“Hopes, Dreams and 10,000 Missiles”

It was a rocky week at the United Nations, dominated by the Palestinians’ offensive to bully their way into statehood.

Aside from the frantic diplomatic work behind the scenes, focused on advancing the viewpoints of the both opposing sides, we were treated to many speeches by world leaders. We even witnessed some genuine action – the people of the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan got into a real fight with the security of UN. Obviously, the Sultan of the New Ottoman Empire wanted to remind the kaffirs who calls the shots.

The “historic” speech of the Palestinian “President” Mahmoud Abbas (whose term had expired long time ago) was nothing more than the usual whining about the “plight” of his people, mixed with meaningless phrases designed to avoid the discussion of any real issues about how his organization sabotaged every attempt to resolve the conflict through negotiations.

The little madman from Tehran, who employs the worst barber and tailor in the world, managed to attack in his speech again every Western value.

With his speech Barack Obama reminded everybody why he is totally unfit to be the President of the USA. His wishy-washy presentation, which he read, was carefully crafted to present no real opinion. While giving a lip service to the cause of Israel, he was careful not to offend his newfound Muslim friends.

It was sad to watch the leader of the once most powerful country in the world speak like a Swedish Green hippy.  I don’t know who advises him, but the advice he gets is bad – by trying to stay in the middle with no opinion, he is guaranteed to be disliked by both conservatives and lefties.   

Sadly, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was the only one to bring up clearly all the issues the other leaders carefully avoided. It was an emotional speech, which showed his strong personal position behind the questions discussed.

He bluntly pointed out the real intentions of the Palestinians, which they hide behind the peace mask:

“President Abbas just said on this podium that the Palestinians are armed only with their hopes and dreams. Yeah, hopes, dreams and 10,000 missiles and Grad rockets supplied by Iran, not to mention the river of lethal weapons now flowing into Gaza from the Sinai, from Libya, and from elsewhere.”

Then he went on to state the real issue Israel had with the Palestinian behaviour – the Arabs never wanted to give any guarantees about the safety of Israel. They don’t even want to acknowledge the Jewish state. While over a million Arabs live in that country, who are citizens, Abbas pledged that when the Palestinian state is established, he won’t allow a single Jew to live there.

That hostility is precisely the issue, which doesn’t allow the Palestinian leadership to be trusted. When coupled with the pathological anti-Semitism in the Muslim countries surrounding Israel, it is impossible to believe in the good intentions of the Palestinians if they don’t offer any tangible steps to resolve the security issue.

Every concession that the Jewish state has made, had been seen as a weakness and mercilessly exploited by the Palestinians. When the army withdrew from Gaza completely, it was taken over by the fanatics from Hamas, which resulted in thousands of rockets sent into Israeli territory.

If the Palestinians achieve the same independence in Judea and Samaria, that means even more problems. The terrorists will be able to shoot easily at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The promise that it would never happen is just a bunch of empty words – the Palestinian leadership has never, ever kept its word.

At first sight, such an attitude looks bizarre – PLO has rejected several offers made by Israel, which would’ve provided them with everything they wanted. However, the attitude becomes perfectly understandable when you look at it from the point of view of the real Palestinian goal, which is the destruction of Israel.

The other Arab nations tried to achieve that goal several times and the Palestinians are not different. Why should they accept peaceful solution, if they are sure that they’ll get the whole country? Of course, such a position is delusional, but most of their leaders are stubborn enough to perpetuate it.

They used to follow every power, which would promise help in the destruction. In the 1970’s Arafat was a secularist, true to the Soviet Union. He also sought the support of secular Arab leaders like Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein.  When in 1990 he supported the Iraqi aggression against Kuwait that caused the suffering of hundreds of thousands of his own people, who were expelled from the Arab countries.

 When communism collapsed and it became clear that the secular help would not work, the Palestinians turned to the Muslim fanatics. That’s how Hamas became so powerful.

At the same time Palestinians are trying to delegitimize Israel through falsifying its history. With the help of the useful lefty idiots and organizations like UNESCO, they make pathetic attempts to deny the long and unquestionable record of the Jewish presence in the Holy Land.

Last year UNESCO went as far as denying the Jewish character of ancient Israeli holy sites. The old terrorist Abbas went even further and denied the historical and religious importance of the Western Wall for the Jews.

I am not sure if the Palestinian leaders sincerely think that they can destroy Israel, but the impasse caused by their stubbornness affirms their image of victims, which results in hundreds of millions of dollars sent to them, most of which end up in their personal banking accounts.

At the same time, millions of ignorant Palestinians are led to believe by the PLO and Hamas propaganda that the destruction of Israel is the only path toward solution of all their problems. Many of them still live as “refugees” in other Arab countries. They are used like pawns by their Arab hosts to discredit Israel and aggravate the conflict. And those are supposedly their Muslim “brothers”. Imagine what the outcry would be if Canada treated refugees the same way…

The West pretends that it doesn’t notice the absurd situation. The refusal of the Palestinians to recognize Israel is not the only problem they have. They can’t even stop quarrelling with each other before demanding statehood – there is no real reconciliation between Gaza and the West Bank.

The fact that the whole circus is played at the United Nations is a good indication of the bias and uselessness of that organization. Founded by delusional politicians to serve as a beacon for mankind’s progress, now UN is a cesspool of corruption and hatred controlled by the Muslim fanatics from OIC and the African dictators. Yet 75% of its budget comes from the contributions of five civilized countries, which often are attacked by the backward countries, which keep most of the budget money.

But the Muslims and their Western supporters fail to notice a very important fact – Israel must survive regardless of the sinister political games of UN. Simply there’s no other option. The demolition of the Jewish state would bring the same disaster that happened seventy years ago (especially when you consider the frightening levels of the modern anti-Semitism).

When a country is in a position of life or death, losing is out of the question. Israel is in such position. The troubling results of the “Arab spring” are more fanaticism and war, democracy is as far from the Arab countries as ever.

Israel must be supported, because the Muslim hostility that threatens it is going to turn against the West very soon.  

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    How nice to see the United Nations continuing to promote its “Terrorist of the Month” award, this time with Mahmoud the Terrible. A little history lesson is needed here;

    About 1941 years ago, the Romans conquered the ancient Jewish kingdom of Judea went all out to obliterate all memory of the Jews’ claim to the land by renaming the area Palestine. Mahmoud the Terrible attempted to do the same thing by diplomatic force at the UN. Britain and the USA have stood staunchly behind Israel now for decades, and a Palestinian state, which could only be achieved through negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel, is no closer to becoming a reality. Why? Because “Palestine” does not exist. Mahmoud the Terrible declared that “his people” have been suffering for 63 years. What happened 63 years ago? The state of Israel came into being. But the real problem (for Mahmoud the Terrible) is not the “suffering” of his non-existent Palestinian state, but the existence of the state of Israel. Following Obama’s embarrassing “intervention’ on behalf of Abbas to Israel, he wants the creation of a Palestinian State based on 1967 borders. This he claims, will bring “peace” to the region. Thankfully, not everyone is taken in by Abbas’ forked tongue.

    How can Abbas claim that a settled agreement on borders will bring peace between Palestine and Israel, when Hamas does not even recognize Israel’s right to exist? Every time Israel has given up land “for peace,” Hamas responds with rocket attacks.

    Useful idiots like the UK’s former ambassador to the UN, Sir Jeremy Greenstock, declared that a state of Palestine was ‘not a threat to Israel’, and that the Palestinians were ‘desperate’ to end the ‘injustice’ done to them and to restart negotiations. Israel is not at war with Palestine – its the other way around. Sir Jeremy also opined that a Palestinian state would not imperil other countries in the region such as Egypt, Turkey or Iran. Sir Jeremy obviously doesn’t know that the Palestinians are despised by every country in the region. Palestinians have been persecuted and driven out of Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Kuwait. They are regarded as no better than gypsies and spongers, inferior to all other Arabs. Yet the UN continues to call Israel a “terrorist state?”

    As British author, Melanie Phillips wrote:

    “History records that, from the 1930s onwards, the Jews have never stood in the way of a Palestinian state if that would end the war of annihilation the Arabs have continuously waged against them. A Palestine state has been on repeated offer. The Arab response has always been to refuse and instead to attempt to destroy the Jews’ presence in their own ancient homeland. As certain Palestinian spokesmen themselves have acknowledged, Palestinian identity was itself constructed purely to destroy Israel. The reason for the objection to a state of Palestine is that it would be used to bring about the final destruction of Israel as a Jewish state, an aspiration which Abbas never ceases to proclaim.”


    Indeed, Palestine is only the tip of the iceberg of Arab hatred for Israel. The other niggling problem concerns countries like Iran and Syria who don’t recognize the state of Israel, yet they vote in the UN Security Council in favour of a two state solution with Palestine as one of the states. But who will the second state be if they don’t recognize Israel?

    The new Palestinian state will be “officially Jew-free” apparently, while the unrecognized state of Israel will be required to take in all the Palestinians living outside of Palestine because they will not be welcomed by their own Palestinian state.

    Little wonder that the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu recently referred to the UN as a “theater of the Absurd.”

  2. The Lone Wolf says:

    Recognize Israel ? Who recognizes Palestine as a state ? NOBODY ! The are living in open air prison, only to be sniped if they look the wrong way.

    The Lone Wolf.

    5147840A mosque in northern Israel has been torched and sprayed with graffiti, in a suspected attack by Jewish extremists.

    “Price Tag” attacks, carried out against any policy to reduce the presence of Jewish settlers and settlements on occupied Palestinian land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, have increased in recent months.

    Most happen in the West Bank, though a similar incident took place in the Arab Israeli village of Iblin last year.

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