Israel Severs Ties with UNESCO – What Took Them So Long?

It was reported last Wednesday that Israel’s ties with UNESCO were suspended.

The reason for that measure was that UNESCO or The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization decided to declare Rachel’s Tomb a mosque.

UNESCO demanded  that the Rachel’s Tomb and the Tomb of the Patriarchs, which is a site where other  Biblical Patriarchs and Matriarchs have been buried as well, be removed from Israel’s National Heritage list.

Both of them are located in Bethlehem and Hevron respectively and are an inseparable part of Israel’s over 4,000-year history. They existed long before the creation of the Muslim religion.

For those who follow the strange decisions of the UN and its “cultural” arm UNESCO that’s not surprising at all.

Both organizations are dominated by Muslim fanatics, who take every opportunity to demonize and discredit Israel. The rest of the votes belong to corrupt African dictatorships that have no interest in impartiality. Both organizations are totally useless.

Robbing Israel of her past is just a small part of the general anti-Judeo-Christian bias of UN. By bullying the richer countries, they are trying to extort whatever concessions they can get.

There is nothing new in that policy of UNESCO. In the past they were dominated by the Communist countries and their satellites (many of which were Arab countries). Their outrageous behaviour caused the USA and Great Britain to suspend all ties with UNESCO in the 1980’s.  That was an enormous blow, because both countries were large donors.

At the time, the Communist couldn’t stop whining and blaming the “imperialists”, because they didn’t have the money to match the budget losses.

The USA and Great Britain didn’t compromise, because Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were leaders with self-respect and dignity. Now things are very different, these countries are led by the community organizer Obama and the pro-Muslim Cameron.

At present, UNESCO is sinking even lower. Last year when they were supposed to elect a new Director, after long deliberations, they left two contenders to compete: Farouk Hosny, an anti-Semitic Egyptian “artist”, and Irina Bokova, a Bulgarian Communist. What an amazing dilemma!

Bokova won, despite the fact that she came from a clan responsible for the suppression of the art and culture in Bulgaria. Her father Georgi Bokov was not only a press censor, but was also personally involved in the murder of a prominent Bulgarian anti-Communist journalist.

What can you expect from an organization, which considers such people as potential leaders?

It is more than clear that culture will be the last thing on their minds. Politics is all that matters to them. And of course, the “Palestinian Authority” is sly enough to take advantage of the situation.

Let’s hope that the leaders of Israel have the dignity of Reagan and Thatcher and stick to their decision. The attempt to strip Israel of her history is an attempt to destroy her present.

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