Palestinian Humour – The Western Wall Is not Jewish

Another laughable statement of the “Palestinian Authority” was made public few days ago. It received quite a coverage in Israel, but it didn’t get enough attention in the West.

Somebody named Al-Mutawakil Taha, a “deputy Palestinian information minister” stated that the Western Wall of the Temple in Jerusalem (the “Wailing Wall”) is a Muslim property and has no link to Judaism. That was not a random personal statement; it was an official endorsement of a “study” conducted on the issue.


Stay away from my wall!!!

The news doesn’t provide details about the nature of the study. Was it historical, archaeological or judicial? Whatever its nature, judging from the level of the Arab scholars, it is safe to conclude that it was another clumsy attempt to falsify history, which Arabs learned from their Soviet mentors (who were really good in that business).

Well, it is true that almost the entire Palestinian leadership consists of past or current terrorists, who have little or no real education, so interpreting history is not their strongest specialty.

However, to claim that the Western Wall is not Jewish can’t be accepted seriously even by the most ignorant of them. The Temple of which that wall was a part, stood and flourished in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, thousands of years before the Arab camels entered the Negev desert.  The fact that they forcefully erected a mosque over the Temple doesn’t give any legitimacy to their claim.

The whole thing has no connection with affirming any historical facts, it is simply a crude and vicious provocation. And the Arabs are doing it, because they know for sure that as long as the bigger part of the West is ruled by lefty castrates, they can get away with anything.

Imagine what would have happen if a Western government official endorsed a study showing that the Kaaba in Mecca was an old pagan place, where tribesmen worshipped a meteorite and Old Moe recycled it to suit his religion. And can you imagine what the fanatics would do, how many people they will burn, stab, shoot, hang, tear into pieces, stone, etc., etc. Of course, they are so sensitive…

However, when the idea is to attack the Jews, anything goes.

So what’s the objective of that idiotic Palestinian statement? Surely, it is not to establish the historical truth.

It’s another clever attempt to keep the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations dead. The crooks who control Gaza, Judea and Samaria have never built anything, destruction is the meaning of their lives. Creating a Palestinian state will put them into the position of responsibility. And they know very well that it will expose their ignorance and inability to deal with any real problems. It’s much easier to shoot rockets, blow up cafes and kill women and children. As long as they keep their status of victims, the millions of dollars flowing in from the treasuries of the hapless West European governments would never stop.

That would have made some sense, if part of the money reached the ordinary Arabs, but unfortunately, most of disappears into the bottomless coffers of Hamas and Fatah.

Again, nothing new under the sun…


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