Philippe Karsenty and Gaza’s Fake Martyrs

The world media is bombarded almost daily with news and videos about the constant “suffering” in Gaza. Clowns like George Galloway and pseudo-scholars like Norman Finkelstein have built their careers on exploiting that information.

Rarely do we have people who dare question the authenticity of that news. One of those people is Philippe Karsenty, a businessman, media consultant and politician, who decided to abandon the tranquility of his life and pursue the truth about the Middle East. Other than clear conscience, he hasn’t derived any benefits from his pursuits.


Goldi Steiner and Philippe Karsenty

He presented his findings on November 11 at the Toronto Zionist Centre. The event was organized by the International Free Press Society and their short introduction stated the importance of freedom of speech to protect the overall freedom in our society. The task is difficult. While people like Galloway get wide publicity, fighters for freedom speech like Vilks are ignored. During his visit to North America, all but one of his four events were cancelled due to alleged security issues, even FBI didn’t want to get involved. Self-censorship is rampant in the official media. That’s why Karsenty is important, he has stood for the truth and was sued for that.

In his introduction Meir Weinstein (Director of JDL-Canada) shared his thoughts about the coming Shabbat when we will read the story of Yaakov, especially about his dream of how he got into Heaven. The reflection on that revelation is worth mentioning because it reveals the importance of finding the truth. Truth is more important than popularity, than being patted on the back by many countries while being in danger. Through standing by what’s right we eventually win more. In that sense the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper deserves praise for defending the truth about Israel. Karsenty devoted his life to exposing the truth. He exposed the picture that was supposed to show how terrible the Jews are, to be false. Now we have no choice but to stand for the truth more than ever.

Philippe Karsenty started by showing a picture that was published 10 years ago and it was the reason to start the intifada. It was a still from a short documentary, which shows how father and son are being shot at in Gaza.


The picture was a fake. Karsenty didn’t discover the fake, other people did, especially German experts were involved in its analysis, but he decided to fight for the truth and make the findings public. He went on to show to the world that the picture was fabricated, with actors. The kid in it was not killed.

On September 2, 2000, France 2 TV station broadcast a news report:

Sorry for the cheesy pseudo-Irish-folk music that comes with the video, but it seams that the original can’t be found on YouTube. Still, this video shows most of what was broadcast on that day. And here are the last 10 seconds of the original video (you will find out why they are important):

The events shown in the video were heavily exploited in the Muslim world. They were shown in cartoons and postal stamps (issued even in Egypt and Jordan). The couple was used in posters as well and depicted in a monument in Mali. It was also used in Daniel Pearl’s execution video, where his captors forced him right before his beheading to state that Israel is children’s killer.

The “facts” depicted in the video cannot withstand even the simplest questioning. The Israeli soldiers who allegedly shot the al Duras (Jamal and Mohammed) were located at 80 metres from them, at an angle about 30 degrees from the wall, so the bullet holes in the wall should have looked differently (not like they were caused by direct shooting against the wall).

The al Duras were allegedly targeted for 45 minutes. The father was supposedly hit by 12 bullets, but there was no blood seen on him, there was no blood coming from the kid as well. In the last seconds of the footage, it clearly shows that the “dead” boy moves his arm and the father looks like he is laughing.

The video was shot by an Arab cameraman working for the western television. Later, when he discussed it, he gave a contradictory testimony. The video was edited by Charles Enderlin, an important French journalist known for slandering Israel. On top of that, the case happened under Jacques Chirac, who was one of the most anti-Semitic French presidents.

Shooting such fake fighting videos is not uncommon in Gaza. Karsenty showed another one, which he called the “triple jump.” In it an Arab is supposedly shot by the Israelis, he jumps three times and finally falls on the ground. However, the other people around him are not disturbed by the shooting and don’t react, they talk on cell phones, somebody rides a bike, etc. It is hard to believe that if there is real shooting, everybody will just be standing there.

In another scene shown on France 2 channel authentic footage shows how somebody drops from a car, allegedly receiving a bullet. The cameraman stood exactly where the incident took place, as if he knew that it would happen. Then the ambulance arrived within few seconds.

The bullet holes in the wall in the picture are very big, but there are no signs of such damage on father’s body. His scars, shown when he is in hospital, are actually from knife fights during his work as a construction worker in Israel and are not consistent with bullet wounds. The hospital pictures also show blood stains on his arm cast, in different places in different pictures. Interviews with a doctor who worked on him have confirmed that the wounds are from knives and scalpels, not bullets.

The morgue pictures, which supposedly show the dead boy don’t show bullets wounds consistent with the real potential effect. The boy (according to the father) was shot at the chest and had an exit wound on the back, which should be very big. There is no such effect visible on the body in the morgue pictures.

There are also contradictions in the testimonies of the hospital staff. The Palestinian doctor, who accepted the boy’s body said that it was brought in at 10:00 a.m., while the footage claims the boy was killed at 2:00 p.m. the same day. Apparently, there were two different boys. Mohammed al Dura obviously wasn’t killed in front of the cameraman.

Footage shot by the same cameraman shortly after the body was removed from the ground near the wall, doesn’t show a single drop of blood in the area.

As I mentioned above, the revealing of this truth didn’t end up well. Karsenty was sued for libel and it took him a long time and considerable expenses to win the case.

Ironically, he had problems in his work even with the Israeli government, which didn’t want to make too much noise about the findings, although they would have benefited the most from his findings. Only recently, with the election of a stronger government, he feels that there is a different attitude and they may use his work. However, his purpose is to help the world democracy by revealing deception.

Now the purpose is to make the French TV to admit the fraud. However, the French government was against him doing that as well. He found very little support from the French Jewish community, most of the Jews occupying high positions were self-loathing Jews, who didn’t want to get into any trouble in order to keep their jobs.

Charles Enderlin even wrote a book against Karsenty and his findings and won a literary award for it. He was also well connected in Israel and got help from influential people trying to suppress the truth. The Israeli government itself doesn’t have a clear idea about the international anti-Semitism and its danger.

The mainstream media also shied away from Karsenty, even Fox News changed its mind after initially showing interest in showing his work. The only leading journalist, who gave time to Karsenty was Michael Coren. He had him on his show for a full hour.

Frankly, the whole issue is depressing. Who knows how much more fraud is present in the hundreds of news we are bombarded with. But we are accepting it indiscriminately, just “because it is on the TV” (as George Costanza used to say). In that particular video there were so many clues that even an average person can figure out the fraud. However, we simply don’t have the time to go back to old news, because dozens of other events are already clogging our minds.


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    Yes, it was a rivetting program and your article is excellent…(and a great photo of Philippe with our Goldi !)


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