Walk with Israel – Toronto 2016

Yesterday the park near Toronto’s Exhibition Place once again became the starting point of the annual Walk with Israel event organized by the UJA Federation. The donations collected through the event go to support various initiatives in Israel, like hospitals, universities, improved youth employment, etc.

More than 20,000 people of various ages, from babies in strollers to the elderly, gathered to take part in the walk. Not only Jews, but also supporters of the Jewish State from many different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds were among them.


The participants gather in the park

walk-with-israel-toronto-2016-2Israel was represented by D.J. Schneeweiss, the Consul General in Toronto. Quite a few of our venerable political leaders showed up for the event. I spotted on the stage Carolyn Bennett, Trudeau’s Minister of Indian affairs and the conservative MP Peter Kent. The provincial luminaries were represented by the Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Progressive Conservative Party leader Patrick Brown.


Teflon Wynne and Chief “Islamophobia Nonsense” Saunders are having fun


Grumpy Brown

Some of the politicians delivered very comforting and inspiring speeches about how much they valued Israel. (You can read summaries of those speeches here.) The situation in Canada would have been better, if the speakers used the same zeal to fight the anti-Semitism and blackmail of Israel spread by the Left and the Muslim fanatics. Without such determination, the participation in the Walk looks like another multicultural photo-op to be checked in the plan for winning more votes in the next election.

The politicians didn’t spoil the fun of the huge crowd – as soon as the stage was empty, everybody headed toward the exit to walk again the long 8-km route. In the beginning it looked like the scorching heat was going to make the event difficult, but soon a few clouds mercifully covered the sun. Most participants were carrying Israeli and Canadian flags, some were singing and there was even dancing at many spots.



Bikers for Israel

The attempted spoils didn’t come from the weather, but from the usual suspects who have turned hatred for Israel into a profession. At their usual spot, early in the route, the participants were greeted by the phony rabbis from Neturei Karta. The organization presents itself as the only true Talmudic voice of the world Jewry. The purpose of their activities is to convince everybody that, according to the scriptures, Israel shouldn’t exist. What is now Israel should be “dismantled peacefully,” all Jews must disappear and the land handed over to the “Palestinian Authority”. I hope those kapos are paid well by Soros, the Iranian mullahs or any other anti-Semitic entity, because it was unnerving to see all the curses and other verbal abuse they had to take from the Jews that passed them by. Somehow, Jews didn’t like the plan for their future prepared by the “rabbis” and their Arab masters.

Later the group moved to the starting point of the walk, where, in addition to the ridicule, they had to endure a well-deserved direct confrontation with members of JDL-Canada.


I wonder if these idiots could survive under the “Palestinian Authority”



JDL-Canada vs. Neturei Karta



Another tiny group of protesters included the lefties. The only remarkable thing about them is that the same people show up every year. They are only getting older, yet the message remains the same. All they want is to destroy Israel through economic boycott and military surrender. This year they went further – one of them, a creature of an unidentifiable gender (often seen with Queers Against Israeli Apartheid in the Dyke March), pushed one of the participants in the walk. Naturally, the police did nothing. Chief Saunders became famous recently that we should lay off the “Islamophobia nonsense” when discussing a Muslim terrorist, who stabbed two military officers in Toronto. Obviously, the newest directive of the police is to lay off the “anti-Semitism nonsense”.

walk-with-israel-toronto-2016-leftieswalk-with-israel-toronto-2016-5Still, compared to the thousands who marched in support of Israel, these two tiny groups were almost invisible. However, the ideology they promote is hardly invisible. The consequences of their “work” is already visible in Western Europe where anti-Semitism (that doesn’t even bother to mask itself as “anti-Zionism” anymore) is creating a crisis situation not seen since World War II. And such ideologies pave the road for radical Islam, the larger monster determined to destroy our civilization.

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    There are always the idiots who insist on displaying their hatred for Israel.

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