Let’s Not Forget Gilad Shalit


Do you remember the hostage crisis in Lebanon in the 1980’s? At the time, fanatics from what later became Hezbollah, abducted several Westerners  and held them as hostages for years.

One of them was Terry Anderson, a journalist, who in 1985 was abducted from a Beirut street, locked in the trunk and taken to a secret location. He spent six years and nine months in captivity and was released only in the end of 1991.

Well, as usual history repeats itself. Now we have the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit in the same situation. He was abducted by Hamas terrorists in 2006 during a cross-border raid.

He has been kept at a secret location (probably in Gaza) ever since. As a condition for his release, Hamas wants from Israel to release more than 1000 convicted terrorists from its prisons.

All attempts to visit him or to communicate with him, made by diplomats and his family have failed.

Now Magen David Adom Israel has started a petition to pressure Hamas to allow the Red Cross contact with Shalit (in accordance with the Geneva Convention). The organization is a member of the International Red Cross Movement and Red Crescent Movement.

If you support the international law and believe in justice, you can sign the petition at the following link below. So far, the petition has been signed by over 82,000 people:


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