Yesterday’s Israel Solidarity Rally in Toronto


In support of Israel


Many people showed up last night to support Israel in its struggle against the Arab terrorism. The crowd, which gathered in front of the Israeli Consulate in Toronto, included representatives of several Jewish organizations, Christians, students from the University of Toronto and York University, citizens of Israel studying or working in Canada, people from the “Israel Truth Week” and many other supporters.


Christians for Israel



Mark Vandermaas from “Israel Truth Week” with Meir Weinstein and JDL-Canada


Many people expressed their support in short speeches. A woman shared a touching story – how 40 years ago she lived in a town near Gaza and she had to hide from the rockets in a bomb shelter with her 1-year old baby. Today, that baby, already a grown man, has to do the same with his two teen-aged children.


Singing in the cold


There was a lot of singing – “O, Canada”, “Hatikva” and a few lively Jewish songs. (Oddly enough, the regular assortment of Muslims and lefties didn’t show up to boo the National Anthem.)

The signs, the flags, and the balloons made it clear where the participants stood on the issue of peace.


“Israel – we stand with you”



“Israel left Gaza for peace – and is being attacked from Gaza”



“Jerusalem: Capital of the Jewish people for over 3000 years”


Of course, all calls for peace and mutual understanding will fall on death years, because the other side’s idea of peace is the total destruction of the country.

However, the important part is that rallies like this one show that the Jewish people have no intentions to lie low and accept whatever fate their enemies have prepared for them. Standing tall and strong is the only way to confront your enemies and inspire your supporters.


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