400,000-Year Old Palestinian Tooth Found in Israel

Actually, that’s not true. Or better said, it’s only partially true.

Israeli archaeologists really discovered such a tooth in the prehistoric cave of Qesem located in central Israel. The cave was discovered in 2000. They have never found human remains that old before. The oldest bones found before are only half that age.

The title is supposed to express my premonition about what is to be expected to happen with that discovery. The Palestinians are willing to claim as their own every artefact on the territory of Israel, no matter how unsubstantiated and ridiculous those claims are. That’s no wonder, since they desperately try to fill up with events their made-up history.

The Western Wall is Palestinian property and has no significance for the Jews.

The Dead Sea scrolls are Palestinian (they never bother to explain why the ancient “Palestinians” wrote in Hebrew).

The Rachael’s Tomb is a Muslim mosque.

No other, but Arafat claimed that Jesus was the first Palestinian martyr, although he didn’t comment on why Jesus visited synagogues so often.

There is no reason to believe that the tooth would have a different fate. Either Hamas or Fatah will state how it proves that the Palestinians existed in Israel 400,000 years before the Jews. Abbas will claim sovereignty over the cave and make it an inseparable part of the “Palestinian State”.

And the tooth will get its own museum paid for by the European benefactors of the Palestinians… 

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