The Case of the Mushrooming Palestinian Refugees

Meet the Eighth Miracle of the World – the “Palestinian refugees.” Unlike any other group of refugees, who are gradually settled, the “Palestinians” have the unique ability to grow in numbers. There were about 400,000 Arabs, who left the Mandate of Palestine during or after their unsuccessful attempt to destroy the newly-restored State of Israel in 1948. The logic of biology would tell us that most of them should’ve been dead by today.

The reality is shocking – not only haven’t they died out, but their numbers have mushroomed to nearly 7 million, because of the creative definition of “Palestinian refugee” adopted by the United Nations. Every kid born in an Arab “refugee” family is also a refugee. That includes the grandchildren and great-grandchildren as well. Recently the status was extended even to the adopted kids.

That madness brings in some real benefits to those people, because the UN created an agency that finances specifically that group of “refugees”. UNWRA pays them billions of dollars extorted from the industrialized countries (the Arab countries are not contributing much) to do nothing. It is such a sweet deal that I am tempted to look for some nice “Palestinian refugee” family to adopt me, so that I could jump on the gravy train.

Not surprisingly, as it is with many wasteful projects of the UN, the Canadian public is not that familiar with that scam.

You have the chance to hear how your tax dollars are treated by that shady enterprise. Dr. Asaf Romirowsky will deliver a presentation about UNWRA. He serves as Acting Executive Director of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East. He is an adjunct scholar at the Foundation for the Defence of Democracies and the Middle East Forum. Dr. Romirowsky holds a BA degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, masters degrees from Villanova University and West Chester University, and a doctorate from King’s College, London.  He has traveled widely in Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Tunisia, Israel and the Palestinian Territories and is recognized as a leading authority on the United Nations Relief and Welfare Agency (UNRWA) and on Middle East politics in general.

Asaf Romirowsky 22-10-2013 FINAL


Event information:

Topic: UNRWA: detractor or facilitator of the Arab-Israeli Conflict?

Speaker: Dr. Asaf Romirowsky

Venue: Lodzer Centre Congregation, 12 Heaton Street

Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2013 — 7:30pm

Price: $10/per person; free-of-charge for students

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  1. Shobhna Kapoor says:

    Where is the concern for the Kashmiri Pandits (Hindus) who have fled Kashmir (their ancestral homeland for thousands of years) due to Islamic terrorism and who are languishing in refugee camps in India? Where is their right to return? Where is the international outcry?

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Because the Kasmiri Pandits are not a chic cause for the lefties.

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