Hello Kitty Martyr Brigades

The European division on the Japanese company Sanriojust announced that they were expanding their operations in Israel. The company owns the wildly popular Hello Kitty brand. Israel was the first Hello Kitty franchiser in the world, through the LDI company of Mapal Communications with CEO Yossi Fox.  In Israel Hello Kitty is present on over 200 products of local manufacturers, and is dominant in clothing and school accessories, but this is the first time stores are being opened.

When asked about the reason for the expansion, Roberto Lanzi, the president of the division, said: “You [Israel] are one of the only countries which have survived the global financial crisis so well.” It’s no wonder – Israel is the only country in the region with a decent work ethics, where the government doesn’t have as a main objective stealing as much money as they can.

To be honest, Hello Kitty is one of those things that make me scratch my head and wonder who would buy those trinkets. However, the kitschy cat is a major obsession among the mighty Japanese girls, who move billions of dollars (or yen) of merchandise every year. Everybody who has visited Japan has probably noticed the power of the kawaii culture – the cult of cute in all of its expressions, which makes any cute products highly successful. Apparently
that culture is contagious, because now the Kitty could be found almost everywhere in the world.

Judging from the totally innocent merchandise, which, according to Lanzi, never conveys negative messages or violence, it would be hard to imagine that anybody could object the move. However, it attracted the attention of the BDS gang (the folks, who want to boycott, divest and sanction Israel).

In the past they used to go after serious targets like Hewlett Packard, which through their computers have some involvement in the defence of the country. Going against a company that sells plastic tchotchkes and has no involvement in anything substantial is not a sign of a strategy – it is a sign of anti-Semitism and pathological hatred for Israel.

In a letter to Sanrio’s management a certain Sarah Colborne, Director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (based in England), makes a passionate plea to keep Hello Kitty out of Israel by regurgitating the same old tripe about the UN resolutions and the settlements, which we have heard many times before.

“We believe it is time now for all companies including Sanrio to take a clear stand and refuse to be complicit in the occupation and war crimes committed by Israel. By trading in Israel, you are not only helping to maintain the financial viability of these illegal constructions, you are also lending them legitimacy.” She doesn’t elaborate on how the little kitten is complicit in the occupation. The myth of the war crimes is so discredited that it’s not even worth discussing.

That letter bears a striking resemblance to the letter of their Japanese BDS brethren, published in the Palestine Forum (many thanks to Toshie who translated the text for me). It’s not a wonder – those lefty fanatics act and think in the same way regardless of their colour, race, nationality or location. Their ultimate goal is to subjugate all of us to their dreary world where success is seen as a deviation from the collective spirit; humour is an offense; fun is prohibited since the planet is dying, and a hairy butch is the beauty queen.

The Japanese BDS folks lose all of their credibility in the very beginning, because they start with the whiny Kitty pasted on a photo of one of the most stupid and primitive hoaxes in history. The al-Duras (father and son)  shown in the picture, were supposedly shot at by the Israeli army – the father was hit by 12 bullets and his son was “killed”. In fact, nobody was killed or wounded, it was a scam to demonize Israel once again. It took a really brave man, Philippe Karsenty from France, to confront the hoax despite all the threats and harassment. You can read the detailed explanation here (h/t BCF). Last year I had the privilege to cover his lecture in Toronto on the same topic.


The Kitty sheds a tear for the al-Dura swindlers

Please click on the GIF image to see the alternating message.

After that they invoke the Sanrio’s moral “charter”, which is supposed to outline the company’s ethical principles. They are against stealing other people’s possessions, they oppose violence and lies and strictly adhere to the law.

The purpose is to show that Sanrio violates its own principles in Israel. Then the Japanese BDS loons ask several “devastating” questions to unmask the evil Hello Kitty tactics in the Jewish State.

They ask how they can open stores in a country, which has been condemned for its war crimes. (Only an organization like the UN, dominated by Muslim fanatics and African dictators can consider a war crime the self-defence from bombing.)

Then they want to know how Sanrio is going to operate in the settlements and deal with the Palestinian “discrimination” within Israel. It becomes even more interesting when they ask very specific questions.

How is the company going to respond, if they receive an order from the settlements? Are they going to deliver to the West Bank and Gaza? (Of course, if the buyers chip in to get their trinkets delivered by an armoured vehicle backed up with tanks.)

Is the company going to open stores in the settlements? Are they going to employ residents from the West Bank and Gaza? (Yes, if Sanrio wants to see the Hello Kitty junk flying around after a bombing, mixed with their customers’ body parts, they should consider an employee recruitment drive in Gaza.)

The question that takes the cake is about the possibility of Sanrio’s involvement with the Israeli military in a broad sense – either directly or through affiliated companies that conduct military research. Even the wildest imagination can’t picture the Israeli army adopting pink Hello Kitty themed tanks or soldiers in frilled uniforms wearing pink helmets decorated with Hello Kitty ribbons or any other similar atrocity.

But maybe those Japanese BDS loons are nice people who care about justice and are willing to hold Sanrio to their high moral standards.

The company operates stores in a few other countries in the region. It would be interesting to see what the BDS people think about that involvement.

The good people from Sanrio have provided us with an online shop locator in the Middle East. To save you time, I am going to tell you exactly how they are presented. They have 1 store in Bahrain, 2 in Kuwait, 1 in Lebanon, 3 in Qatar, 4 in Saudi Arabia, and 13 in the United Arab Emirates.

It looks like they are doing a very “good” job in adapting to the Muslim customs. In the article quoted in the beginning, the author writes that the owner showed him “an iPhone application for Muslims, requiring a subscription fee. It includes a prayer time alert, five times a day. Kitty plays the role of muezzin.” What a pious Kitty! Excellent! (As Mr. Burns would say.)

So how does Sanrio’s moral chart apply in those countries?

Let’s start in alphabetical order – during the “wonderful” Arab Spring scores of protesters were shot and killed in Bahrain with the help of their good neighbours from Saudi Arabia. How is that for not associating the company with violence?

Despite of its oil wealth, Kuwait is still a backward Muslim country. Just recently, an Islamic witch and politician, who is considered a Kuwaiti women’s rights activist, openly advocated the official re-introduction of the sex slavery laws as a way to fight adultery (h/t BCF). Young Christian slaves are supposed to be brought to the country to quench the appetites of the oversexed Kuwaiti brutes (of course, Muslims can’t be put in that position). For centuries, that was a common practice of the Turkish barbarians in the Balkan countries they occupied. If a woman defends that practice openly in a Muslim country, it means that there are many thousands of people there who support the idea. What does the Kitty think about that?

Lebanon’s government now is controlled by Hezbollah, which is a violent terrorist organization. Saudi Arabia is the poster boy for everything that’s wrong with the Muslim world – after all, Old Mo, the pedophile who established the cult they follow, left his footprint in the countryforever. Raping little girls in the form of marriage is still very popular. No Jews are allowed to reside there. The foreigners who practically run all the services and industries in the country are treated like vermin. The arrogant brutes from the UAE emirates are no different than Saudi Arabia in the way they treat non-Muslims. Last year their airlines even wanted to get a deal from Canada that would’ve put them in control of the air transportation in Canada. When the government refused to give them the rights, they kicked out the Canadian Air Force from their base in UAE.

Isn’t the whiny Kitty going to shed a tear as well for the people who suffer in those countries?

You may expect that the Japanese and British BDS idiots are aware of those problems and condemn Sanrio’s presence there. And you’ll be wrong. There is not a single remark about their involvement in countries where murder, child abuse, sex slavery, and oil-wealth induced arrogance are “nice” parts of the rich tapestry of the Muslim culture. So the BDS crowd doesn’t have problems with violence and sex abuse per se – it may attract their attention only if they could use it against Israel.

Come to think about it, the BDS people might be right – Israel is basically a peaceful and boring country (when it doesn’t retaliate against the Arab terrorists, who try to destroy it). What if Sanrio adapts to the Israeli culture? Here is what they get:


Yeshiva Kitty


See? It’s a yeshiva Kitty with a book. How boring!

Imagine the exciting opportunities that will open to them, if they expand their business into Gaza:


Jihad Kitty


Isn’t this great? That’s a kitty that can kick every kaffir’s ass and fight all Zionist oppressors it can get hold of.

But why stop there? Hello Kitty can transform the whole Hamas business. It might become the cute face of those savages:


Introducing the Hello Kitty Martyr Brigades


Who could get mad at that cute face? Wouldn’t you feel better if the insane Palestinian sadists, who blew up your school bus, are now called the Hello Kitty Martyr Brigades? Leaving that sticker on site will provide the cute, nearly human image that the terrorists so desperately crave.

Joking aside, the vicious campaign against Sanrio brings the BDS movement to a new low. Fighting cartoon characters has never been a sign of good mental health.

With their European headquarters located in Germany, the company exposes itself to the growing wave of anti-Semitism, which the hippy leftovers, who rule Western Europe, pretend not to notice.

Maybe it’s worth to remind everybody that over 60 years ago, Germany had a chancellor with a funny moustache, who was the undisputed pioneer and master of the early BDS movement.

The new BDS idiots appear to be very worthy and diligent pupils of their teacher.

How long would it take before we see the second edition of the Kristallnacht?

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  1. 1389AD says:

    “Joking aside, the vicious campaign against Sanrio brings the BDS movement to a new low. Fighting cartoon characters has never been a sign of good mental health.”

    That’s for sure. The BDS gang, as you rightly call it, is not made up of people who can stand back and take a good look at themselves. But then, Islam is not noted for encouraging introspection or, for that matter, any form of critical thinking at all.

    Thanks for writing this article! I’m glad to have some information on counterjihad issues in Japan!

  2. Don Sharpe says:

    ‘Hello Kitty’ doesn’t have to put up with this crap. I’m calling Captain Israel! http://www.captisrael.com/issue_1/

  3. SM ISAC says:

    I must admit that the problem here is yeshiva kitty and jihad kitty both look equally cute. Do you think kitty can work some kind of magic with “palestinian” female population?

    Jokes aside, I’m in white rage upon reading Japan’s BDS idiot statements on “aparutehaido isuraeru.” Yes, idiocy is universal, but that’s no comfort. I would like to do my part in exposing and mercilessly ridiculing this hypocrisy.

  4. […] open a total of 18 stores within a short period of time.Another BDS fail. (h/t Sophie, see also Blogwrath.) Source: Israel BlogsPublished: 26 June 2011Site: elderofziyon.blogspot.comSource by Date: Israel […]

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