Palestinian Savages Slaughter a Jewish Family

It is hard to imagine that anything can surprise us in the violent history of the Middle East. However, there are events that may shock even a callous person.

Few days ago a family of five, living in the Jewish village of Itamar  were brutally butchered in their sleep. Udi Fogel, 36, his wife Ruth Fogel, 35, and three of their children, Yoav, 11, Elad, 4, and Hadas, who was only 3 months old, were stabbed by intruders in their home.

It was late at night on Saturday. The guards, who were protecting the village, registered intrusion twice – something jumping over the fence. They assumed that the problem was caused by animals. And they were partially correct. Animals really jumped the fence, but they were Palestinian animals armed with knives.

Once they reached the Fogel house, they quickly stabbed the two boys, and then killed the father and the baby who was lying next to him. Only the mother wasn’t asleep, when she came out of the bathroom, the killers confronted her and murdered her as well. Fortunately, they missed two children.

I thought what word to use in the title to describe those people. “Animals” would be offensive to real animals, because even the most vicious of them don’t kill the young of their own species. “Monsters” is way too abstract, and it looks like “savages” fits the situation best. Savages defy logic for they are ready to commit even the most heinous atrocities acting upon their primitive beliefs.

Shortly after the murders, the militant wing of Fatah, the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, took responsibility, but then withdrew their statement. It is very possible that they did it. After all, they are a bunch of cowards, who specialize in killing women and children at close range. That shows how “peaceful”  the terrorist organization created by Arafat the thief is.

Hamas is not far behind. As soon as the news reached the world, the people in Gaza celebrated the murders – there are even pictures showing militants handing out baklava and other sweets to commemorate the atrocity.

All that shows how deeply rooted evil is in the Muslim fanatic’s mind. It takes a really perverted mind to do that – to enter a house and specifically target little children stabbing them repeatedly. And it takes even deeper depravity to rejoice and celebrate those killings. Palestinians are really a morally bankrupt group of people. Other than the pro forma condemnation by a minor official from the Palestinian Authority, nobody else expressed any condemnation.

The Arabs always complain that the Israeli Army does the same to the Palestinian children. But IDF has never targeted children. All of those casualties are carefully planned by the Palestinian militants to create an effect of outrage on the bleeding hearts, who send them money.

Children and students are used as shields by Hamas in Gaza, where missiles are launched from schools.  Children are sent to throw rocks against the soldiers in the West Bank, while the cowardly terrorists hide behind them. Many of them are groomed to be suicide bombers and we would’ve heard more about them, if it wasn’t for the wall that stops them from blowing themselves up. Israel has never targeted children, although the lefties use it in their propaganda:


The lies of the leftist propaganda


This is a really vicious and cowardly misrepresentation, but hey – what’s the problem? Such propaganda worked for Hitler, it will work for the Palestinian terrorists and their lefty supporters.

At the same time, the murders committed by Arabs are very real:


The grim reality of the Palestinian terrorism


The most disturbing fact is that the world leaders who support the Palestinian “cause” didn’t say a word to condemn the atrocity. The lefties didn’t respond either, but that’s normal in their case, even though they will be the next to die if Islam comes closer to dominance. This only confirms that the growing anti-Semitism is very real.

Hopefully, that would be a wakeup call for Israel – it is beyond clear that you can never achieve peace with such savages, they simply can’t be trusted.

This is what the supporters of the one-state solution secretly want – by uniting all territories and bringing in the 7 million descendants of the Arabs who left in the 1940’s, all Jews would end up like the Fogel family. Living in slumber and trusting cold-blooded murderers would only bring a new Holocaust.



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