South African MP Kenneth Meshoe on Why Israel Is not an Apartheid State

The mythical Israeli apartheid has been a centerpiece of the modern anti-Semitism for many years. Promoted by Muslims and Western lefties (many of whom are “progressive” Jews), its goal is to turn Israel into a pariah state for the benefit of all those, who want to destroy the Jewish state. That’s why it was so interesting to hear the recent presentation of Kenneth Meshoe, a South African politician, who lived through the real apartheid. He was brought to Toronto by STANDWITHUS Canada and ICEJ (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem Canada).

When I was invited to the event, I was reluctant to go. I had the feeling that I will have to sit through the torturous talk of another Mandela Marxist. As a person, who grew up in a communist country, I am painfully familiar with that type. Back in the 1980’s at my university we had plenty of those people sent by ANC and the Communist Party of South Africa on scholarships paid by our government (along with many more from Zimbabwe, Angola, Mozambique, and Namibia).

Those were angry guys and gals, who took the idea of socialism seriously (though even the communist functionaries in my country didn’t believe in it anymore). Their favourite topics revolved around the goal to nationalize the industries in their countries and kick out the white people, once they get their knowhow. That view wasn’t popular even in a communist European country. Eventually those revolutionaries went back and took important positions in the new governments. The result in Zimbabwe was a total economic catastrophe after the nationalization, South Africa apparently is moving in the same direction.


Rev. Dr. Kenneth Meshoe speaks in Toronto

Meeting Rev. Dr. Kenneth Meshoe was a pleasant surprise. His personality had nothing in common with the ghosts of the communist past. A soft-spoken and rational person, he preferred to rely on facts and reality. He is a devout Christian, who started his career as a teacher. Later on, in 1988, he established an independent church, Hope of Glory Tabernacle, that has attracted more than 3,000 members.

His faith led him into politics – in 1993 he established a political party based on biblical principles called the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP). Kenneth Meshoe was its first President and continues to serve in the same position. In 1994 he was elected a Member of the National Assembly of South Africa, representing his party, and he still is a parliamentarian.

Rev. Meshoe is an outspoken person, who is not afraid to state his views, especially when criticizing the South African establishment. In the very beginning of his talk he condemned the position of Bishop Desmond Tutu, one of the main perpetuators of the Israeli apartheid myth. In Meshoe’s opinion, Tutu is one of those Christians, who ignore the scriptures, which state the importance of Israel from a spiritual point of view. Later on he criticized the current government of South Africa and said that one of his dreams he hopes to achieve before he dies is to help establish a government based on Judeo-Christian values.

His support of Israel is based on two major concepts. First of all, it is derived from the Bible, specifically the verses in Genesis, where it is stated that those who bless Israel are blessed as well. Many of the principles of Christianity are rooted in Judaism and you can’t separate both. While Judaism can exist without Christianity, the opposite is impossible. His second reason is that modern Israel is a country, which has high achievements in science that could everybody who cooperates with the Jewish state. For example, Israel has developed technologies for cleaning water, which could resolve one of the worst problems facing Africa.

Rev. Meshoe admitted that it is very difficult to support Israel in the current environment in South Africa. He must deal not only with the hostility of the leftist government, but also with the negative views on Israel of the South African Muslims.

The most interesting part of his presentation dealt with the issue of apartheid. Unlike the deranged lefties, who form their opinions based on a few questionable talking points, he was able to provide an informed opinion, because he has lived through the real apartheid.

His arguments were based not on emotions, but on calmly presented judicial facts. The statement that Israel is an apartheid state is a lie. Those who agree with it are ignorant of the facts. The apartheid in South Africa was an elaborate system of laws and regulations, which doesn’t exist in Israel. That system was based on 7 laws, which established the foundation of the apartheid social order.

Rev. Meshoe outlined each law and explained how it affected the everyday life in South Africa.

Number one was The Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act – the pillar of apartheid. The only marriages considered legal in South Africa were those between members of the same race.

Number two, The Immorality Amendment Act (1950), went even further; it outlawed the sex between people from different races.

Number three was The Population Registration Act. That law required that the whole population of South Africa be registered by race, a process that was constantly monitored by a national board. Under the act, people were encouraged to file complaints if a person from a different race lived in the neighbourhood allocated to a certain race. That was affecting the white people, because if a child didn’t look white enough (looked coloured), it could have started investigation and potential relocation of the family. Under the definition of the apartheid system, coloured meant a person, who is a mix between black and white.

Number four, The Group Areas Act (1950), created segregated residential areas for each race. It was an offense under the law to go into another race’s area.

Number five was The Bantu Authorities Act (1951). It established black homelands, which were nominally independent. The idea was to separate gradually all blacks in separate areas and deprive them from South African citizenship. (As a side note – the law has an eerie resemblance to the statutes of the Canadian Indian Act that the Indian chiefs are fighting hard to preserve). Rev. Meshoe was personally affected by the law. He refused to join his tribe’s territory and tried to live in the mainland (he was born in Pretoria). As a result, the authorities listed the citizenship on his passport as “unknown”. Then he had hard time entering England and was even detained, even though the South Africans didn’t need visa to enter the country.

The sixth law, The Native Act #67 (1952), forced the black people to carry a special identity card all the time. The card listed the residential address and had to be presented to authorities upon request – it was possible to get arrested if the person was spotted in a different area. A special permit was necessary to spend limited time in other race’s area.

The seventh law, The Reservation of Separate Amenities Act, was especially humiliating. The whites and blacks had to use separate entrances to building, separate facilities, etc. In many stores they were not allowed at all and had to do their shopping through a small window. The beaches were segregated as well. One of the most vivid memories of Rev. Meshoe during his first visit to Israel was to see at Dead Sea and the Tel Aviv beaches so many people from different races mingling together.

His conclusion was that in Israel there is nothing even remotely similar to those laws. There is no separation or segregation. The most powerful way to dispel the apartheid myth is to visit Israel. Rev. Meshoe has challenged the South African politicians, who support that lie, to visit Israel and see for themselves how people from different races coexist there. Predictably, most of them preferred to ignore his advice in order to keep the lie alive.

As part of his work to spread the truth about Israel, Rev. Meshoe created an organization called DEISI International, with the goal to encourage the trade and economic collaboration between South Africa and Israel. Its name stands for Defend, Embrace, Invest, Support Israel, designed to seek and use Israeli innovations. Within this organization, he works to prepare young black South Africans to tell to the world the truth about apartheid. His idea is to send them to events organized by the BDS movement or the “Israeli Apartheid Week,” where they can simply explain what apartheid really is and why you can’t find it in Israel.

Rev. Kenneth Meshoe is a person, who passionately works to make Israel known to the world for its achievements. His task is not easy, considering the hostility he faces in his country. People like him deserve our full support.

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  1. Meryle Kates says:

    Thanks so much for this excellent report, Miroslav! StandWithUs Canada was so proud to have hosted Rev. Meshoe – a remarkable, principled man

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Nice to know that there weren’t any lefty loonies their boycotting the meeting and calling his a bigot, hater, loser, racist and other tired, predictable slogans.

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