somehow compel the State of Israel to unilaterally resolve the question of Palestinian nationalism.

Although SodaStream is definitely not a corporate giant, its products are widely available in many countries. In Toronto you can buy them in many stores, including Canadian Tire and Best Buy. During an advertising campaign last year, the whole St. George subway station was decorated with their ads.


SodaStream ads at St. George Station

It was a pleasant surprise to see them in Japan. During my trip there last month, I saw SodaStream products sold at most electronics and appliances store chains.


SodaStream in Japan

It appears that the logic of the BDS movement is that the soda making machines of the company are not a unique product, so if they convince people not to buy them, they’ll find alternative products. Other than propaganda materials online, my first encounter with the SodaStream boycotters was on December 1 at a protest against the Negev Dinner in Toronto in honour of Stephen Harper.

The usual crowd of welfare bums from the Ontario Coalition against Poverty (OCAP), communists, Maoists, Idle No More nuts and self-hating Jews, included a few creatures that were targeting specifically the Israeli soda company. It looked like they were giving some pathetic performance, which was supposed to be a satire.



Freaks fight SodaStream in Toronto


They called the SodaStream product “apartheid water.” The funny part was that they were using two machines, which I suppose they had to buy, so with their purchase the BDS nuts financed the “apartheid company.”

A few months earlier, the pro-Israeli activist Mark Vandermaas organized a counter-protest against a similar event in front of a Canadian Tire store in Hamilton. The Muslim protest was modest, with only a few veiled gargoyles, while his group attracted a larger group of people from different ethnic backgrounds and religions.

I am not sure if Scarlett Johansson was aware of that “tempest in a glass of water” when she decided to promote SodaStream – after all, the most active BDS fanatics are usually fringe groups. According to her statements, it appears that she saw the work as an opportunity to support a company, which builds bridges between the Israelis and the “Palestinians.”

The trouble came from her association with Oxfam, a charity whose ambassador Scarlett has been for the last eight years. It turned out that Oxfam was much more interested in enforcing its political agenda than in providing help for the poor.

She had to end her relationship with the charity, because it didn’t approve the location of a SodaStream factory in an “illegal settlement.” (If they bother to really study international law and history, they’ll find out that there are no illegal Israeli settlements.) Oxfam in this case acts more like a leftist political party than a charity. What charity would lobby that 900 Arabs lose their jobs?

This is not the first case of anti-Israeli hostility shown by Oxfam. In the same article:

Herzberg described a 2003 campaign by Oxfam’s Belgium branch that produced a poster showing an “Israeli orange” dripping with blood to promote an anti-Israel boycott. The caption read, “Israeli fruits have a bitter taste…reject the occupation of Palestine, don’t buy Israeli fruits and vegetables.” NGO Monitor objected to what it deemed its very anti-Semitic “blood libel” overtones.

The “blood libel” is a manifestation of the lowest of the low in anti-Semitism. It is a disgrace that a supposed charity, with an objective to help the poor and destitute, would engage in something like that.

It was good that Scarlett Johansson chose the right path by supporting a company that does good deeds. Often the pressure on celebrities by the aggressive BDS crowd makes them change their minds and take anti-Israeli positions. Such celebrity boycotts give at least little legitimacy and publicity to the fringe BDS movement, even if the celebrity is of questionable nature.

A few years ago, the notorious homosexual film professor from York University – John Greyson – who spent time in an Egyptian jail last year for supporting Hamas, went out of his way to discourage Justin Bieber from performing in Israel. He even made a short (though extremely stupid) movie to make his point. It didn’t work – Bieber went to Israel.

Scarlett Johansson is definitely smarter than Bieber and the phony York professor. I wish we could trade her for those two idiots and the whole staff of Oxfam’s Canadian chapter.


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    God bless that no-nonsense South African girl, Scarlett Johansson!

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      A rabid Toronto anti-Semite in action:


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