Why Jerusalem Arabs Enjoy Sewage Stench

I have always been amazed at the peculiar ways, in which the Arab mind works. If the Arabs have a choice between hurting somebody, even if they suffer in the process, or making a joint effort that will bring prosperity, they would almost always choose the first option. That has been the very essence of the BDS movement, which has the goal to destroy Israel economically, even if the “Palestinians” (who don’t produce anything) go down with Israel.

The latest case of successful boycott really stinks (and I mean it literally). It has been reported by Shurat HaDin (an Israeli law centre) that a major sewage treatment plant project in East Jerusalem has been cancelled (h/t Vardit):

Royal HaskoningDHV, a Netherlands-based firm, recently announced it was pulling out of a sewage treatment project in Eastern Jerusalem. The company, which also has offices in the UK and US, released a statement noting that the project would no longer move beyond its planning stage. In an official press release, the firm pointed out that it had a high regard for “integrity” and “compliance with international laws and regulations.” It added that “in the course of the project, and after due consultation with various stakeholders, the company came to understand that future involvement in the project could be in violation of international law. This has led to the decision of Royal HaskoningDHV to terminate its involvement in the project.” Anti-Israel organizations, along with the Dutch government, reportedly pressured Royal HaskoningDHV to make this decision. The company has 8,000 employees.

Think about it: the vast majority of the population in that part of Jerusalem is Arab (that’s why it is not a good idea to go there, unless you want to be robbed or stoned). The Israeli government takes an action to resolve an urgent problem with the sewage system. The Arabs will be the main beneficiaries of that action. And yet, they’d rather live in filth than to allow the government to do something for them.

The “Palestinian Authority” won’t do anything for them either. The billions of dollars received from gullible Western donors disappear into the bank accounts of that club of world-class crooks or go into the pockets of arms dealers. The ordinary Arabs get nothing, yet their Jew-hatred is so powerful that they rather see the Jews suffer than confront their thieving leaders.

Is it any wonder that with an attitude like this the perspective of a “Palestinian state” look dimmer and dimmer? You can’t build a state based on pure hatred. At certain point you need to take care of the sewers and make sure that you produce something that people are willing to buy. The suicide vest industry can’t serve as a viable foundation of the “Palestinian” economy.

Make no mistake – if ever that movement succeeds in destroying Israel, that will be the end of the “Palestinians” as well. The Jews will always find a way to survive and prosper, as they have always done, even in the most terrible conditions. Then the “Palestinians” will be left on their own, without getting any billions, because once the Jews are gone, nobody is going to support a bunch of lazy people, who can’t even run farms.

This is something that the Arabs need to ponder before digging themselves even deeper into a hole.

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