The Mysterious Disappearance of Israel from the Flickr Maps

With all the disturbing military news coming from Israel, this one doesn’t look that important, because it’s just a map problem. However, it shows once again that Israel is treated very differently (in the bad sense of the word) from the rest countries in the world.

In a recently published article it was reported that the Israeli photographer Giora Pinhasi discovered something unusual on flickr. Flickr, which is owned by Yahoo, is one of the largest photo sharing sites. They also provide a map service. Pinhasi found out that the old maps of Israel on the site completely disappeared (he says that although old, they showed the country). In their place flickr put almost completely blank maps, which show only three cities – Jerusalem, Haifa and Tel Aviv. In contrast, in the maps of all other neighbouring countries the towns and the cities are shown correctly.

After I read that, I went to flickr to check out the maps and it turned out Pinhasi was right. Here is a today’s screenshot of the northern part of Israel (please click on the pictures to enlarge them):


Looks like nobody lives in Israel…


And here is the south:



As you can see for yourself, none of the hundreds of towns, villages and kibbutzes made it – all of them miraculously disappeared. Compare this with the neighbouring Jordan, where all towns were marked. Israel looks more bare even than the sparsely populated Sinai:


Who could’ve thought that Sinai is more populated than Israel?!


To be fair, I should state that our Muslim friends from Gaza and Judea and Samaria were treated the same way – those territories look as empty as the whole state of Israel.

I wonder what’s behind that – it’s hard to believe that such glaring omission could be a result of negligence when the rest of the world’s areas are shown correctly.

Is flickr trying to show us what will remain of Israel after an Iranian strike – when both the Jews and the Arabs would be wiped out? I don’t know, because my request for an explanation still remains unanswered at this point.

Whatever the reason, it is always enlightening to see how Israel is treated by the “progressive” community. Yahoo is already distorting the rising tensions in Gaza, presenting them as a sudden escalation caused by Israel while ignoring the Hamas terrorism. It gets more and more difficult to find that attitude surprising…

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