The B.S. of BDS – Telling the Truth about Israel at York University


A few words about the Israeli inventions


Last Thursday I attended a “People’s Forum”at York University calling for kicking out the police from campus. An odd collection of militant Arabs, tree-hugging lefties, “trans-people”, wannabe Black Panthers and a few in-between wanted to resolve their university’s crime problem by getting rid of the only entity qualified to take care of the problem. Even more puzzling was the presence of the Israeli apartheid crowd. What does the “Israeli apartheid” have to do with the crime issues at YU?

A few metres across the “forum” a group of Jewish students had a table with materials providing information about the BDS (Boycott-Divest-Sanction) movement against Israel. That initiative, masked as compassion for the “oppressed” has the simple and straightforward goal to destroy the Israeli economics. It looks like the “model” is gaining popularity, because recently some Manitoba Indian chiefs threatened that they’ll put Canada’s economy on its knees, if their demands for more free money are not met.

I went to the table to talk with the students. I asked them if they experience any harassment for what they are doing. One of them diplomatically noted that generally there is no harassment, but they have to deal with a very vocal minority, which sometimes makes things difficult.



My personal impressions of that “minority” at YU are that the group is not that small. In November 2010 they brought to YU the anti-Semitic Hamas supporter and financer George Galloway, with the full support of the administration.

At the time the President of YU threatened with court action a Rabbi, who called for a protest against Galloway. At the event itself, when a large group of students and supporters were protesting, the Tamil president of the student union brought a group of Muslims among the Jewish protesters to provoke a fight, which the police managed to prevent. After the protest some of the Jewish students were threatened with expulsion.

“The B.S. of BDS” exhibition on Thursday didn’t cause a heated response. It listed a few of the Israeli inventions, including the “date rape straw”, which detects the presence of a date-rape drugs in a drink.

This is a touchy issue, because if the Israeli achievements are boycotted, the lefties and their Arab friends should give up a large number of electronic devises, which are partially or fully developed by Israeli scientists. Not unlike the Muslims in general, who boast scientific discoveries they made in the 10th century, the Palestinian Arabs are fighting with the Jews over issues like who invented falafel and the Israeli salad. It’s a pity that the few inventions they have are limited to more efficient suicide belts and Kassam Gaza-made rockets.

In their materials the students made good points against the BDS movement: it distorts historical facts, spreads misinformation, and delegitimizes Israel. It also blames only Israel for the conflict and never mentions the ongoing terrorism that has murdered thousands of Israelis in the past 60 years, from groups like Hezbollah and Hamas.

The movement’s founder Omar Barghouti supports a one state solution, calling for the complete destruction of Israel. However creating one state with the “right to return” would mean that there would be no Israel and no self-determination for the Jewish people. This is not a basis for peace but a formula for perpetual conflict.

Blaming and penalizing only one side rewards the other. Boycotting Israeli products does not encourage Palestinian leaders to return to negotiations. In fact, it shows them that they do not need to negotiate because others are willing to hurt Israel economically and politically. Palestinian leadership does not support BDS, Saeb Erakat and Jordan’s Prince el Hassan al bin Talal attended the 2012 Herzliya conference and concluded about BDS that “these conversations aren’t going to lead us anywhere unless we find the will to progress together.”


Omar Barghouti – conman extraordinaire


I am glad they brought up Barghouti’s case. He is the perfect example of a conman, who deceives his followers forcing them to give up things he himself enjoys. While giving his fiery speeches in defense of the destruction of Israel, he attends the Tel Aviv University, which is supposed to be boycotted.

In July 2011, at a lecture held at the University of Toronto, he was confronted with a few inconvenient questions about his positions. Instead of defending his points, he chose to literally run away.

That’s the typical behaviour of a cult or communist leader, who does the opposite of what he preaches. Of course, he can’t do that on his own; he needs a crowd of followers stupid enough not to question him. The “Israeli apartheid” idiots who follow him are his perfect foot soldiers.

The points that the presentation made were too logical for the York University environment. They won’t be able to penetrate the wooden heads of the BDS and apartheid crowd. People who intend to solve a crime problem by kicking out the police have lost long ago their ability to think rationally. All those marginal social “studies”, which are being poured into their heads by Marxist-post-structural-queer-trans- racialized-marginalized-homsexualized-antiheterosexualized-environmentalized professors guarantee that conmen like Barghouti will have an endless supply of suckers to exploit.


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  1. Charlie says:

    As one of the students that tabled for Israel, Thank you for posting this. And you are welcome to help us table on Israel Apartheid week in March.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you for your work. It would be great to see you again during that week.

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