PM Netanyahu on Iran and Israel’s Survival – Speech at the AIPAC 2012

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just spoke at the AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee). He covered the threat from Iran and the options of Israel to confront that threat. The position of his country on terrorism and other external threats has been very clear for decades, and that’s not why I am posting the video.

What I want to show is a true leader, who doesn’t mince his words, doesn’t build his speech with the caution not to offend this or other group or people (who hate you anyway) and is not afraid to affirm his position. Unfortunately, that type of leader is rapidly disappearing in the West, being replaced by spineless creatures, which try to show empathy and understanding toward barbarians, who hold knives to their throats. The best example – Barry Obama, who incessantly apologizes to delusional savages over every imaginable offence committed by the once great country of the USA.

Anyway, the speech is well worth watching:


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